Meet My Loves, February 2018

Tomorrow is Valentines Day!

We usually keep our celebrating pretty simple when it comes to “The Day of Love”, but I do think it’s fun to be a bit sappy. Today’s post is exactly that. Today, I am re-introducing you to my loves and sharing 5 reasons why I love them.

R u s s e l l


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I love..

His dimples. (Underneath all of that facial hair.)
His hugs.
His OCD tendencies.
His integrity.
His laugh.


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M a r i s s a

I love…

Her dimples. (I have ALWAYS loved her dimples. They were actually the very first thing I noticed about her seconds after she was born.)
Her love for books.
That she never seems embarrassed to be with me.
Her determination.
Her artistic, crafting skills. 


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E m i l y

I love…

Her curls.
That she is fiercely loyal and dedicated.
Her carefree spirit.
Her tender heart.
That she wants to give hugs around the clock. ( I think she is part troll.)

There are so many other people I could add to my love list. I almost hate to put names down because it feels inevitable that I will forget some. (This must be how award winners feel while giving their acceptance speeches.) With that in mind, here are just a small handful.

Parents (both by birth and through marriage), My Rooted church family, Best friends near & far like Anna & Stephanie and this blogging community. If it wasn’t for so many of you I would have quit a long, long time ago. 

Other things in my life that I love are …

Coffee, The Office, carbs, summer break, chalk art, donuts, farm-house style, tacos, my planner, home school life, a good novel, pasta, my IPhone, saving money, cookies, exercise, worship music, Christmas time, all things pumpkin, Kohls, and snail mail.

Tell me one thing that you love?

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