Spring Fling, A Springtime Photo Challenge

Springtime has officially began!

The trees are budding, the sun is shining and those warm rain showers have finally made their way to Southwest Missouri. Although parts of me find it hard to believe, I think winter really is officially over. 

With all things spring on the brain it is the perfect time to try my luck on hosting (and completing 😛 ) another photo challenge. Once again I am teaming up with Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me to bring you a ‘Spring Fling’ photo challenge. We tried to choose prompts that wouldn’t stink. You’ve all seen those challenges right?! We put our heads together and feel like we came up with a really great list.

April 2017 Spring Fling Photo Challenge

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Friday Highlights 3.24.17

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Hello Friday!

Well, we were supposed to officially start our spring break today, but we’re not. On Tuesday I ended up with a scratchy throat that has put me on my “death-bed” for the past couple of days and I am still struggling to function. I thought about continuing on with our spring break anyways but by the time Monday comes (If I am even feeling 100% by then) our break would only be 4 days. So I made the tough decision and decided to postpone our spring break. Our new break will run from 12:00 noon on April 7th through, April 16th. It was a VERY tough decision to make, but one that I felt was for the best. I know it will be worth it in the end. 

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Three Things Thursday, March 2017

I’ve been thinking about writing a Three Things post for quite some time now and I finally scheduled one in my planner, on a Thursday. Three Things Thursday has quite the ring to it, am I right? I’m totally right, right 😆 ?! I am always a sucker for an alliteration and I know so many of you are too.

Today’s post is all about my family. Not so much our life together, but highlighting 3 things that are unique to each of us as individuals

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Building a Home, Update #1

It feels like I just made “the big announcement” about our 6 acre purchase the other day and less than a month later I get to share with you our first progress update. 

Since my last post we…

Have a plan for power. We spoke with the electric company and are now on the waiting list to have power lines ran to the edge of our property. From there we will put the lines underground to the house. 

Learned more about getting water to the house. We were surprised to find out that getting the power lines ran should be inexpensive (likely completely free) but water, not so much. We have to bore under the road to get the lines ran to us then dig a trench to get them to the house 🙄 . The other alternative is a well but due to the location of the property there is a high potential for having to drill extra deep, putting a +20K (or more) price tag on a well. Suddenly boring the road doesn’t look too bad. 

Cleared out our house site and our almost 150 yard driveway. We went out there to meet the dozer driver on Saturday, unsure of what would be accomplished, and by 6:00 it was all clear. I say all but I really just mean the northwest corner of our property.  Now we have brush and firewood piles for days years now…. seriously. We’ll be cleaning things up for a long time. I told Russ he was going to have to teach me to use the chainsaw   😯 .

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