Little Letters, August 2017

Another month, another mail day!

Week one of school is officially in the books. Even if it was a week of half days, it was still school. Honestly, I’m super thankful we didn’t have to start back up with a full load. A week of easing back into things was exactly what we needed. Come next Friday I may not be so chipper about being back to school already 🙄 . 

Today is mail day which pretty much is a combination of random thoughts, questions, and confessions. All of which should be taken with an extremely light-heart. The least thing I want to do is let the random thoughts I have offend someone. With that in mind, here we go!

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Little Letters, May 2017

The second Friday of the month is mail day! It’s the day I write random snarky & sarcastic letters full of complete randomness that is bound to get me in “trouble” some how 😆 . Seriously y’all I love these posts and I hope they make you laugh as you read them. I also hope you realize that everything within this post should be taken with a grain of salt. 

So now that I have laid out my disclaimer, let’s get started!

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Little Letters, March 2017

Hello Friday!

TGIF friends we are so ready for another weekend! It has been a crazy week of house decisions, road decisions, and looking at floor plans until I am already feeling over it, yet we have just begun. I guess the shock of it all is that it felt like we waited, doing nothing, for months and we are finally at a stage that actually requires us to decide things (big things). So exciting, so overwhelming. 

This week I am sharing another edition of my monthly ‘Little Letters’ where I write notes to divulge all the randomness that is currently going on inside my head. 

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Little Letters, February 2017

Last month I linked up for ‘Little Letters’ for the very first time. I wasn’t sure how much I would like the link-up, but I wanted to give it a fair shot. It only took one post for me to realize that I loved it. It was the perfect opportunity to toss in a little bit of wit and sarcasm on the blog. Those emotions are ones that don’t easily come across when writing so having a post where I get to cut loose was a blast. I was also VERY relieved when several of my blogging friends also hopped on the little letter bus and were equally as snarky and sarcastic as I was. 

So, I think it is safe to say that I will keep these posts coming.

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Little Letters, January 2017

At the first of the year I try to shake things up a bit around here. Today’s post is an attempt to do exactly that. When a couple of my blogging friends started talking about the Little Letters monthly linkup, I knew I wanted to join them. It instantly reminded me of Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, which has always been a favorite of mine. Plus, it is the perfect way to clean out the corners of my mind, do some confessions, and share what is really going on inside of my head.

Come to think of it, I’m not so sure this is a good idea after all…

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