My Monthly Goals, January 2018

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Blog less. I have decided that until life gets a little less hectic, I will only be blogging two days a week most weeks and simplifying posts when I can.  
* All other blog related goals are on hold for now.
* Create a Christmas bucket list and mark things off as we go.

* Have at least 2 designated family nights.
* Give back to others.
* Wrap up our first semester and reevaluate lesson plans for semester 2.
* Enjoy Christmas break the best we can.
* Begin packing and moving out!
* Continue the construction progress.
* Start thinking about goals for 2018.
* Have a girls night with Anna and Sam.
* Have a date night.

And what I didn’t …

* Pick a new goal.
* Refocus on strength training instead of endurance.
* Run 5 miles twice.
* Daily advent devotions.

A few thoughts I have about last months goals.

Sickness threw some curve balls, again. I ended up being under the weather for the first week of the month and never really found my way back on track. I was sick, Emily was sick, Marissa was sick, Russ was sick and then Emily was sick again. Yup, that’s right. For the entire month of December, someone in our home was sick.

My biggest fail was the gym. Things didn’t go anywhere close to how I planned them, wanted them. But in the end I logged 12 visits to the gym and I felt VERY accomplished just to do that. 

Plans for January…

January is the month that everything is going to change.

I won’t dive into the details in this post, but this is a pretty huge week for us. This is the week that we are moving completely out of our house, moving our stuff into storage in the new houses garage and will start crashing with Russ’ parents while our home is being finished. There is a lot of change happening this month, but even more specifically this week.

So going into January I really could just say that my goals is to be flexible and to adapt to the changes. But I wanted to set a few more than that, hoping to keep some other areas of our life on track. 

* Continue a lightened blog schedule. Update and post when I can, but remember there are more important things. 

* Utilize my planner to create a schedule and stick with it. 

* Have a family movie night.
* Have a family game night
* Have a family date.

* Focus on strength training
* Log 13 visits to the gym

* Begin using a daily app
* Plan a church ladies night.

Home School-
* Dive back in with loads of grace.
* Stay on track with our lesson plans.
* Begin our read aloud books again. 

* Settle into our new temporary home & establish a routine.
* Complete interior framing.
* Celebrate Russ 38th!
* Nail down a kitchen design.

What is a goal you have for January?

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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    You know all my positive moving vibes and prayers for health and ease are headed your way beautiful!! I know how important routine is to you, no worries, you’ll have it down in no time!! HUGS and so wish I could lend you a helping hand to two!! xo

    • Thank you so much! I am totally a routine girl, so my world is about to get rocked for sure.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    January has alot of changes for you but all will lead you to your home in the end!! I can’t wait to hear more about the progress!

    • Woot, woot! We have so much going on this year. From right here it is all a bit scary, but it all leads to good things. I’m hoping to share more in a couple of weeks. when there is lots to actually share.

  • An exciting but stressul time for sure. You’ve got this, girlie!

  • Good luck with the move and everything else this week and also this month!

    • Thanks Dara. Moving is never fun, so we’ll see!

  • You did so well and you will continue to do great! Cheers to a fabulous 2018, Beth!!!!

    • Thank you, thank you! Cheers indeed. This year is going to bring so much change.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Oh, definitely sounds like a big week for you! I hope the move goes well and you’re able to fit in all of your other goals this month too.


    • Honestly, I’ll just be thrilled to survive the move, but we’ll see how the rest goes too.

  • You still rocked it out friend! I hope everything goes smoothly this month! I am hoping to use my planner better this year to get a solid schedule down. My mantra is blog smarter not more.

    • Smarter, yes. I am trying to do that too. I am also really trying to focus on my motives, especially during the times that life is hectic.

  • I’m so sorry December brought so much sickness for you all. Praying January is a better, healthier month for everyone. You still crushed so many goals even with that going on. Praying it’s an easy transition for you all this week, friend. Do you guys have any idea how long you will be with Russ’ parents? You’ve set some pretty great goals for this month!

    • It was CRAZY! And yesterday I swore I was getting a cold again. I think I am alright though. We do not. We are hoping to be out of there by March. Honestly our plan is to just get the house liveable, not finished, and move into it. We’ll see though.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great goals!! Sorry that you all were so sick in December. Here’s to hoping you’ve gotten all of the winter sickness out of the way for the new year. I’m excited to hear more about your kitchen – like your must haves and what you’re most excited about. Happy moving week. It’s always such an emotionally draining experience with all the highs and lows of moving from a home you’ve loved to a home that will serve your family so well in the years to come. I’ll be sending prayers your way!!

    • It was CRAZY! And yesterday I swore I was getting a cold again.I should do a whole post on the kitchen alone! I have been SO excited to plan this kitchen. A kitchen that is used as much as mine needs to function. I’ll definitely dedicate to a post to it, probably in February. Thanks for the happy vibes!

  • I love how you are keeping your perspective yet pushing yourself to stay on track. I know this is a tough season for you but you will look back and think “we made it!” Happy New Year!

    • Oh Holly, YES! I need to focus on the goal here. There are so many huge and exciting things going on this year and they all will be amazing in the end. Happy New Year to you too!

  • Such a huge week for you guys!! I’m thinking of you! I hope everything goes smoothly!

    • Thank you, thank you. Now, I really need to get back to packing. Hopefully Russ brings me some dang boxes soon :P.

  • Heather Bramlett

    So sorry December was rough for y’all.
    Praying for you guys and the move this week. Sending Good Vibes your way friend!

    • We need all of them that we can get! Thank you so much Heather!

  • I hope the move goes well!

    • Oh I do too! I spent most of the day packing. I think I nearly have it all packed now. Just all the last minute stuff is left.

  • Let me know what app you end up using. I can’t find one that really keeps me motivated.

    • I will friend. Lately, I have felt like I am too busy…. but goodness. I think I need this right now more than ever.

  • Such and exciting time for you family but all good things take a little work right? My prayer is you all stay well as you transition and the girls adjust well to the temporary living conditions. Being flexible should be so easy….but even if you only have a teeny bit of type A in your blook it IS NOT! 🙂

    • A little, or a lot! Lol. This past weekend was insane. I am super eager to finish the rest of the moving and just be done with that house. Then we can focus on our build. You totally hit the nail on the head and nearly everyone in this blended house has a little type a going on.