My Month In Numbers, February 2017

So as much as I have made it totally clear that I wasn’t a fan of February, there were still a lot of pretty amazing moments too. Birthdays, a sweet baby girl, time spent with friend, and donuts… SO many donuts. In case you were unaware, donuts are my love language. I guess that might also explain why we are only a few weeks days away from spring and I am terrified to try on my shorts ๐Ÿ˜• … Moving on!

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My Month In Numbers, August 2016

Happy Friday Eve!

Today’s post is nice, simple, and kind of late to the party. I am sharing what our August looked like according to the numbers. Yes, I do realize that it is now halfway through September but I didn’t want to skip another month. I love reflecting and recapping how all of the big and little things added up.

August Numbers

17 // Trips to the gym
24 // Blog posts wrote
16 // School days completed
8 // Chemistry experiments completed
3 // Dr. Appointments
156 // The number of miles we drove both ways to Children’s Mercy
500’ish // How many times I thought about vacation
26 // Lessons planned for a co-op class
4 // Pairs of glasses ordered 2 for Russ, 2 for Emily
1 // Eye appointment for Emily
3 // Hours spent in Lego Land
1562 // Photos in my August file
2 // New shades of lipstick purchased
24 // Miles ran
2 // Chalkboards doodled
110 // Pound reps on the pec fly
1 // Phone that fell in the toilet
10 // Boxes of crayons purchased for my school supply stash
13 // Jars of Jalapeno Jelly canned
76 // Number of selfies taken just since getting my new phone
48 // Books checked out from the library
100+ // Burnouts watched

August, you were a total whirlwind full of unexpected and fun surprises.
I canโ€™t wait to see what September has in store.

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My Month In Numbers, June 2016

So yesterday I ended up scratching this post so I could share a great big piece of my heart and talk about hard things. I thought that was my last chance and this post just wouldn’t happen this month. But a last minute reschedule on sponsored content left me super happy that I hadn’t deleted this post from my drafts yet. #procrastinationwin

I love these posts. I am always left with a smile when I add up all of the little things that make up a month.

June in numbers

14 ~ Trips to the gym
22 ~ Blog posts wrote
22 ~ Weekdays off school
17 ~ Trips to the pool (not counting swim lessons)
8 ~ How many years Marissa Turned
1581 ~ Files in my May photo folder
213 ~ Times I’ve thought about vacation (at least)
19 ~ Days of 90+ degree weather (and that is just the temp)
4 ~ Days of VBS attended
8 ~ Swim lessons taken
2 ~ Levels Emily moved up at swim lessons
1 ~ Level for Marissa
36 ~ Weeks of school planned for
100+ ~ Times I wanted to cry about going back to school
2 ~ Eye appointments for Emily
8 ~ Fathers Days Russ has celebrated
3 ~ Family bike rides with the girls
15 ~ Times I consumed ice cream

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My Month In Numbers, May 2016

Hello Monday!

Things are extra chipper around here for a Monday. I REALLY don’t like Mondays. But, we had a great weekend of recovering from the craziness that May brought and it is finally VBS week. My girls have been looking forward to this week since the day last years ended in June 2015. It is definitely a summer highlight for us. 

Today I thought I would kick off our Monday by looking at all of the numbers that added up to one fun and busy May!

My Month In Numbers - May
13- Trips to the gym
24- Blog posts wrote
22- Weekdays we were off school
1- Trip to the pool
2- Races Ran
2- Nights out-of-town
0- Chalkboards doodled
105- lb sets lifted on the ‘pec fly’
1- Fun run
200+- Miles put on the 37
2- Recipes shared
50- Miles Ran
1521- Files in my May photo folder
127- Times I’ve thought about vacation (at least)
13- New songs added to my play list
27- Plants planted in my garden
17- Selfies on my phone
1- NASCAR race attended
2- Training wheels taken off Emily’s bike

May you were so busy, chaotic, and fun.
I can’t wait to see what June has in store.

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How was your weekend?
Bonus points if you answer with some kind of number. ๐Ÿ™‚

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My Month In Numbers, April 2016

My favorite way to recap a month is with a ‘My Month In Numbers’ post. They have quickly became some of my favorite posts to write and read. It is the perfect way to recap all the little and big things that make up your months and the host Deena from Shoes To Shiraz is awesome. Do you need any other reasons to join? I think not.

Here is a peek into what our April looked like…

Joy Rides in the 37: 8 (at least)
It is everyone’s favorite car and the girls are always BEGGING me to take it anytime we leave.

Co-op Fair projects completed: 2
By some miracle the girls got their projects finished in record time.

Eye Appointment for Emily: 4
With more already scheduled for May.

Iced coffees drank: 11
Iced coffee with Almond Joy creamer is my favorite.

april selfies
Selfies taken on my phone: 16

Blog posts wrote: 21

Marissa School
Years of school Marissa completed: 4
It is clear to see my photography has greatly improved over the years.

Trips to the gym: 12
That number was disappointingly low for me but with some outdoor runs happening, it’s just going to go down a bit.

chalk april
Chalk boards doodled: 4

Air filters changed: 1
And it took me less than 5 minutes.

Rounds fired: 320
Pretty sure that is a new record. Pew, pew!

School days completed: 21
And that is a wrap until August.

Pairs of glasses ordered: 1
They are adorable.

Times I cried: 30+?
Not gonna pretend. This was a ROUGH month for this mama.

Medals won: 1
So proud of Marissa and her second place 5K finish.

April was definitely a month full of unexpected surprises.
We are naively & prayerfully optimistic that May will be much less eventful.

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How was your April?

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