Five Things Friday, December Joys

Hello Friday!

The countdown to Christmas is 3 days friends, 3 days! I can’t even believe it, or maybe I just don’t want to. For me the best parts of Christmas come with the Christmas season and not so much the actual day itself. Honestly, I typically find Christmas Day to be a little bit depressing. That may ring especially true this year since I will be anticipating a move days later.

But enough about that, there is still more celebrating ahead! Festivus (A made up holiday.) (Any Seinfeld fans out there?) and Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is without a doubt, my favorite day of the year.

Since today is Five Things Friday, and I am supposed to be sharing all about the things in my life that are bringing me joy, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite parts about Christmas. These are the things that will be making me smile over these next few days. 

My 5 Christmas Joys

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5 Things Bringing Me Joy, July 2017

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Last week my Friend Crystal, hi Crystal, shared this adorable post on 5 things that were bringing her joy right now. Y’all I LOVED her post. Love, love, LOVED it. I think it is so important to focus on the little things in life that put a smile on our faces. Sometimes pausing to reflect on those things can bring us out of the funk that can so quickly entangle us.

Today I wanted to copy her idea and share 5 things in life that are bringing me joy.

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