Currently, February 2018

February is in full swing and I feel like life is finally settling into some sort of routine again, #allthepraisehands. Our weeks are made up of school, work, and plenty of little things to keep us busy. On the weekends we work hard on big picture stuff out at the house. Sometimes routine can feel a little predictable or boring, but sometimes it is just what we need. 

Speaking of routine, today I’m linking up with Anne In Residence to share about what we’re currently finishing, subscribing, wishlisting, watching, & hearting. 

F i n i s h i n g . . . 

It doesn’t really seem like we’re finishing much of anything lately. We have endless project after project and so much to do. However, we did finish framing the last exterior wall a few days back. I’ll be happier when I can say we’re finished with the framing, but I’ll take whatever I can for now.

S u b s c r i b i n g . . .

I’m not really a subscribing kind of gal. You would be a lot more likely to find me unsubscribing to things really.

Can we switch this to prescribing? Maybe donuts and beach vacations until this wretched winter/ flu season is over?

W i s h l i s t i n g . . .

I’m pretty sure it is absolutely no secret what I am over here wishlisting #allthehousethings. I’ve shared two house posts over the past couple of weeks (Kitchen Dreams // Style Inspiration) and the lists just keep growing. I also need to start an IKEA wishlist. We’re making a trip here in a couple of weeks and I’m already feeling giddy!

W a t c h i n g . . .

Remember when I said I’ve never really had cable?! Well, my in-laws do and it is pretty much the best thing ever #blushing. I haven’t watched that much but tuning into Food Network for The Pioneer Woman has been so much fun. Is it possible to subscribe to cable for just one channel? I really only need the one… okay, maybe two. 

H e a r t i n g . . .

I can’t really pinpoint any one thing that I am crushing on right now. So, how about an extremely random list?!

*Russ all dressed up.
*Bird watching.
*Pink and Red clothes.
*Building our house.
*Days the girls don’t bicker.
*Endless support in so many forms.

Told you my list was random. 

What are you currently hearting?

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