The Versatile Blogger Award…4 Months Late

About 4 months ago I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Whitney and a few other favorite bloggers of mine. It was during the business of the holiday season and I said “I’ll save this one for when things slow down a bit.”

And here we are 4 months later #fail
But, it’s better late then never, right?!

So how about a dose of randomness on this post Easter Monday morning as I finally “accept” my award.


So the rules of accepting this award are as follows:

 Thank the person who nominated you
 Link back to their blog
 Share 7 facts about yourself
 Nominate up to 15 other bloggers
Seven Facts about Me:
1) I’m blind as a bat without my contacts in. Like I can’t find my glasses if they aren’t laying right where they are supposed to be. My vision woes are nearly identical to my mothers too which is really creepy seeing we have identical green eyes.
2) I started cooking when I was pretty young. At first it was making the salad, mixing the brownies or anything else my mom would let me do. By the time I was an early teenager I began baking more and more and eventually she let me start cooking more. I have to attribute my love for all things domestic back to my mama. She has always been a suzy-homemaker and I followed right in her foot steps. 
Me & E
3) I really don’t love to run. I love the company, I love the exercise, I love the high after completing a run. But with pretty much every strike of my foot on the pavement or treadmill belt I am thinking I just wanna be done x 100. People think I love the activity and that I love getting up early. They couldn’t be any more incorrect. I do however love being in great shape in my 30’s, doing things a lot of people can’t and setting a good example for my girls. So I press on.
4) I wear a size 11 in shoes. Totally normal when you’re a hair over 5’10”. I HATE shoe shopping big, narrow feet can be oh so stressful. Everything has huge heels which I try to avoid and not many places carry many or any size 11’s. Flats and tennis shoes are my friends and thank God for online shopping.

5) I started canning jams, jellies and salsa’s in my early/mid 20’s and it is still one of my favorite things to do. It feels so nostalgic and timeless. I just love that feeling. Someday I hope my girls want to learn too.

6) I am slightly obsessive when it comes to finishing projects. Once I get something on my brain and in my focus I will burn myself out trying to get it completed. Such a great and TERRIBLE quality to have. If I didn’t tend to sabotage myself so much I’d feel like it is more of a blessing than I do now. I need to come with a warning label that reads: may self destruct.
7) It takes me about 2 minutest to fall dead asleep when I lay down at night (unless I am stressed out over something). It is almost scary how quickly I can be completey asleep. I never used to be this way until I became a mom. It must be their fault. 

As for the tagging part, seeing I’m about 4 months short and quite possibly the very last person to get around to doing this post. We’ll just say anyone who would like to join the fun can do so by self nomination. 

Now it’s your turn to tell me one random fact about you in the comments!

Happy Monday friends!