TBB Asks, December 2017

Hello Friday, Hello December!

It’s here, it’s here! The last month of the year, which I think is the best month of the year too. 2017 went by FAST! And I know this month won’t be any different. It will feel like we blink two times and the holidays will be over, I will be another year older, we’ll have moved and it will be a brand new year all at the same time. Whew! It’s going to be a busy, busy month. 

So instead of thinking about all of that, let’s think about much simpler things right now.

I am super excited to be joining in for the Christmas version of TBB Asks. These question are so easy and fun. It’s the perfect way to get to know a little more about yours truly and a super easy read for a Friday morning. 

Take a look at my answers and feel free to grab the graphic and play with The Blended Blog ladies . The link-up officially opens up on Monday December 4th!

My answers…

1. Real or Fake Tree? Fake! Typically we have 6 trees, but we scaled back to 4 this year, HA!
2. Favorite Christmas Cookie? How in the world am I supposed to answer this?! I LOVE cookies almost as much as I love donuts. I guess if I had to pick just one I would probably go with a sugar cookie
3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel? HOME! Always, always, always home. 
4. Clear or Colored Lights? I like clear, the husband likes colored. I always put a tree in our bedroom with colored lights just for him. I feel like I am winning this one.
5. Send Christmas Cards? Yes! We have sent Christmas cards every year that we have been married!
6. Favorite Christmas Present Received? Anything that my girls pick out for me.
7. Favorite Christmas Present Given? The ones that people aren’t expecting. I love to surprise others.
8. Stockings or no stockings? Stockings for the girls, none for Russ or myself.
9. Christmas PJ’s? The girls get Christmas PJ’s every year. I think I may switch that tradition up a bit next year though.
10. Favorite Christmas carol? Silent Night
11. Favorite Holiday Tradition? I can’t pick one. I love them all equally. Maybe I can just sat all of the together time. I love how many opportunities we have to be together, doing things we love. 
12. Early Shopper or Last Minute? Somewhere in the middle really.
13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show? Christmas Vacation
14. Favorite Holiday Beverage? Peppermint anything, cocoa or coffee
15. Cookies and Milk for Santa? Of course! But our Santa prefers something other than milk ;).
Pick your favorite question and tell me your answer in the comments!
  • Heather Bramlett

    So much fun!! I kept shaking my head yes on so many of your answers!!

    • It was a super fun little survey to do! I hope y’all had a great weekend.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    You sweet angel friend!! Thank you for jump starting our link-up..great way to get the festive on and for people to join up!! LOVED your answers. LOVED your card..you guys are the CUTEST!!

    • Thank you so much sweet friend. I hope y’all had an awesome weekend.

  • I love the answers! Especially the last one… our Santa likes something a bit stronger too 😉

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I’m with Russ, I love colored lights! Although every time I see clear I think, how pretty they are.

    • Yes! They are just so magical and pretty, but the colored ones are a lot of fun too. I need to do a better job of having some of both.

  • Love clear lights– you are totally winning. Fun post– I’ll post mine monday… and ALWAYs home on Christmas morning!

  • I think you should have a stocking!

    • I have been feeling that way more and more lately too. I think I may have to pick some up for us on clearance after Christmas.

  • I loved colored lights and I love the clear lights too! Its so hard to decide 🙂 I loved your answers. I also feel like if I blink it’s going to be over!

    • It IS! I need to do a better job of trying to mix them in our decorations more. It is going to be over SO fast.

  • Erin Wetherbee

    Love this and I love Christmas Vacation, I quote it way too much…”What a waste of resources that is…He worked really hard grandma….so do washing machines”. LOL

    • Baha ha! Oh my goodness you would fit in perfectly in our home. SO fun.

  • I love that your Christmas card was the first one I received. And I have yet to watch Christmas Vacation all the way through but I think this year its a must (you serious, Clark?) 😉

    • WHAT?!?! Yes, yes you do. You absolutely, positively must.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I’m usually a white light lady, too. But tonight I saw the prettiest tree at Lowes that was a mix of white and colored lights! I didn’t know that existed. It was beautiful!

    • My friend has a tree that has a remote and you can make the lights white or colored. Russ would LOVE something like that. I should try putting both on our tree one year and see how I feel about it.

  • Your card was the first one out of the box (I got two that day but I opened your’s first) and I love it! I’m doing this link up for Monday! xoxoxoxoxo

    • I LOVE being one of the first Christmas cards people get. For the past two years I have mailed them on Black Friday. I some how doubt I’ll be able to keep that up though. I usually am MUCH further behind. Can’t wait to read your answers.

  • Beer and cookies? 😉 or coffee and cookies? I’m not sure which Santa we are referring to.

  • I love that you have so many trees! I must be festive and beautiful at your home!

    • It usually is EXTRA festive. But with a move coming up right after Christmas, I really scaled back some.

  • Four trees, man you really did scale back this year! Ha 🙂 Hey I say celebrate however makes you happy!

    • Isn’t that hilarious. One of them has no ornaments, two are the girls responsibilities and the big tree only has 1/3 of the the normal ornaments. I really tried to do less.

  • I am so impressed by the number of trees you have! We have a couple of fake ones in the attic and now I am thinking I need to add some into my house next year! Silent Night is such a good one! We sing that at every candlelight Christmas Eve service and it’s my favorite! That song by nothing but the glow of candlelight…chills for reals! This Santa is not a milk drinker, either! Neither is Nate. We pour it in the sink…haha!

    • You totally should Mason could use a tree in his room I am just sure of it. My girls LOVE having trees in their rooms. I totally agree with the chills. It is always a favorite moment of mine too.