My Monthly Goals, February 2018

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Continue a lightened blog schedule. Update and post when I can, but remember there are more important things. 
* Utilize my planner to create a schedule and stick with it. 
* Have a family game night
* Begin using a daily app
* Plan a church ladies night.
* Dive back in with loads of grace.
* Stay on track with our lesson plans.
* Begin our read aloud books again. 
* Settle into our new temporary home & establish a routine.
* Celebrate Russ 38th!
* Nail down a kitchen design.

And what I didn’t …

* Have a family movie night.
* Have a family date.
* Focus on strength training
* Log 13 visits to the gym
* Complete interior framing.

A few thoughts I have about last months goals.

January… you were the worst! I feel like my month was consumed with moving and having sick children. Ultimately, I think this was one of my least productive months, ever! But with so many huge things going on, I can’t complain, at all. Having said that, I am super thankful to have this month behind us. Hopefully February will be a little less chaotic. 

Plans for February…

February is such a short month! I’m actually typing this up AFTER writing out the goals listed below. I kind of feel like I should go back through and take a few things off the list, but I won’t. If I don’t cross everything off, that is totally okay. I’ll just show myself lots of grace and be happy with whatever I accomplished. 

* Host and complete a mini photo challenge for Valentines Day.

* Keep on track to reach a HUGE blogging milestone on March 5th. You’ll find out what that is on March 5th ;).

* Have a family movie night.
* Have a family game night
* Have a family date.

* Complete 4 at home workouts. (These are always SO hard for me.)
* Log 12 gym visits.
* Register for the Dogwood Canyon 15K on February 7th.

* Continue my Bible reading plan.
* Purchase a journal and begin to research ways to journal what I am reading about. 

Home School-
* Stay on track.
* Decide on our project fair projects.
* Work some friend time into our schedule.

* Have Emily’s eyes checked and order her new glasses.
* Complete interior framing.
* Celebrate Emily’s 7th.
* Make a trip to IKEA.
* Complete our taxes.

What is one goal you have for February?

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