Friday Favorites 02.16.18

Hello Friday!

I am so excited that the weekend is finally here. We have a lot going on, and SO much to celebrate. Here is what we are planning to accomplish over the next few days.

* I have a Galentines party to attend tonight.
* We hope to finish the interior framing at the house.
* Celebrate Russ’ moms birthday with the family.
* Sunday is the Daytona 500. If you know us well, you know this day has “holiday status” in our household.
* Take a trip to KC on Tuesday. (LOTS of planning to do at IKEA & Emily has an eye appt.)
* Celebrate Emily’s 7th birthday on Wednesday.

So, there is lots of baking to do and lots of fun to be had. It should add up to a pretty great week.

Now, let’s take a look at this weeks Friday Five!

Dogwood Canyon 15k

After running the same race time and time again, I got bored. In 2017 busting my boredom looked like running a marathon, in 2018 I have something completely different in mind.

I have been wanting to run this race for YEARS now, and it is finally happening. It is infamous for selling out within a few days of registration opening up in February and the race isn’t ran until November! Last week Anna and I snagged our spots in the 15k. This will be our very first trail run and I hear it is quite the doozy! It should definitely challenge us. 

Floral Top

I posted a poll on my IG stories last week about this top and I was overwhelmed with how many of you loved it too. 

I was excited to see that it wasn’t just me that was left swooning over this shirt

Yoplait Sour Patch Kids

I was given this product by Yoplait, all opinions are my own. 

Is anyone a Sour Patch Kid fan?

Has anyone seen these yet?

Our friends at Yoplait were so sweet to send us some samples of their newest product and we are in love.

I mean, when you combine one of our favorite gummy candies with one of our favorite treats, what could go wrong?! The girls have LOVED trying these out and we still can’t decide if we love the red or the blue more.

FitBit Challenge

My friend Amanda has been challenging me to keep moving this week by creating daily showdowns all week-long. She is such and inspiration to me through her ‘Healthy Girl’ challenges on the blog, and now this. 

I haven’t won a challenge, yet, but it has definitely kept me moving… and wishing for warm weather. 

Emily’s Eyes

Emily’s upcoming eye appointment (Tuesday) has brought back some memories, good and bad, of the journey we’ve been on with her over the past two years. From the very first trip to the ER, to finally getting answers and good news almost an entire year later, it was a wild ride.

Emily eyes

We have SO much to be thankful for friends.
God’s hand in her life was so evident through the good and bad. 

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Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here next week!

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14 Days of Love 2018 Recap

Last year I hosted 5 seasonal photo challenges on Instagram with my blogging bestie Stephanie. I had so much fun hosting and organizing them that I decided to keep the ball rolling in 2018.

But, there has been one major change to our challenges for 2018. Instead of hosting them ourselves, we’ve made them an extension of a small blogging group we admin on Facebook, Caffeinated Moments. If you are a blogger and want to join our group, just click the above hyperlink. It’s a lifestyle blogger group where we chat and support each other. You won’t find daily threads there, but you will find friendship and community.

Back to this years “14 Days of Love”  challenge…

How I completed this challenge, I’ll never know. Seriously! There were a few days that I forgot, but I always posted a photo and caught back up early the next day. I was distracted, uninspired and out of my element for the entire challenge, but I still took some somewhat decent photos.

Let’s take a look…

R e d

H e a r t

T o g e t h e r

M o m e n t s  L i k e  T h i s

B u n d l e d  U p

M y  F a v o r i t e

S e l f i e

P r e t t y  I n  P i n k

L i t t l e  T h i n g s

F r o m  W h e r e  I  S t a n d

L o v e  I s

F l o r a l

S w e e t

V a l e n t i n e

Did you complete or participate in the challenge? 
What was your favorite prompt?

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Meet My Loves, February 2018

Tomorrow is Valentines Day!

We usually keep our celebrating pretty simple when it comes to “The Day of Love”, but I do think it’s fun to be a bit sappy. Today’s post is exactly that. Today, I am re-introducing you to my loves and sharing 5 reasons why I love them.

R u s s e l l


A post shared by Beth Newman (@bethnewman_oplg) on

I love..

His dimples. (Underneath all of that facial hair.)
His hugs.
His OCD tendencies.
His integrity.
His laugh.


A post shared by Beth Newman (@bethnewman_oplg) on

M a r i s s a

I love…

Her dimples. (I have ALWAYS loved her dimples. They were actually the very first thing I noticed about her seconds after she was born.)
Her love for books.
That she never seems embarrassed to be with me.
Her determination.
Her artistic, crafting skills. 


A post shared by Beth Newman (@bethnewman_oplg) on

E m i l y

I love…

Her curls.
That she is fiercely loyal and dedicated.
Her carefree spirit.
Her tender heart.
That she wants to give hugs around the clock. ( I think she is part troll.)

There are so many other people I could add to my love list. I almost hate to put names down because it feels inevitable that I will forget some. (This must be how award winners feel while giving their acceptance speeches.) With that in mind, here are just a small handful.

Parents (both by birth and through marriage), My Rooted church family, Best friends near & far like Anna & Stephanie and this blogging community. If it wasn’t for so many of you I would have quit a long, long time ago. 

Other things in my life that I love are …

Coffee, The Office, carbs, summer break, chalk art, donuts, farm-house style, tacos, my planner, home school life, a good novel, pasta, my IPhone, saving money, cookies, exercise, worship music, Christmas time, all things pumpkin, Kohls, and snail mail.

Tell me one thing that you love?

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Currently, February 2018

February is in full swing and I feel like life is finally settling into some sort of routine again, #allthepraisehands. Our weeks are made up of school, work, and plenty of little things to keep us busy. On the weekends we work hard on big picture stuff out at the house. Sometimes routine can feel a little predictable or boring, but sometimes it is just what we need. 

Speaking of routine, today I’m linking up with Anne In Residence to share about what we’re currently finishing, subscribing, wishlisting, watching, & hearting. 

F i n i s h i n g . . . 

It doesn’t really seem like we’re finishing much of anything lately. We have endless project after project and so much to do. However, we did finish framing the last exterior wall a few days back. I’ll be happier when I can say we’re finished with the framing, but I’ll take whatever I can for now.

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TBB Asks, February 2018

February is the month of love and today I’m linking up to share my thoughts about all things Valentines Day. ‘TBB Asks’ is easily one of my favorite monthly linkups. I love sharing more about myself and reading about others too. 

Check out my answers below, grab the graphic and play along with The Blended Blog ladies.


1. Kisses or Hugs?
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I am a hugger. In fact, one of my favorite things about the hubby is his amazing hugs. Nothing beats a good hug at the end of a long day. 
2. Candy or Flowers?
No brainer, CANDY. But if I could have any sweet of my choice, I’d chose donuts. #duh
3. Baking or Cooking?
Baking! I feel like I am pretty domestic, and know my way around the kitchen, but I feel WAY more confident baking than cooking. I was once told that I bake like a goddess. That might just be my favorite compliment, EVER! I’m hoping to up my baking game in 2018 and start doing some technically difficult bakes.

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My Monthly Goals, February 2018

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Continue a lightened blog schedule. Update and post when I can, but remember there are more important things. 
* Utilize my planner to create a schedule and stick with it. 
* Have a family game night
* Begin using a daily app
* Plan a church ladies night.
* Dive back in with loads of grace.
* Stay on track with our lesson plans.
* Begin our read aloud books again. 
* Settle into our new temporary home & establish a routine.
* Celebrate Russ 38th!
* Nail down a kitchen design.

And what I didn’t …

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