What’s Up Wednesday, January 2017

The holidays are long gone, we are nearly a whole month into 2017, and I feel like life is finally starting to level out a bit. For the first part of the month I couldn’t get a grasp on it actually being 2017. Now, I am starting to feel like this year is going to fly by.

Today I want to share what’s up with the Newman’s, giving you a little peek into our life currently. 

What's Up Wednesday

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What’s Up Wednesday, December 2016

Typically I do a monthly post called ‘Currently’ where I share all of the ins and out about what is going on in our world. Sadly I haven’t done one of these posts since September! I knew things have been busy around here this fall, but I didn’t realize they had been THAT busy. So today I am getting back to sharing more about what is going on around here. Since it has been a while, I thought it would be a great time to switch up my format and do a ‘What’s Up Wednesday’ post.

What's up Wednesday. Sharing our life currently

What we are eating this week…
Christmas cookies! Kidding…kind of. Here is this weeks break down.

Monday: Vegetable soup
Tuesday: Chicken Tacos
Wednesday: Leftover soup & paninis
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Festivus Family night: Appetizers
Saturday: Christmas Eve with Russ’ parents
Sunday: Christmas Dinner

What I’m reminiscing about…
How much our girls have grown and all our Christmas’ together as a family. This stage of life that we are in is so very bittersweet. I love where we are now more than ever, but I also know the older they get… well… you know. Sometimes I wish time would slow down.

What I’m loving…
I have a crush on a show called Longmire and an “old man” crush on the main character too. We have FLOWN through 53 episodes of that show and it easily became an all time favorite of mine. If you’re looking for a new series to watch on Netflix, I can’t recommend it enough. 

What we’ve been up to…
Crossing ALL the things off our Christmas bucket list. Our evenings have been jam-packed with holiday shopping, events, and parties for days now.

What I’m dreading…
Putting away ALL the Christmas decorations and a busy gym next month. I understand the New Years resolutions but for about 6 weeks that place is crazy.

What I’m working on…
I have been trying to get ahead a bit on the blog before the holidays get here. I have also been working hard on making sure all of our school work is wrapped up by the end of the semester. Other than that it is just the normal day-to-day and not forgetting to move our elf every night ;).

What I’m excited about…
Christmas Eve service, watching my girls open presents, and my birthday!
What I’m watching/reading…
Lately we have been watching all the Christmas movies. After discovering that the local stations weren’t playing most of our favorites we decided to start purchasing more Christmas movies. This year we have grabbed a Charlie Brown Christmas and The Grinch. I am hoping to add one more Christmas Movie a year for a while. 
What I’m listening to…
Christmas music! I have the Michael Bublé or White Christmas Pandora station on 24/7 this week.
What I’m wearing…
Fleece pants on repeat #sorrynotsorry. Since the weather has cooled off, we’ve stayed home a lot more during the day. I don’t know why, but we do that pretty much every year. I have also been wearing a new coat that I snagged on Black Friday.
What I’m doing this weekend…
Celebrating Christmas!!! Christmas plans are pretty informal this year but there will be lots of time together. The Mr. starts his vacation on Friday and will be home with us for 11 days, so that is definitely something we are excited about too!
What I’m looking forward to next month…
I love the sense of newness that January brings. It is the perfect time to refocus and set goals. Russ has a birthday coming up at the end of the month too. 
What else is new…
Not much! At least nothing that I am ready to share on the blog quite yet. No, I’m not pregnant :p. But I promise to share all things in due time friends!

What’s up with you lately?

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Currently, September 2016


Looking Forward To //

CHRISTMAS, duh! I know, give fall its turn, respect the bird. I can and I will but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited now. The anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year is half of the fun.

Praying //

That Emily gets a good report in November. Prayers for her to adjust to her glasses have been answered. She’ll now talk about it and tell you just how hard it was to wear her glasses at first, but that she loves them now! We are so thankful she loves them.

We have also noticed significant improvement in the eye turning. Dare I say it seems to be gone? I am no Dr. but my eyes don’t even noticed hers being crossed anymore. We are super optimistic she won’t require surgery. Keep praying and we’ll know for sure in about 2 months when she has her follow-up.

Wishing // 

I could go back to the beach. But since that seems pretty unrealistic let’s just say I am hoping that some fall weather arrives soon. The season always arrives before the weather does.


