Start Planner, Plus a Giveaway

This post is being sponsored by Start Planner, all opinions are my own. 

Hello my name is Beth and I am a planner. I’m pretty sure it all started as a young girl who loved to make lists. Hand in the air if you too are guilty of writing something down (possibly something that you have already done) just so you can cross it off?! I know there is absolutely no way in the world this one is just me

My love for lists and organization has more recently turned into a love for planners. It took me a little while to get to used to the idea of having my brain outside of my body. But after taking the leap, I will never go back. However, there are a couple of things that I have learned  about planners over the past couple of years. 

#1 Planners can be a great asset if you use them consistently and to their greatest potential.
#2 Not all planners are the same. (This one is worth repeating.)

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