The Shouse, Land Progress

Almost one year ago we saw our land for the very first time. It started as a joke, turned into a dream, and now (after oh so much waiting and debating) it is slowly becoming reality. My last house update was shared nearly 4 months ago. In some ways it feels like I have all kinds of news to share, in others ways the bits and pieces seem really uneventful.

But big or small, progress is progress.

At the end of my last post I shared a next steps list:

Arrange for the power lines to be ran.
Clean and purging our home.
Put our home on the market
Sell our home. 
Have the driveway finished (gravel)
Get the official bid from the water company.
Get things ready for the concrete pad and radiant heat.
Pour the pad.

When I made this list I didn’t have a clue how things would change through the process. So looking at it months later, I am shocked to be able to cross this much off.

Let me explain…
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Back To School Memories

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Two weeks from today we head back to school… which leaves me feeling #alloftheemotions . We’re starting our 5th year of home school, WOW doesn’t seem to summarize exactly how shocked I feel over that, and I will be taking our 6th year of back to school photos.

The past 6 years of photos hold some very precious memories. Memories that have all taken place at this house, the home where so many of their childhood firsts happened. As we get ready to head back to school one last time in this house, I may be a teensy bit more sentimental than usual.

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Friday Favorites 7.21.17

 Hello Friday!

And just like that, another week of summer fun is over. This past week has been an exhausting and full week. I feel like it went by faster than any other summer week has so far. After a long weekend from the 4th, and Russ being away for business the following week, I thought this one would drag on forever. Nope! It flew by with friend time, gym time, pool time, and progress on the land. I’ll have a whole post up about the new place next week!

For now, let’s take a look at this weeks favorites.

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5 Things Bringing Me Joy, July 2017

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Last week my Friend Crystal, hi Crystal, shared this adorable post on 5 things that were bringing her joy right now. Y’all I LOVED her post. Love, love, LOVED it. I think it is so important to focus on the little things in life that put a smile on our faces. Sometimes pausing to reflect on those things can bring us out of the funk that can so quickly entangle us.

Today I wanted to copy her idea and share 5 things in life that are bringing me joy.

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14 Day of Summer Recap Post

The beginning of July was the beginning of another photo challenge. I’ve really enjoyed co-hosting photo challenges with Stephanie over the past several months. 14 Days of Summer was the 3rd one we’ve put together, so far, for 2017. After playing around with formats, we decided that the mini challenges are by far a favorite. Two weeks is a MUCH easier time commitment than an entire month and it seems to avoid people getting burnt out. So we put our brains together and came up with this.

This was by far my favorite photo challenge, ever. Maybe it is my love of summer, the prompts, or taking most of the photos with my new IPhone. Whatever it was, for the very first time in my photo challenge history, I was sad that it was over.

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