Choosing My Battles


If there is one lesson I have learned over the past 9+ years of being a mom, it’s that I need to choose my battles, and choose them wisely. Today I want to share about my silly six-year-old and how we are learning to find each other in the middle.

There are some things in life that are important to me, but there are lots of things that are very important to the super spunky and energetic girl who calls me mama. For example: being able to wear mismatched socks, creating beautiful & “super cool” outfits, and having free rein to let her wild hair go untamed as much as possible.

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Happy 5th Birthday Emily, Tuesday Talk V8

On Sunday my baby girl turned 5…
* F * I * V * E *

Even just saying she is five makes her feel so much older.
*said while weeping and eating an entire carton of ice cream* 

While looking back through the archives recently, I realized I haven’t shared many baby photos of my sweet Emily Elizabeth. So today I wanted to change that and look back on five years of our baby girl.

Baby Emily





One Year Old


Two Years Old


 3 Years Old


 4 Years Old

 And this is what 5 looks like. 



Emily you are such a joy to our lives.

Your free spirit, infectious laughter and silliness always keep us smiling. You have grown up so much over the past year and I am so excited to watch you continue to grow into a beautiful young lady.

I am so happy that God chose me to be your mama.

Happy Birthday Emily Elizabeth Newman!

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Emily’s 4th Birthday!

Saturday we celebrated four years with our baby girl, Emily Elizabeth. 

Four amazing, crazy, wonderful years.

This year we had a simple birthday party. We didn’t have tons of decorations or people but boy oh boy did we celebrate. From donuts for breakfast, Chick Fil-A play time, cake, and pizza. 

We had so much fun.
It wouldn’t be a birthday without a “few” photos

Cake was definitely a must too!

 She requested an orange cake that tasted like strawberries. 

Whatever you want baby girl, whatever you want. 

She received what might just be the largest stuffed Minnie Mouse in existence.

Seriously guys. I can’t even explain how huge that doll is.

Maybe this will help a bit.

It is HUGE. Thank you Meme and Papa for that one *Ha*! Seriously though it might just go down as one of the best deals ever. They located it in the clearance section it didn’t have a tag so they went to the register to price check it. 30 minutes later, they were finally given a price of $37! What?!?! I know for fact a Minnie that large is generally around $200. I really hope this little lady doesn’t grow out of her 3 year Minnie phase anytime too soon. 
Photos with Daddy and Mommy


Oh look, more Minnie Mouse stuff. After 3 years of nothing but Minnie, we thought she had it all. Clearly we were wrong. 

Those dimples, oh my heart.
Her silly cousin has photo bombing down.

The perfect pair of high tops for a Minnie Mouse loving girl.
What a wonderful day of celebrating 4 years with this beautiful, silly, hilarious, clever, sweet girl.

We love you so much Emily!

Happy Birthday!

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