10 on the 10th, January 2018

When Erin from Perfectly Port announced that she would be hosting a 10 on the 10th link up in 2018, I didn’t hesitate to pencil the dates into my planner. It’s post like these that are a fun change to the blogging monotony and always fun to read.

Erin is kicking off this years prompts by asking us to share 10 random things about ourselves. After nearly 4 years of blogging I don’t feel like I have too many secrets left. But maybe, if you read this post, you’ll learn a thing or two you didn’t know already. 

1~ Career ambitions through the years have been really random. As a child I always wanted to be a model. I think this came from people always making remarks and fuss over how tall I was. Then as I grew older I wanted to be an elementary school music teacher. Now days I think if I was to go back to school & pursue a career, it would have something to do with graphic design. 

2~ Motherhood made me thinner. I’m not sure if it is the constant being on the move or the girls eating half of my food. But over the years, I have dropped 4-6 pant sizes.

3~ If you had asked me 6 years ago if I would consider homeschooling my children I would’ve told you a big fat no and laughed hysterically in your face. I never imagined myself a home school mom. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t have super human amounts of patience.


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4~ I recently figured out that I fix well over 4,000 meals in a single year since we eat out so rarely.

5~ For years my dream car has been a Range Rover. A couple of years ago I got to take a joy ride in a Supercharged  Range Rover Sport. It was everything I ever dreamed it would be, and more. 


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6~ I absolutely refuse to entertain the idea of letting my hair go gray anytime in the next 20 years. 

7~ I find it very hard to sleep or relax in an unorganized space. So moving is a super fun time for me #ornot

8~ I love my KitchenAid mixer more than any other appliance in my kitchen. I use it all the time, for everything. My biggest regret is that I didn’t get the professional. Sometimes that bigger bowl would be really helpful.


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9~ I have never watched a Star Wars movie, EVER! Do I want this to change? Nope!

10~ For the vast majority of my life I haven’t had cable and I’ve never had DVR. I can see where it would be really handy, but I think I would watch far more TV. I kind of like this “simple” way of living. 

Tell me something random about you!

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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    You’re awesome at everything you do and you are a model to us!!! Yes, motherhood and all the running around can be good for the waistline!! Happy Wednesday hottie!

    • You are too sweet! I made it through another moving day with no tears AND I finished cleaning the inside of the house. The garage is all that is left now!

  • I love that you have never seen a Star Wars movie, because neither have I!! And I refuse to ever watch them! haha My dream car is also a Range Rover, they are just SO nice!!!

    • Solidarity sister!!! They are SO nice. I didn’t want to give the one I drove back :P.

  • Star wars lol#metoo. And thinner after kids, who are you!?

    • A freak apparently, lololol! So fun to know it isn’t just me.

  • I’ve watched Star Wars, but more so b/c my parents were huge fans. They were also Trekkes, and that was back in the day of one TV per house, so if Star Trek was on, that was what we are watching. And 4-6 pant sizes?! The fact that you are pretty active helps I think 😉 I too love my KitchenAide. I got it as a wedding present and it is awesome.

    • Now I HAVE seen the old Star Treks, and I loved them. Yes I lost weight after babies then lost more when I started being active at 30. Hope your week is going well friend.

  • #9, NOOOOOO! I will let you borrow my Star Wars loving boy for a day and he can take you under his wing young padawan.

    Speaking of gray hair, loving the bimonthly root touch up I have to do now. It’s awesome…. 🙂

    • Baha ha ha! There is just so much to learn!

      UGH. Mine is getting out of control… I blame the move.

  • Erin Wetherbee

    I have no interest in Star Wars and we don’t have cable or DVR either! I have no interest in grey hair either and you are super talented at graphic design! Moving about threw me over the edge for your exact reasoning, chaos! xoxo ERIN

    • So much in common Erin. I do believe we are kindred spirits for sure. Thank you for your vote of confidence too. Happy Wednesday.

  • I’m not into star wars either, but sometimes I wish my kids were!

    • Lol! You wish the kids were?! I guess I could see that in some ways.

  • I love reading these posts and learning more about my blog friends! I know I’ve said it before, but you’d make a fabulous model! You’re gorgeous!! Oh friend…I have been so curious about learning graphic design! I’m intrigued by it. Just curious, have you ever shared why you decided to homeschool? I’ve always wanted a Jeep, a Range Rover in white and a VW bus in turquoise. I completely agree on the Star Wars thing! I just can’t.

