Girl Mom Box Swap, The Announcement

I never imagined myself as a girl mom but I have to admit it, I kind of love it. Like a love it to the moon and back kind of love.

The cliché phrase is constantly tossed around that God gives you what is a perfect fit for your family. We all nod in agreement, probably still secretly hoping that what God wants and what we want just happen to align. Sometimes that pans out and other times it doesn’t look how we imagined it would, it turns out better than you ever hoped.

For our family that looks like having two girls. We embraced pink as neutral color, learned to never allow glittered anything in our cars (after one fatal mistake), and realize that our clothing budget is just going to have to grow right along with our girls. It’s manners, pink legos, mood swings, and modesty. It’s constantly fighting against culture and wearing pink on Wednesdays.

It’s awesome. Everything I never knew I always wanted.

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