Our Home: Mini Makeover Plans

Update: You can check out the dramatic transformations when we completed the rooms in the following posts.
Dining Room Reveal & School Room Reveal

We moved into our home almost exactly 3 years ago to the date. After loosing our first home to a tornado in 2011 we were able to do something we never imagined doing. We got to build our realistic dream home.

 I’ve shared my home tour before but if your new and want to “snoop” around, go for it.

Three years later and I still love our home. There is a small list of things that I would do differently if I had the chance. But that list is definitely small. 

However, as our family has grown up our needs just aren’t the same as they were 3 years ago. The “play room” that so nicely sits off the kitchen really isn’t used anymore. I have also discovered that if it takes 3 years to finish decorating a room. You may end up hating the color of paint you originally chose.
So here I am three years later finally ready to finish a project and make another room a more usable space
The Dining Room Before

For the after check out the room reveal
Dining Room Reveal
The first stop is the dining room. Here lies the paint color that is starting to bug me. I originally chose a green that ended up looking like guacamole so I repainted with this sea foam green.


Now I am envisioning something a bit lighter. Something like this.

Behr ‘Wheat Bread’
What I am considering the best color of “graige” for us. 
The paint isn’t the only thing I want to change. Those paintings were supposed to just be a quick, temporary art project until I did something more permanent. I am ready to take them down and do some kind of small gallery type display. 
Wall decor ideas could include:
Little Brick House: Reclaimed Wood Project: DIY Wooden Arrows
An old radiator shell
Or a sign like this…. only with Missouri instead.
Or anything else. Who knows what we will come up with. After all we do have a back splash made with license plates
I would also would like to add some mirrors to the back wall (the wall with the door). I am hopeful it will bring in a bit more light and make the room feel larger. I am thinking something similar in style to this, only in white.
Full Length Barn Wood Mirror For hallway DIY with cheap mirror and repurposed wood
The Play Room/ Future School Room
 This is the current space.
For the after check out the room reveal
School Room Reveal















Plans for this room would include getting rid of the love seat, desk and entertainment stand.
Empty that room out! I still have to decide if I want to paint the room.

What do you think paint or don’t paint?

Then we are going to need a desk. I drew up this plan a few months ago.








Here are a few Pinterest finds I have used for inspiration.
This desk

How to Build Your Own Desk Tutorial and Plans for under $80, great for that first apartment after you move out of your dorm 

And this desk

DIY craft desk tutorial (I would love to have a whole wall in my garage of these cabinets!)

As for what material we use for the top. I am not quite sure yet. I can’t imagine it would be easy to write on laminate flooring. 

Some form of storage for the top of the desk is a must.

a smaller version for the bedrooms/bathroom to keep cotton balls, etc in… 15 Creative And Useful DIY Desk Organizers

 A chalk board would be fun.

See how easy it is to make a giant chalkboard using DIY chalkboard paint which can be used in a home office, play room, or kitchen! MountainModernLife.com

 Mount the TV on the wall. Maybe add a books shelf area, A couple bean bag chairs maybe?

DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair (in 30 minutes!) - no fancy sewing skills required! #DIY #playroom

 I’d also like to add some new art or art displays.
 Like these frames

Easy Change Artwork Frames. Holds 50 pieces of kids artwork. Only $8.95. These are at JoAnn's. awesome!

 Or these clipboards

You can follow me along on Pinterest as I find more ideas for these rooms.

Follow Our Pretty Little Girls’s board Inside the Home on Pinterest.

The most exciting part about these mini makeovers is getting two finished, more defined spaces. We have been doing school work in our dining room for 2 years now. Being able to separate those two rooms is going to be awesome.

You can check out the dramatic transformations when we completed the rooms i the following posts.
Dining Room Reveal & School Room Reveal

Are you working on an home improvement projects right now?

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