The Girls’ Christmas Wishlists, 2017

Thanksgiving week is already here! If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, I am guessing you might this weekend.

In our home we do our best to try to keep presents an after thought, not the reason for Christmas. We love buying gifts for our girls, but we never want Christmas to be about them.

Having said that, every year I share our girls’ wish lists. Things they have been saying they want, things I think they’d want and things I maybe even have already picked up for them too. It’s a fun way to give others gift ideas and document the things they are loving.


Wonder Woman DC Girl // DS Game // Wonder Woman Lego Set
Fuzzy Robe // Lego Ski Resort // DC Girl Sketch Set

Marissa is still head over heels for Legos, but she has also recently developed a love for all things DC Girls, Justice League and Wonder Woman. I adore my nerdy, comic loving, bookworm girl. She’s growing up oh so quickly but she is still very much a little girl.


Minnie Mouse Gloves // Froy-Yo Lego Set // FurReal Friend
Minnie Book // Bat Girl Lego Set // Popstar Barbie

Emily is so easy to please. I seriously think we could wrap anything up and she would be thrilled. She still has a HUGE heart for Minnie, but she has branched out a bit to Legos and Barbies as well. 

In the end I love knowing that we have two sweet girls who will have huge smiles on their faces Christmas morning, no matter what Santa brings them.

What’s on your kids’ Christmas list?


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  • Heather Bramlett

    What fun list! Ella loves legos. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet! EEK!

    • I have just barely started. I tend to get things done fast over here. Hopefully I’ll be mostly done by the weekend!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I loved seeing their lists! Froy yo Lego set….soooo cool!

    • Isn’t that so much fun?! Their lists are pretty cute.

  • So sweet! My girl is passed toys now. She’s getting clothing, gift cards, etc.

    • Oh man I am NOT ready for that. I think home school and a little sister is keeping Marissa a bit on the immature stage and I am A-ok with that.

  • I love their lists! Annabelle really gets Christmas this year. One day when the ads came I was trying o get some stuff done, so I told her to look through and circle things she may want for Christmas…. pretty sure she circled the entire ad (but she did circle some things for Autumn). I explained that she won’t get everything….

    • That is SO much fun. She sounds just like Emily. It is kind of cracking me up this year. Emily wants EVERYTHING.

  • So many fun items! It looks like your girls are easy to please! XOXO

    • They definitely are just that, thank God!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Aw, I’m loving all the Wonder Woman items! Too cute.



    • She is OBSESSED! I think it is awesome. I never got into comic books and such.

  • I like this list! My girls have Hatchimals on the list this year! Ugh, can we say expensive? I am trying to dissuade 🙂

    • Baha ha ha! Yes, I totally feel ya on that one.

  • Great lists! We do gifts on Hanukkah but try not to go overboard. This year I’m trying to stay away from toys and do one big gift each and other smaller things they can just use!

    • I think that is a really great idea Dara!

  • I’m loving all the Legos!

  • Legos! My boys have such a variety of things they wanted. Henry wanted hot wheels tracks. Wesley wanted some princesses (surprise surprise).

    • Lololol! I kind of wish my girls wanted some hot wheel stuff.

  • Love seeing what they want- I’m having such a hard time with Willis- he isn’t really into anything.

    • That has to make it SO hard. Maybe have a pow-wow with him to see what he is thinking?

  • I find it so fun to look at little girl’s lists. I know that sounds weird…but we have zero little girls in our family. I live in a complete boys world. I need to get Mason busy on a list!!

    • No, I totally get that. I live in a little girls world, so I am almost the opposite.

  • DC Super Hero Girls are a huge hit over here at the moment. I think we have the lists made but havent begun shopping yet lol

    • That is SO much fun. I am not sure how it happened but Marissa got wrapped up in all things WW, DC girls and Justice League FAST!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I think I need to get Ella that Minnie book! such fun lists!! Where will you be for Christmas?

    • We will be in our old house, but we’ll be moving in with the inlaws during Christmas break and probably be completely out of here on January 1st.

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a fun assortment! I love those Minnie gloves and I bet the girls would have the best time with some new Legos. Fletcher is getting a race track and Olive is hoping for a teepee for our playroom 🙂

    • SO much fun! I some how managed to get almost all of my shopping done this weekend and bought nearly everything on their lists in one way or another.

  • Thank you for hosting!