$10 at Target, October 2017

Last month I confessed to making multiple $10 trips to Target. I found dresses, earrings, costumes, fall decor and more. This past month I knew I needed to be more strict about my spending so I didn’t make nearly as many Target runs. It may not have been as much fun as the previous month, but it worked. After all, the best way to not be tempted to spend is to avoid temptation all together.

The unfortunate part about this trip was the amount of goodies that I found. I could’ve easily spent more on this one single trip than I had the entire previous month. With so much clearance to look through, staying on budget was definitely a challenge.

Here are a few things that we found at Target recently…

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$10 at Target, September 2017

Another month, another trip… or 10 to Target. If I was keeping score I would have to say that Target won this month. In fact when I went to write this post up, I had a bit of a dilemma. Which items was I going to use for this post? So pretty much I am confessing that I didn’t really make one $10 trip to Target, I made like 3 🙄 . Let me break it down.

My first trip was by myself. I was hoping to find some fall decorations. I found none and left with two very inexpensive maxi dresses (How does that even happen.) I bought them, intending to take one back later, with some leftover Christmas money. However I later decided to keep both of them since they were only 8.50 each.

On the second trip Emily found some Halloween costume inspiration that she HAD to have. Think Minnie Mouse meets a nice witch. I went ahead and bought the items to put them away for later. I have learned, through experience, to buy the dollar spot items when I can. 

During the third trip I finally found some fall decorations and a cheap jewelry find that I couldn’t pass up. I bought both of these with “my” money. 

So it isn’t like I wasted a wad of cash at Target this month, but I did spend a little more than usual since I found the maxi dresses. One of which I will totally be sharing in an upcoming fashion post! Yup, another. There must be something about fall that does that to me.

Now that I have justified my actions, let’s move on. 

Here are a few things that we found at Target recently…

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$10 at Target, Giveaway Month!

This post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase an item through the link, it will cost no extra to you, but I will make a small commission. Thanks for your support.

Typically on the third Monday of the month I share with you my recent Target finds. From Dollar spot must haves to clearance steals and everything in between. However, this month is anything but a normal. It’s the “official” Ten at Target Giveaway! So instead of the monthly co-hosts spending our $10 on ourselves, we pulled our resources together to give one of you the chance of winning $100! That’s like 10, $10 at Target trips  😆 !

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$10 at Target, July 2017

Just when I think that my relationship with Target is hopeless, I have a great trip that woo’s me. I find myself wanting to buy all the things and the clearance selection is spot on. I could’ve spent $50, or more, dollars at Target this month on justifiable clearance finds alone. Stocking up on presents for the girls, and “must have” essentials for myself. But I refrained, some how, and didn’t even spend my entire $10!

Apparently the feeling that I don’t need to buy much at this point (preparing to move and move again) is stronger than the urge to buy all the things. If I was giving grades for sheer will power, I would totally get an A+.

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$10 at Target, June 2017

Last month I confessed that I almost hung up my hat and quit the $10 at Target team. With our current housing situation (BTW, we officially sold the house last Monday!) and the major purging we’ve been doing over the past several months, plus the uneasiness over what the next few months are going to look like… Do I really need to keep going to Target and buying more stuff?

Then I snapped out of it. I mean, can you ever really quit Target? I’m fairly positive the answer is no. So instead of giving it up I decided to come up with a new game plan. I hereby promise to shop intentionally for things that we actually need. It seemed like a fool-proof plan, but old habits die hard. Would I really be able to change my strategy?

Spoiler alert: This month Target got the best of me.

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$10 at Target, May 2017

I almost called the $10 at Target posts quits friends  😯 . I know, you are shocked, right?! Truth be told I just have been so busy and after WEEKS of purging I was thinking the least thing I needed to do was go to Target every month and buy more stuff. But then I thought about all of the reasons I love Target and learned that this super fun link-up now has 14 hosts!!! I just couldn’t walk away from my happy place 😆 . I decided to just become more intentional with my purchases (starting next month 😉 )! I can totally do that!

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