5 Simple Ways To Be a Better Mom, Today

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while…

I’m not really one to give parenting advice and honestly I still question if I am at a place in life where I should. I’ve been doing this mom thing for 8 years now and in those 8 years things have been in a constant state of change. I was a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, a stay at home mom and now a home school mom. My point in listing all the “labels” I’ve worn is that I feel like I can relate to SO many moms.

But, no matter what kind of mom you are one thing never changes. 
Being a mom is hard.

Today I want to share with you 5 simple things I have been implementing in my life to help me be a better mom. My hope is that not only will these help you be a better mom, but that your children would be positively affected by you being more intentional too. Some things may be new, some I am sure you have heard of, but hopefully they will all serve as good reminders.

5 Simple ways to be a better mom, today!

1 // Use your ears & your eyes
There are a few things I have been guilty of and this is a big one. Not looking at my kids when they talk to me or tuning them out while I’m working on other things until their voice reaches a certain level of desperation. Both of these disappoint me, why do I do this? By using my eyes and my ears to be more attentive to my kids I am sending them the message that they are the most important thing and 99% of the time they are. 

2 // Be their fan, not their critic
Always offer praise over criticism. Few things are more crushing to a child than them showing you something and you immediately pointing out its flaws. I know we can’t always let mistakes go unnoticed, but try to be sensitive about giving criticism. When it can’t be avoided I always try to say 3 good things before I say anything bad. 

3 // Say yes more
A couple of years ago I realized how selfishly I was using the word no. I had become the Newman family fun police.If anything was going to cause extra work or require me to change my plans I was quick to answer with a snappy no. Thankfully I realized this and have worked hard to consider the motives behind my answers. I say yes A LOT more now days. 

4 // Talk about everything and nothing
Do you ever forget that behind all of those crazy emotions that flare up your kids are totally sensible people?! I sure do and sometimes I forget that they need to talk too. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and find out how they feel. From the big things in life to the little things. The sooner you start talking to your kids the better. 

5 // Utilize a mommy time out 
Sometimes my kids aren’t the only ones who need a time out. There has been more than one occasion that I have sent my kids to their rooms to play for 10 minutes so I could put myself in a “time out”. Breathe, pray, cry, text or call a friend. Whatever I need to do to calm down. The least thing I want to do is to take my bad attitude out on my kids.

What is one thing you do to be a better mom?

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