My Christmas/Birthday Wishlist, 2017

Yesterday I shared the girls’ Christmas wish list and I thought it would be fun to share mine too. Since My birthday is a short 3 days after Christmas, I combined my birthday list with my Christmas list. I kind of hate lumping the two events together but lets just be real, that’s life.

We don’t do a lot in the present department around here and honestly gifts feel sillier than ever this year. With a house build in full swing and us preparing to move into Russ’ parents upstairs bonus room, do I really need more stuff? After all, most of it will just end up packed away for a while anyways. I should probably just ask for gift cards so I can purchase some of the things I have been eyeing at a later time. But old habits die-hard. I make a list every single year and I simply couldn’t let tradition go.

Here are a few things I am loving. 

Fuzzy Robe // White Pitcher // Stocking Hat //
Food Chopper // Bracelet Set
Fit Bit // Tiered Tray // Floral Sweat Shirt

This years list has a few things on it that I would never purchase outside of a holiday, like a new fitness watch. My old one is a bit on the bulky side and the irreplaceable rechargeable battery has been a little questionable. It still works, but an upgrade could be really fun too. A tiered stand has been on my wish list for a long time now. I have visions of it sitting on the island in my new kitchen. I love the idea of a warm fuzzy robe to wear and I actually purchased this one in a different pattern for Marissa. Thanks to some sales & coupons I snagged it for $8.39! I was pretty proud of that deal. The rest of the things are odds and ends that would make me smile. Isn’t that what Christmas lists are supposed to do?!

What’s on your list?


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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I know what you mean about “stuff.” I am seriously getting rid during this move. You so do need that floral is totally you and cozy robes are the BEST! Happiest of Thanksgivings to you sweet friend!! xo

    • Isn’t it so pretty?! I don’t have any sweatshirts that I could wear out in public. I actually only have one and it is HUGE on me since it is a mans shirt, lol. I hope you had an amazing weekend and got to take that photo.

  • I am loving the hats, and I’d love a fitbit (or something similar), but just don’t know if I’d really use it….

    • I may or may not have bought one for myself #blackfriday.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Yes! You reminded me to put a food chopper on my list!! I’ve been wanting one for so long. Love that hoodie and that tiered tray – I always want to get one but we literally have no good place for it.

    • I have heard AMAZING things about that chopper from Stephanies. I was the same way with the tray but I think I’ll have a great spot at the new house, yay!

  • Yay for mini choppers. Love that pitcher and i have those beanies and a three tiered stand so similar. Fitbits are the best, yo’,,😂

    • So fun! I may or may not have bought myself a new one on black Friday #ooooppppsss!

  • My Fitbit died so it is time to get a new one too! Happy birthday sweetie. what is the actual date? Did you ever send me your address?

    • I totally bought myself one on black Friday! I wasn’t going to, but Kohls sucked me in big time.

  • I like that hat too!

  • Whitney Jordan

    I loved tiered trays!! Hope Santa brings you one 🙂

  • Love those toques! I hear you on the ‘packing everything away so what’S the point’

    • Right?! It feels completely useless. AND we already purged before the house sold. I am thinking nearly everything we packed away just needs donated. It’s been nearly a year and I’ve hardly missed anything.

  • I got myself a robe like that last year and it was kind of the best decision ever! Love it, and happy birthday month 🙂

    • I just knew that robe would be a smart choice. You confirmed my suspicions perfectly.

  • We have a similar tiered tray. It’s the catch all for our kitchen counter and I love it!

    • I can totally see how that would be a great use for it. It would be fun to use for holiday decorating sometimes too!

  • I have a tired stand and love it! It’s fun to decorate but often mine is either stuffed with snacks or junk mail!

    • I could see me decorating our for Christmas and the rest of the time it being a catch all. I bet it would look awesome in the new house though. That island is going to be so much fun.

  • I have a strong desire to replace every dish we have with plain white ones! I love the farmhouse look and feel of it. And a tiered tray is most definitely on my list as well. This is a great round-up of things! Hope you get all you wished for and more.

    • Girl I did that years ago and I hav zero regret. Stock white dishes are so cheap and so easy to mix and match. Thank you!