Learning //

All about the periodic table of elements, chemical reactions, Miles Standish, and sentence diagramming. Can you tell what I am learning is pretty focused around what my girls are learning. Maybe I should relabel this section as teaching. Seriously though, we are LOVING school this year and having a blast which makes life easier.

Counting // 

Dollar signs flying away. HA! Just kidding… kind of.

Listening to // 

David Crowder’s newest release, American Prodigal. Russ and I saw him in concert on Saturday and it was pretty much amazing. Nobody really ever comes to Joplin, let alone someone we actually want to see.


Drinking //

Coffee, water, repeat. I did drink more sprite while on vacation than I have drunk the entire rest of the year combined…. gross. 

Eating //

Every pumpkin spice food that I can get my hands on #cantstopwontsop. Tis the season for all things pumpkin spice and now that it is officially fall people have to leave me alone, correct? I can’t wait to share some pumpkin related recipes with you through the “All Things Pumpkin” link-up this coming October. 


Planning // 

Ahead! Not that that’s new. My planner is filled up through most of November and December is looking pretty full too. So much to blog about, so little time. There are also some pretty exciting plans being made on the home front too, but we can talk about those on a different day. Oh the suspense.

Missing //

THE BEACH! But really I think I just miss the sense of freedom that comes with summer in general.

Enjoying // 

Where we are in life right now. This season that our family is in and the friends and community we have around us. It feels so good to be making connections with others again. So, SO good. 


Watching // 

I started watching ‘This Is Us’ and I think the first episode alone made me a fan. Plus I was able to text back and forth with Stephanie while we watched so that was pretty great too.

Wearing // 

I FINALLY ordered a chambray shirt that I picked up pretty cheap on sale at Old Navy there is only one problem, I don’t have any non denim pants to wear with it #whoops. (Things I didn’t think about when I actually placed the order.) Being a hair over 5’10” really complicates shopping. Finding pants that are long enough for me is hard, finding pants that I like long enough can be even harder. When the stars align and I find the perfect pair, them being in stock is nothing short of a miracle. I am REALLY wanting to find some Maroon/ burgundy skinny pants. Wish me luck.


What’s going on in your life currently?

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Currently, August 2016

Wishing // 

So much I could say for this one. I feel like I am doing an awful lot of wishing lately. Let’s write down my ongoing wish: that time would slow down, even if it is just by a little bit.

Praying //

For Emily’s new glasses to bring her the improvements we so desperately want to see. 

Looking Forward To //

VACATION!!! When you book a trip MONTHS before it happens and watch so many other families go on their vacations it really builds up anticipation. We are getting close now and I can hardly stand it.

Listening to // 

This song. I love the mix of the new song with the old hymn.

Drinking // 

My daily cup of coffee. I am a total whimp that has a low tolerance for caffeine. Lately I have been forcing myself to drink a huge glass of water when I wake up in the morning, then I reward myself with a small cup of coffee. So far it is working out really well. I don’t get the jitters and I get to enjoy my coffee with the Almond Joy creamer that I love. 

Eating //

Cantaloupe and watermelon around the clock. Our melon crops were pretty impressive this year and that meant I was serving melon three meals a day. Marissa is in heaven but I am pretty sure Russ was totally over it after 3 days.

Counting // 

The number of weeks until school is out, the number of days until vacation, how many things we have left to cross off our bucket list. There is A LOT of counting going on around here, especially when you factor in our math ;). 

Missing //

Our days at the pool and all the time I got to spend with Anna. Sure we still text through our school days, but it’s just not the same.

Learning //

All about matter, volume, density and buoyancy. Who would have thought the girls chemistry would be so informative to me too. Because lets just be honest, anything I learned on those subjects back in my school days has LONG been forgotten.

Planning // 

I have been doing a lot of blog planning lately. I am working to get things ahead so I can take a huge chunk of September off without things looking any different around here. If I manage to pull this off I’ll be “gone” for over two weeks and you won’t even notice.

Enjoying // 

Our school year. I’ll admit it. I was pretty nervous how juggling two kids would work. I thought one was bound to get the short end of the stick. I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy keeping balance has been so far. And we are having a lot of fun this school year too!

Watching // 

The Olympics! Who isn’t?! Volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, track. I just can’t get enough.

Wearing // 

My work out clothes all the live long day. I justify this behavior by actually working out …. but still. I need to start putting on street clothes more often. Workout clothes are just so comfortable!

What have you been up to currently?

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