The Shouse, Kitchen Dreams

My last home update was shared over 2 months ago… wow! I honestly didn’t expect to go this long between updates. I feel a teensy bit guilty over promising to share what’s going on and it taking this long. The truth of the matter is that progress has been slow. But things are finally starting to pickup speed and there should (please, oh please) be plenty to share about over the coming weeks.

Today I want to shift gears away from the building process and talk planning. More specifically, the planning of what I think will be my favorite room in the house. 

As if designing my kitchen wasn’t a dream the first time we built, I get to do it again. And this time I know exactly what I want! As much as I loved my old kitchen, I decided to go an entirely different direction in the new home. The only similarities they will have is plenty of storage space.

Let’s take a look.

In the new home we have an L shaped, open kitchen with 10′ ceilings. After pricing a few cabinet options, we’ve decided to go the IKEA route. We’ve planned, adapted and made several changes over the past few weeks, but I think we finally have things set in place.

Corner Pantry

One of the things I am the most excited about is having a corner pantry. There were two reasons we decided to put one in. #1 I like to buy in bulk so food storage is really important to our family. #2 It was a much cheaper alternative compared to adding storage with cabinets.

Open Shelves

With several windows in the open dining/living/kitchen area, I decided to not put a window above my sink. I know I want to do something special to that area and think some open shelves will be perfect. 

Farmhouse Sink

Weeks ago I had mentioned how nice it is to have a husband who works in the building material industry. He ordered me the sink of my dreams and I can’t wait to see it in my kitchen.

Custom Vent Hood

Lots of kitchens have the microwave/ hood vent above the stove, but I’m not a fan of it. Partially because I am so tall (they typically are awkward for me) and partially because I have really enjoyed having my microwave hidden in a cabinet. I think this is a great way to make a boring hood vent look more custom.


Another part of the kitchen that I am excited about is the island! I have ALWAYS wanted an island. We are making ours with base cabinets and it will be home to our microwave and trashcan as well as supply us with some added storage.

Butcher Block

One of our more recent decisions was to use butcher block for the counters. The current plan is to use them on the perimeter of the kitchen and to use granite on the island.

I’m excited to see how everything comes together but sometimes I worry we may get too much going on if we aren’t careful. However, I think since so many of our surfaces are pretty simple, we’ll be okay. It is definitely something I am keeping in mind though.


Before we even looked at IKEA kitchens we had decided on white shaker cabinets. I had considered using a different color on the island, but the other color I was looking at was gray. A gray island with a gray floor just didn’t work for me. 

Subway Tile

An obvious choice for the new home was some subway tile. Russ isn’t really a fan of installing tile but agreed on one condition, it has dark grout. I happily agreed and the decision was made. 


Buying lighting fixtures might be one of the last things we do, especially if we are doing things as we can pay for them, but I am already excited about using some creative lighting. I really didn’t think through the lighting when we built our old home and I am planning to give things more thought this time around. 

So there you have it, a peek into my kitchen dreams! 

Tell me one thing you’d love to add to, or change about your kitchen?!

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