$10 at Target, October 2017

Last month I confessed to making multiple $10 trips to Target. I found dresses, earrings, costumes, fall decor and more. This past month I knew I needed to be more strict about my spending so I didn’t make nearly as many Target runs. It may not have been as much fun as the previous month, but it worked. After all, the best way to not be tempted to spend is to avoid temptation all together.

The unfortunate part about this trip was the amount of goodies that I found. I could’ve easily spent more on this one single trip than I had the entire previous month. With so much clearance to look through, staying on budget was definitely a challenge.

Here are a few things that we found at Target recently…

Pumpkin goodies! There were so many things that I wanted to put in my cart SO badly.

Pumpkin spice chai $3.44
Pumpkin salt and pepper shakers $2.99
Pumpkin plates $2.99

Art supplies. Target had just loaded up an entire end cap with all kinds of fun supplies. The teacher in me almost got carried away. 

Construction paper $4.98
Art kit $1.78
Watercolors $1.37

Beth fact: I LOVE kitchen gadgets. I could have combed through the kitchen clearance shelf for entirely way too long. But, my girls wanted to look too and I was afraid we might break something. 

Pretzel pan $4.98
Coffee mug $5.99

More pumpkin goodies! Because, why not?!

Pumpkin donuts $3.17
Pumpkin coffee mug $3
Pumpkin lights $3

Random things we found. We found SO many random things, here are a few of my favorites.

Foam roller sleeve $5.98
Gather sign $3.00
Tsum-Tsum $2.47

With a quick photo and a bag of goodies we headed home. Farewell until next time, dear Target!

What items did I buy?

Sneaky, sneaky!

Once again I didn’t show you photos of everything I grabbed. I fell in love with the floral print and the details on this tank. I know tank season is nearly over, but it is still hot and I can always layer with it! The notepad is what I use as a mouse pad and my current one only has a single sheet left and those paints were too good of a deal to pass up. 

How did they add up?

Shirt $5.38 (was $17.99)
Watercolors $1.37 x 2 (were $4.59 each)
Notepad $1.00
Total $9.12
Red Card Discount -5% $0.46
Tax +8.0750 $070
Grand Total $9.36

What have you found at Target lately?

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  • That is a great deal on water color. And my goodness, so much stuff was on clearance! We did not have as much on sale this time around.

    • I kind of think I should have bought more to stash, lol. Maybe you should go back and look again :P.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Eek, just look at all that pumpkin goodness!!!! Target has had so much clearance lately, just love when there is a big selection, you found the “good stuff!”Hope you have a great start to your week cutie pie!!

    • They really have. They must be clearing things out before Christmas. Eeeeekkkk!!!! I LOVE Christmas. This is going to be such a weird year for us though. Thank you so much lady. Our Monday was a Monday but I ran 14.5 miles tonight and I am feeling great!

  • Wow. So many great deals and prices. That roller is a wonderful price. Once again #jealous

    • There were A LOT of great deals this month. Next month will probably be the total opposite though. It seems these good trips are pretty few and far between.

  • Target Clearance is my heart. I swear! And yes the kitchen stuff is my weakness! XOXOXO

    • Buy all the kitchen things, even if they seem completely useless. That is what I say at least.

  • Great finds! I love all that pumpkin goodness!

    • Oh me too. Pumpkin goodness is just the best.

  • I love what you found–you can’t beat the price on those watercolors and I love the tank! Target always has such great markdowns–it’s hard to get out of there without a cartload!

    • It is SO hard. Some times I go and they have nothing though. It seems like when it rains it pours. This was a really, really great trip.

  • Good finds- I definitely would have got the watercolours! Never can go wrong with art supplies.

    • Right?! My girls were so excited they painted as soon as we got home.

  • I got that exact tank! I love the pumpkin plates, they are so cute.

    • NO stinking way?! That is so much fun friend.

  • Those donuts are my favorite thing!!!

    • Really?!?! Walmart has them and apple cider ones too! Eeekkk!!!

  • Whitney Jordan

    So much good clearance!! I love kitchen gadgets, too. I would have been majorly tempted by those pumpkin plates. I’m with you – best to make fewer trips to Target to keep on budget since I always find things I have to have when I’m there. Love that floral tank. It’ll be cute year round 🙂

    • They were SO tempting. That and Target had some gold measuring spoons. I have been wanting them for SO long. I am not one bit surprised that you love the kitchen gadgets too friend.

  • Pretty sure that tank would look great under a nice chunky cardigan!!

    • Which means I should totally buy a nice chunk cardigan since I don’t own one!!

  • You are the best at finding clothing on clearance that’s worth picking up. I never have any luck!

    • Aaaawww!!! I will run away with that compliment friend. It is all about the timing and patience. Most of the time I have no luck too.

  • I totally have that tank in purple, but I paid full price for mine a couple of months ago… waaaahhhh! You always find THE BEST stuff on clearance!

    • I usually do have REALLY good luck, which is funny because my store is SO heavily shopped. I bought a peplum tank that says Tan lines and good times for $3 recently too!

  • Those white pumpkin salt & pepper shakers are adorable!!! And they are so reasonably priced, too. I have that little Gather sign and I love it. I love that you got! Those notepad/mousepads are so convenient!

    • Right? If we weren’t still in less is more, gonna be moving mental mode I would have snagged them in a second. It is really hard for me to want to make decor purchases of ANY size lately.

  • I want that pretzel pan! I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but now i have something to look for on my next trip 🙂

    • Haha! It was super cute. I have a few quirky pans like that, that I love!