Egg hunts and Monday blues.

Happy Monday? I must admit I am not in the best of moods today. For starters, it’s Monday. Do I really need to explain why that makes one grumpy? Secondly, It is in the 30’s and sleeting. Man you really do just have to embrace the craziness that is Missouri weather. We were wearing Sundresses and sandals to church not even 24 hours ago! So 1+1 unfortunately equals a bit of blah for me today. Maybe this post and some coffee will brighten things up a bit.

Saturday was the day for the annual Easter egg hunt that we take the girls to. The weather was a bit windy but AMAZING! After a lazy morning we got dressed, grabbed our buckets and headed out!
Daddy gave Emily a pep talk before the hunt.

She got a little bored waiting…

And eventually she ended up getting stuck.

When they said go, they went! Emily did great for being with the “bigger” kids this year.

I think the hunt lasted a whole 3 minutes, it was CRAZY! Of course there was a fair share of adults picking or scooping up the eggs, oh my!
We then headed for the long line so we could trade our empty eggs in for some candy!

After we made the swap we headed home!

And we instantly “needed” a piece as soon as we reached the car. We didn’t mind, it made for a quiet ride home. 

Looking at these pictures brightens my mood a bit. Plus daddy is working a short week, only 3 days. We have an exciting, busy long weekend planned! Hopefully this cold won’t last long and we will have some better weather for it.

How was your weekend? 

Did you hunt any eggs?

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It’s The Little Things /Kids Workshops

We are a pretty blue collar family. We work, and we work hard. My husband isn’t afraid to tackle just about any project big or small and I stand by nervous, but always cheering him on. I love being married to a man that can or will figure out how to fix just about anything.

I said all of that to say that hammers aren’t unfamiliar objects to our girls. We have owned more than one tool toy set and our girls actually have their own real tool box complete with a tape measure, screw driver, hammer, and even a saw. Yes, a saw. I was a bit shocked to. But don’t worry, it isn’t in reach!

Ever since Marissa was about 2 we have been active in going to the local home improvement stores kids clinics. Thankfully we are only minutes away from both Lowes and Home Depot and they have provided us with MANY free Saturday morning family outings.

This past weekend we hit up Home Depot, it is definitely our favorite. We love that we get to paint there most weeks. We love the pins they give us for our aprons and we love our local Home Depot crew. They are so great with the kids. Home Depot is also on an easy schedule we know the first Saturday of every month we can run up there and build something.

This week we made bird bath/feeders.

Family fun and hammers, it doesn’t get much better than that for us!

Do you ever take your kids to building clinics?

Check your local stores out for a schedule to see if workshops are offered in your area.

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I love warm sunshine

I love spring! I love the warm sunshine, the fresh crisp air, and the fact that we no longer have to stay cooped up inside the house!
Today was our first spring outing to the park. Now, I will admit with it being in the upper 50’s it was a little cooler than I had hoped it would be. But, that wasn’t going to stop us!
We got dressed, packed a lunch and were ready to go. By the way I NEVER realized how long it take to pack a lunch for 3 people trying to avoid “convenience foods” and plastic bags. It took me 20 minutes, 9 Tupperware containers and a HUGE lunch box. There must be an easier way, or maybe I should have just made a simpler plan!
We met up with some of our friends from church. The mama’s got to talk and the the kiddos got to play. We had a great time!
After running around for an hour we were ready to eat!
After lunch and a bit more play time we headed back home. So glad I got to enjoy some great company and the beautiful weather. We are SO looking forward to spring and more days at the park!
Get outside and soak up some sun if you are fortunate enough to have some!

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I am a terrible blogger

I have came to the conclusion that I am a terrible blogger. Maybe I am being a bit harsh and should say I have been a terrible blogger. It seems the longest that I have lasted so far has been a few months. Then I became very unsatisfied with my blog host of choice and instead of going through the “painful” task of switching things I gave up and quit. I could blame it on a million things but nobody cares to hear excuses. I have missed blogging. I like the idea of putting myself out there. I like the idea of others stumbling across the mundane adventures of our life and relating to them. The idea of someone being inspired or ministered to. Maybe even just someone finding something we have done and thinking it is a clever idea. More than that I love the idea of my girls having something that they can look through 10, 15 or 20 years down the road. I have high hopes that what seems like ordinary every day life will one day be happy memories for those two precious girls of all the wonderful times we have.
So, I finally made the switch. I got the blog “ready” and I am ready to start again. Here goes nothing….
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