My Monthly Goals, October 2017


Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Join Stephanie for Dresstember and photograph 10 dresses.
* Plan and announce a mini fall photo challenge.
* Participate in a mug swap & giveaway.
* Create a fall fun list and start working on it together.
*Have a movie or a game night, twice.
* Workout 14 times.
* Complete weekly long runs. (This months long runs will all be 9+ miles!)
* Complete ‘The Big Red Shoe 15K’.
* Begin official marathon training. 
* Start attending Rooted Church on their first Sunday, September 10th.
* Work on making some connections in the new church.
* Finalize lessons before my co-op class starts.
* Get out of the house with our work 4 times.
* Be patient while waiting on the build to FINALLY get started 😉 . 
* Take stock of the girls closets, what they have and they need.
* Buy all of the pumpkin things. #butreally #reallifegoals
* Read 1 book.
* Participate in the fall consignment sale.

And what I didn’t …

…. Nothing!

A few thoughts I have about last months goals.

#1 I can’t believe that I crossed off all of my goals again. I think I have been more realistic with the goals that I am setting lately making that more likely to happen.

#2 The book that I read this month was called Teaching From Rest. It was AMAZING and totally changed my life as a homeschool mom.

#3 The only way I made those 14 workouts happen was counting some of the 4+ hour work sessions out at the land. That may be cheating, but I would much rather got the gym than do “slave labor” for half a day. Those work days kicked my bottom. 

#4 Dress-tember was THE BEST! I cant wait to recap it for you next week. 

#5 Getting out of the house with our school work has been a game changer for us. It is helping our days to not be quite so long and will be a lifesaver over the winter months. 

Plans for October…

October is shaping up to be a weird month. The house will either be started or really close to starting by the end of the month. Either way we have a lot of work planned out. And when we aren’t working, we have lots of fall fun planned. We have an entire bucket list full of ideas that we can’t wait to work on together. So one way or another, we should stay busy. 

* Successfully complete my mini fall photo challenge.

* Share 3 or 4 fall recipes on the blog.
* Continue to show myself grace when it comes to blogging. Really embrace that for me less is more & bigger isn’t always better. 

* Work on our fall fun list together.
* Take some fall family photos.

* Weekly long runs starting with 12 mile runs and building off of that. 
* Work out at least 14 times.
* Take care of my body to hopefully stay injury free during the craziness of marathon training. More water, stretching & a good post run recovery routine.

* Start using the First 5 app. 
* Plan a girls night with the ladies from church.

Home School-
* Get out of the house with our school work 5 times.
* Take a field trip of some sort.

* Continue working on brush piles mountains out at the land.
* Host a work day out at the land.
* Finalize costume plans by the middle of the month!
* Be more diligent and organized about working on our budget multiple times a week.
* Send some fall snail mail.

What is a goal you have for October?

  • Heather Bramlett

    WOW! you rocked September!
    Fun goals for October! Can’t wait to see a Shouse update!

    • I can’t wait until I have something to share, lololol. Oh, soon enough I suppose.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    HOLY PUMPKINS, lol…you knock it out girlfriend!! Such a great feeling and I have a hunch, that October will be just as great!! 🙂

    • I sure hope that it is. We need to get busy marking things off our fall bucket list. It is going to go by WAY too fast I know.

  • Way to go friend!!! You did great. 🙂 I think that my blogging goals are going to look very similar to yours…;)

    • I mean those are pretty stinking hard to beat :P. Doing less with the holidays coming sounds amazing too.

  • I love snail mail!! Well done in september! October is going to be wonderful

    • Isn’t snail mail so much fun. I’ve never mailed anything to Canada, maybe I should send some your way :D!

  • I love the snail mail idea! Your October is full of exciting things! Way to go getting in those long runs!

    • Snail mail is just the best. I love surprising my blogging friends with random letters in the mail.

  • Holy productive September, Batman. Well done!!!

    • Thank you, thank you. Although it still feels like I didn’t accomplish much really. Why is that?!

  • Way to go on completing your September goals! I want to send some snail mail too! I keep forgetting!

    • I know, right?! And soon it will be almost the holiday and then it will be all kinds of cards and such. I need to get on this pronto.

  • I need to get back into working out! That’s my October goal!!

  • Dang, girl!! You did it again!! You are so great at accomplishing your goals each month!

    • Thank you! I was REALLY shocked that I did so well in September. Usually one or two get me every time.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great job on the Sept goals!! I’ve been setting the goal to work out 15 days a month and hit it two months in a row. Feels good! I think my days go better when we make sure to get out and about. Even a long walk can turn things around for us. Hope you get tons done on your land this month and I’m super excited to see the girl’s costumes come together.

    • That is AMAZING Whitney. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I need to start taking the girls on more walks and bike rides again. I think fall “officially” arrives here Monday night. I hope so too. Even if we just had something with the house started I would feel so much better.

  • Good for you in accomplishing alllll those goals in September. Halloween costumes and fall fun are the best!

    • And then, give me ALL the Christmas. Thank you so much.

  • You bought all of the Pumpkin items?! Way to go! I am glad you are giving yourself that grace sister. Nobody is perfect and less really is more. Can’t wait to see the Dresstember recap 🙂

    • Oh man I dropped the ball on this one. The post will be up tomorrow, yaya! All the pumpkin items and what I can’t buy, I am making. Woot, woot!

  • Connor will not make up his mind about his Halloween costume. It is driving me bonkers. I just need that checked off my list of October’s to do list.

    • Look at me missing comments. Glad you got this marked off friend.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Way to go rocking September!! Do you and Russ dress up with the girls for Halloween?

    • We never have. Usually about as seasonal as I get is a Halloween shirt.