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Since construction of our house is in full swing, I’ve been trying to share more about what we have planned for our home. Last week I shared details on my kitchen dreams. In two weeks I am planning to give a full progress report, (with lots of photos included.) And this week I am talking all about our style inspiration. 

Picking a style

The style that we are hoping to pull off is farmhouse. More specifically, I would say rustic farmhouse with a few modern flares. For example, cement floors. I have to admit, my feelings on the farmhouse inspiration are a bit mixed. Here are a few thoughts I’ve had over the past year.

#1 I feel like the farmhouse style is a bit overdone. I think it is mostly because it is so classic, & Joanna Gaines is amazing, but I usually tend to shy away from things that feel trendy.

#2 When building your home in a “barn”, out in the country, farmhouse style just feels right.

#3 For me, farmhouse style goes far beyond decor. I want the bones and features of our home to radiate the style. I don’t want to simply just imply it with accents.

#4 Since we are DIY’ing as much as we can, picking a style that has plenty of inspiration to be found has been very helpful. 

Now that I’ve shared about the style we want, lets talk about the ways we hope to to incorporate it.

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It’s The Little Things /Kids Workshops

We are a pretty blue collar family. We work, and we work hard. My husband isn’t afraid to tackle just about any project big or small and I stand by nervous, but always cheering him on. I love being married to a man that can or will figure out how to fix just about anything.

I said all of that to say that hammers aren’t unfamiliar objects to our girls. We have owned more than one tool toy set and our girls actually have their own real tool box complete with a tape measure, screw driver, hammer, and even a saw. Yes, a saw. I was a bit shocked to. But don’t worry, it isn’t in reach!

Ever since Marissa was about 2 we have been active in going to the local home improvement stores kids clinics. Thankfully we are only minutes away from both Lowes and Home Depot and they have provided us with MANY free Saturday morning family outings.

This past weekend we hit up Home Depot, it is definitely our favorite. We love that we get to paint there most weeks. We love the pins they give us for our aprons and we love our local Home Depot crew. They are so great with the kids. Home Depot is also on an easy schedule we know the first Saturday of every month we can run up there and build something.

This week we made bird bath/feeders.

Family fun and hammers, it doesn’t get much better than that for us!

Do you ever take your kids to building clinics?

Check your local stores out for a schedule to see if workshops are offered in your area.

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