One Word & Goals for 2018

Here we are, the middle of January, and I am just now getting around to posting about my thoughts, goals and word for 2018.

Life has been chaos. Absolute mind numbing, I want to cry but I am too tired, Oh wait… here come the tears, CHAOS! I knew it was going to be a rough start to the new year, but I underestimated the emotional toll it would take on us. Moving was exhausting friends! And I can officially say, Lord willing, I will never move ever again.

But even through the crazy there have been blessings. Gracious in-laws who opened their home to us, warm meals, kind text messages and offers to help. This process could have been even more hectic and difficult than it was.

Now that I’ve updated you on how moving went, let’s talk about 2018.

Honestly I am struggling here. Some years I’ve picked a word to focus on and other years I have set goals. Currently I find myself sitting at the computer at a loss.

There is only one thing on my mind…

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