Celebrating The Day of Love, Our Valentine Plans

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love! 

In all honesty we haven’t always done a lot to celebrate Valentines Day in previous years, but we have tried to step up our game recently. Why? Because we have little girls! Just because I’m not a “mushy” romantic doesn’t mean that they won’t be. I want them to know that love is worth celebrating (and not just on Valentines Day). So today we celebrate because those sweet little girls are watching and showing them a good example of marriage is always something we find ourselves working to do.

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Monthly Goals, February 2017

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Get back to regularly scheduled programming after the holidays.
* Find a few new bloggers to read and engage with in 2017.
* Work on planning out the next couple months and find some new linkups to join. 
* Have 2 family game nights.
* Create a winter bucket list to keep us busy until spring.
* Have 1 family movie night. 
* Find some new workout routines.
* Get out the door on gym days by 5:00 a.m.
* Open my Bible more. 

* Resume classes with a smile on January 3rd… today. (Just think of me, smiling through the pain, right now.)
* Decide if we want to participate in our co-op project fair. Pick projects if we do. 
* Celebrate Russ #37!
* Plan ways to log our year better. 
* Start planning Valentines festivities.

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14 Days Of Love, A February Photo Challenge

It’s the month of love!

Not only does today kick off the month of February, it also kicks off my very first Instagram photo challenge!

I am so excited y’all. I have toyed and toyed with the idea of hosting a challenge but have never taken the plunge. My biggest reason to not go for it has been a fear of failure. I mean, I have only completed 2 photo challenges in like 3 years since mom brain generally gets the best of me. It seems pretty obvious that I am totally unqualified to pull this off.

Or am I…

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February In Numbers {2016}

I had so much fun writing up my January in numbers post  that I decided to make it a part of the monthly blog rotation. It is such a fun way to recap a month and add up all of the little things that make up our days.

Recipes shared: 2
I feel the need to add that I tried the blueberry muffins with strawberries this week and they were equally amazing.


Trips to the gym: 15
Honestly I am completely shocked and had to double check my check ins. I only thought I had 13 or so. 

Cupcakes baked: 36
I did a trial batch and a birthday batch and ate entirely to many.

Episodes of Parks & Rec Watched: 23
I think this show is officially my all time favorite now. It is just the funniest.

Rounds fired: 18
Pew, pew! Working on my skills, watch out.

Hours spent debating 2016/2017 curriculum: 12… at least
So glad for my friend Anna and my SIL who I can bounce ideas off of.

Cell Phone Selfies: 28

NASCAR Races watched:2

Tickets purchased to the May 7th, Kansas Speedway Race: 2!
Boogity, boogity we’re going to a race!

Nights away: 1
And it was glorious.

Paper hearts cut out: 96’ish

Girl night/dates with Anna: 4
I think that might be a record number in one month.

Blog posts wrote: 22

Years Emily turned: 5
Pieces my heart broke into while looking at her 5 year photos: Hundreds

I was am just not ready for my baby to be 5.

And that recaps our February… now that we are a week into March already :/.

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Currently {February 2016}

Listening to // My favorite thing to listen to is the All Sons & Daughters station on Pandora. However, the girls ask to listen to the Annie & Home soundtracks on a daily basis. Thank God for You Tube.

Drinking // Lately I have been drinking Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon and loving it. Either that or Irish coffee. With this cold weather I need something to keep me warm :).

Wishing // For Spring break to be here. Honestly, I haven’t actually decided if we are taking a full week for spring break or not yet. But I put a break in our schedule and I can definitely see where some down time would do everyone good. 

Eating //  Healthier!!! Would you believe it, I FINALLY put down the cookies (for the most part) and have my nutrition back in line. It feels great.

Missing // My tan…. can it just be summer yet? I am tired of being pale and sad.

A MUCH tanner, mid July Beth
Learning // Multiplication & division…. okay maybe I’m not the one learning but I am learning how to teach it. When did they start doing this stuff in the second grade anyways?! My negative feelings toward math are not being helped by the advanced rate that they are teaching it.
Looking Forward To // So much! Emily’s birthday, The Daytona 500 and the blogs 2nd birthday that is fast approaching. Exciting things are happening!
Praying // For friends. So many friends have a lot going on right now. There are several that are on my heart and in my prayers consistently. I pray constantly that they would see Gods goodness and faithfulness daily.

Enjoying // Drawing on my chalkboard… can this just be my answer every month? I am also loving the massage chairs at my really awesome new gym.

Reading // I started the She Reads Truth Lent plan last week and have really been enjoying it. Even if it isn’t anything large it is good to be consistently reading again. 

Wearing // I almost typed less then I realized that wasn’t right, lol. What I mean to say is I recently cleaned out my closet ditching 72 clothing items I no longer wear. It felt so good to get rid of some of the junk! But as far as what I am actually wearing it will most likely always include a black vest as of lately. I also picked up THESE work out capris that I LOVE. Coupon + clearance meant I only spent around $7!

Planning // A busy weekend! Emily’s birthday celebration and our annual Daytona 500 party happen this weekend. So much to plan and prepare for!

Watching// Still watching Parks and Rec we are somewhere in season 3 right now and my love and adoration for Ron Swanson grows and grows all the time. That show is hilarious. So glad we finally decided to watch it.

What have you been up to currently?

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