The Shouse, Land Progress

Almost one year ago we saw our land for the very first time. It started as a joke, turned into a dream, and now (after oh so much waiting and debating) it is slowly becoming reality. My last house update was shared nearly 4 months ago. In some ways it feels like I have all kinds of news to share, in others ways the bits and pieces seem really uneventful.

But big or small, progress is progress.

At the end of my last post I shared a next steps list:

Arrange for the power lines to be ran.
Clean and purging our home.
Put our home on the market
Sell our home. 
Have the driveway finished (gravel)
Get the official bid from the water company.
Get things ready for the concrete pad and radiant heat.
Pour the pad.

When I made this list I didn’t have a clue how things would change through the process. So looking at it months later, I am shocked to be able to cross this much off.

Let me explain…
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