Currently, January 2018

Yesterday, I shared my first goal post for 2018 and filled you in on the in and outs of this week. Today, I thought it would be fun to share a bit more about our life currently. So I’m linking up, with Anne In Residence, to share about what I am currently starting, hoping, scheduling, reading & playing.


School, again. After several days off of school for winter break, yesterday we went back to the books. Going back was hard, but thankfully I planned ahead and scheduled an “easy” first week back. Originally I did this knowing how hard it is to go back after the holiday, but it ended up being moving week for us too. I am SO thankful things worked out this way.


That things with the house pick up progress. I promise that I really will do a house update soon, but things majorly slowed down. We ended up pushing the pause button on the framing to seal the floor. This means several days of waiting for the floor to cure so we can resume progress. It was discouraging, but a necessary step to take. Things should be ready to go on Friday and we will move forward from there.


Blog posts, school work, church events, house stuff. There is no end to the scheduling right now. I am so happy I grabbed a new planner a couple of weeks ago. I almost chose to use a planner in 2018, but I already realize that would’ve been a huge mistake.


A Simplified Life. Honestly this book feels like a bit of a joke right now. Things in our life are anything but simple. It is helpful to read about ways to simplify what I can and to begin thinking about what our future will look like. I am hoping to read through this book a few time in 2018 and share more about my hopes for the New Year soon.


Games & Legos! The girls received several new games & Lego sets for Christmas and even among the craziness, we have still made some time to play together. I am hopeful that we are able to make these game nights a regular habit. Trying to keep up family times like these will be so important over the next couple of months. 

What’s going on in your world, currently?

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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    So, get this? I have that same robe!! My husband calls it my camo robe but i cal it my snow leopard robe, lol. It’s so soft! Look a that sweet Lego face! i miss playing with Legos! Ya know, I have saved tubs of them, I could pull them out and go to town, lol!! have a great day sweets, hope the moving is going well!

    • Aaaahhh!!! That makes me love mine even more! I have sworn that I was going to do the same thing too. I’ve said that I would NEVER sale them and I would put them all in tubs. They are just too expensive to even think of parting with. I spent my day packing like a crazy woman. I think we are 90% packed now… or maybe I am just wishing.

  • You sure are busy!! And the legos aren’t Mini ones?! Good luck with the house stuff friend. I can’t wait to see an update! Also, I’m thinking I may need to read that book as basically all the bloggers I know are reading it!

    • So dang busy. I spent the whole day at the house teaching and packing and I feel whooped! It is crazy right?! Mine was a gift from Stephanie. I can’t wait to share more about that eventually.

  • Seems like everyone is reading that book! I might have to check it out!

    • You totally should. I think it is just a very seasonally appropriate book. With New Year and all. Mine was a gift for Christmas.

  • Erin Wetherbee

    I got the Simplified Life book at the library but I am going to buy because I think I will reference it over and over again! Building can be so crazy, we did it almost 5 years ago and my hubby said never again 🙂 xoxo ERIN

    • That is so exciting to hear! Mine was a gift, I didn’t even know it existed. I am super excited to dive in and learn some stuff.

      Don’t say that Erin!!! We built 6 years ago and said the same exact thing… and yet here we are!

  • Heather Bramlett

    I just started a Simplified Life yesterday and so far I love it. I know once you get moved you will love putting it to work.
    We start back to school on Monday and I’m hoping Monday morning isn’t a nightmare.

    • Yes! I am going to read it and mark things and then go back over stuff once we are moved in. I also think it may help me when it comes to setting up systems at the new house so I don’t want to wait to read it until after we’re settled.

  • It’s been pretty much non-stop Legos here too, since Christmas! Fun. Good luck with all of the moving craziness, and thanks for linking up 🙂

    • They are simply just the best. Thank you , thank you! We are bracing ourselves for crazy over here.

  • I am loving this link-up and reading everyone’s Currently posts! Hope the back to school transition was an easy one for you gals. I’m not looking forward to that (next week) one bit. While I am sure it was frustrating to have to pump the brakes I know you guys will feel so much relief knowing things were done right with the floors and such. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about the simplified life book. Can I just say that I love that your girls love Legos? I find building them so therapeutic.

    • I love that it is so simple and that the prompts change every month. Things like W up W get so monotonous with the same stuff all the time. They are LEGO crazy. I mean look at that set that Emily got, its any boys dream. Baha ha! She HAD to have it too. I just shook my head and let her buy it. It was frustrating to wait, but I think it was definitely the right choice.

  • I have A Simplified Life on my shelf just waiting for the right time to dig in. It seems silly but life is just a little too, well, not simply right now to fully immerse myself! haha! Love reading everyone’s Currently posts! Hope you are having a fabulous day!

    • It doesn’t sound silly at all! We are in the middle of moving into my inlaws upstairs bonus room, so I completely understand what you mean. I may try and gleam what I can now, but I don’t think I’ll really put much to practice until summer comes.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I’m glad the slow first week back of school went well. I’m obsessed with planners and getting everything written down. I do need to actually make some appointments though, like the dentist. Sigh.


    • Me too! I really thing a slow week was the perfect way to transition the girls. That sounds “fun” I had a few dentist appts around the holidays, so I am good for a while!

  • Hang in there and simplifying will come as everything starts to get back in order and scheduled. Happy New Year, sweet Beth!

    • Oh I hope so! It just feels like there is such a long road to get to that point. All in due time I suppose.

  • Things are busy in our world, too. My daughter started back to school and we started our regular routine back today! Is it Friday yet?

    • I am feeling ready for Friday too… but I really need to get some more packing done :P. I can’t believe we only have two more days left in our house!

  • Can’t wait for a house update..but also that tree picture is quite pretty

    • It was beautiful to see everything glazed over in ice. I hope we get a good snow this year. I would love to see it all covered up!

  • Legos for days for Miss EE. I can’t believe she loves Batman so. Connor would flip over that set.

  • Oh man you guys are super busy right now! Moving has to be the most stressful thing ever, and then buiding a home on top of it! Hugs my friend. You’ve got this. Baby steps work.

  • Oh! Im listening to a podcast right now about Emily Ley’s book, send it my way when youre done 😉

  • I hear you on the scheduling! It seriously never ends!

  • Whitney Jordan

    My family would have a hard time functioning without my planner. I keep everything in there. I’d vote for picking up A Simplified Life once you get unpacked and settled in your new home. Moving is so chaotic as well as building a home. Give yourself loads of grace and celebrate the highs everyday.