  • I think you would make a great graphic designer! Hit up YouTube and I bet you could learn about as much as going to a college! Russ realllly wants a Jeep and I hope so day we can make it happen!

    • That is a fun idea! I’ll have to look into that after the house is done.

  • You would be a great graphic designer!! Your graphics are always beautiful!

  • tacy

    I am not a Star Wars fan, either. I have tried to watch them, but I find them sooooo boring. I am unashamed even though I have received flak from friends, family, and my husband for not liking those movies. HA!

    • YES!!! I honestly haven’t even really given them much of a chance, but I don’t really want to either.

  • You would be a great graphic designer, you always have the best graphics on your blog. I haven’t watch any of the Star Wars movies either, oh wait I watched one when I was forced to go in college with some friends, but I don’t remember it and didn’t laugh at any of the references to later movies because I had no idea. I don’t plan on watching them any time soon.

    • Yay for it not just being me! Thank you so much friend. It is definitely my favorite part of blogging.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I think I saw maybe one Star Wars movie in my life. A couple of my friends are dead set on making me watch them so we’ll see how that goes. LOL I think doing something with graphic design would be great, and handy for being a blogger!


    • You’ll have to report back if they suck you in and you become a fan :). Being a blogger is what sparked the interest I never knew was there.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    We have cable + DVR and we probably watch an hour of tv a day!! Something I want to look into changing for the new year, possibly going without. I love being able to record and go back but we just don’t watch enough tv!

    • An hour a day isn’t much at all. So much of the local network stuff can be watched online. I have a feeling that I don’t even know what is available in the cable world. It would likely suck me in :P.

  • We rarely eat out. I cook a LOT of meals! I’m totally considering homeschooling Liam. I have a post written about it, but I’m going to hold off on publishing until I think about it some more. I’m kind of lost with this one!

    • I’ll be praying for you lady. I know it is a huge decision but the amazing part is that you can just take it a year at a time. That is how I have always approached home school.

  • lol- I’m the same with a clean house…just the thought of the mess would leave me sleepless.

    • YES! It’s like I can feel the clutter mocking me when my eyes try and close. It just makes me so dang tense.

  • Jess @ Just Jess

    I grew up without cable and I don’t have it now so I understand. I love Netflix or Hulu though! Jess at Just Jess

    • Aaahhh! Yes! You get me then. I really think I would waste A LOT more time if I had cable.

  • Brenda @ ChattingOverChocolate

    It seems to me like your dreams of becoming a model have come true via your beautiful blog! Love seeing all the snapshots of you and your style coming through in them! As for graphic art, from what you do here on the blog I think you’d be great at that as well! I only wish that motherhood had the same effect on me – lol! 😉 This was a fun read! 🙂

    • Aaaahhhh!!!! Thank you so much friend. You are always a ray of sunshine in my life.

  • I agree that motherhood helps keep me trim, its definitely all the running around after little people 😀

  • Whitney Jordan

    Fun list! I’ve never seen Star Wars, have no plans of going gray anytime soon and am obsessed with my Kitchen Aid mixer. Random fact about me: my sister and I both married guys named Kevin. I had an Uncle Kevin and my Dad was almost named Kevin.

    • Haha ha! That is fantastic. Solidarity on the Star Wars friend. I was SO thrilled to have so many people in the boat with me.

  • Heather Bramlett

    4,000 meals! That is awesome!! Oh you would be a fantasic graphic designer!!

    • Thank you so much dear. I may have to dig into it a bit more on YouTube like Becky recommended.

  • Holy crap…I need to figure out how many meals I cook! Ha! I wanted to be a model or actress growing up but at first I wanted to be a truck driver lol.

    • Baha ha! It is INSANE! So as someone who used to work in the administrative side of the transportation industry, I just died laughing.

  • I wish motherhood would make me thinner.. if it’s done anything, I’m crazier than every before. This boy of ours keeps me on my toes.

    • Aaaahhhh yes, crazier and more forgetful too :P.

  • I laughed when I came across the music teacher…that is one job I could NEVER do! I think that all music teachers have a special spot in heaven. I walk into our music classrooms at school and walk directly out. LOL! I love this list and I loved learning more about you!

    • Baha ha! Music teachers just always had such a profound impact on me. I really, considered it for quite some time. Then life took a few twists and turns. Thanks Jenna! Happy Tuesday!