The Kids Behind The Blog, The Final Link-Up

For the past 18 months I have been sharing monthly interviews with my girls in a series called ‘The Kids Girls Behind The Blog. I have loved doing these posts and sharing more about my ladies with my readers. However, today will be the final link-up of this series.
Some of you may be wondering why, so I wanted to be real and give you an honest answer. It really isn’t one reason, it’s several different thing. The biggest of which is a desire, of the hosts, to have one less thing to be committed to. So in an effort to cut some stuff out and scale back, some things just have to go.
This has always been a very small link-up and I have so much appreciation for bloggers like Sarah, Dara and Stefanie who have consistently joined us for the long haul. Thank you ladies.
Even though the link-up will be over, don’t be surprised one bit if I still post the occasional interview with my girls and continue this series in a more sporadic & laid back way. 

How is school going so far? Tell me something you have learned.
Marissa// Good. *Intense thinking* That sweating is how your body cools off. 
Emily// Good’ish! Ummm… Oh! Ummm…. OH! I am learning how to read bigger words. 
Mom thoughts// Both true things!
Have you made any new friends yet? I had to specify co-op or AWANA #becausehomeschool
Marissa// Not yet. 
Emily// NO! I wish I had.
Mom thoughts// Emily is my social butterfly.
What is your favorite thing to do after school?
Marissa// Play with Emily or work on my Rainbow Loom
Emily// Play Legos. But Marissa never wants to play Legos anymore. 
Mom thoughts// Lol! #OhEmily
What is your favorite TV show right now?
Marissa// Dragons Race to the Edge
Emily// Minnie Mouse shows. But Marissa never wants to watch Minnie shows. 
Mom thoughts// Bahahaha ha! #crying
Do you have any pets? Tell me about them. We don’t have pets so I asked what kind of pet they would want and what they would name it. 
Marissa// A dog. I don’t know what I’d name it. 
Emily// A dog. I would name it Pluto.
Mom thoughts// Both girls want a dog SO bad. Maybe we’ll talk more seriously about that when we move but I am not as convinced as they are. Also, Pluto?!?! Why am I not surprised.
Happy Wednesday!
Meet the hosts!
Crystal // Hall Around Texas
Beth // Our Pretty Little Girls
Meghan // The Adventure Starts Here
Jessica // Secrets of a SAHM
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me
Thank you so much for linking up with us over the past year and a half. This was always one of my favorite days to read blogs because of you and your kiddos. I know parts of me are going to really miss this link-up, but sometimes moving on, even when we’re sad, is the right thing to do. 
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  • Heather Bramlett

    Oh Emily!! Can I have her?!?!? A dog named Pluto would be perfect at the new house! 😉

    • Baha ha! Id say yes but we may die of boredom without her. Yes, yes it would, ugh!

  • Have you taken that child to Disney yet? We may go next April.

    • Once, but Emily was a baby. We’d love to go back.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Precious as all get out!!! Yep, mom and dad the D.O.G talk needs to happen and it may be time!!! 😉

    • Oh good Lord, I am just not ready, lololol. Maybe on the other side of this build.

  • Jessica

    OMG I am loving Emily’s answers. She’s so funny! You have such sweet girls.

    • She keeps us laughing, that is for sure. Thank you!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Pluto would be the perfect name for a pup!!!!

  • I’m sad it’s the last link up. Emily sounds like Simon mentioning how Marissa doesn’t play Legos with her! Simon and Zachary play Legos a lot too and he’ll get upset if Zachary doesn’t want to. Also, we babysat my friend’s dog and his name is Pluto!

    • Baha ha! Oh that is funny. Actually I think I remember you posting about that, just not the name.

  • I love the name Pluto! 🙂 Your girls are the sweetest!

  • They are so sweet! I’m going to miss reading all of their answers each month!

    • They are such good girls. I’ll still do something with them on occasion!

  • So cute! I’m so going to miss this! I might just keep doing it on my own, it’s an easy post and my kids actually have been answering lately without much prodding from me. 🙂 But I get it…I just realized the Target post is Monday and I need to go to Target! Why has it been so long since I have been there!

    • Oh darn, you HAVE to go to Target. I agree that they are fun posts. Doing them without hosting a linkup on a set day will be fun.

  • Cutie patooties!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Pluto would be the perfect dog for your family!! Love the little sis comments. Poor girl just wants Marissa’s attention 24/7! Long live the rainbow loom. I’m picturing some awesome rainbow loom Christmas ornaments for one of your many trees this year 🙂

    • Right?!?! Lol. She really does love her sister something fierce. She wants ALL of her attention! I was thinking the same thing about looms on a tree. Although depending on where we live, Christmas might be very different this year.

  • I’m really going to miss reading their answers every month! XOXO And I can’t wait to see if they get that dog they are hoping for!

    • Haha! I am not exactly sure if it will happen or not. But a dog to scare off some of the critters out there might not be a bad idea.

  • I hear you, one less thing is nice. Your girls are so very cute! Sweating, huh?
    My 9 year old loves that Dragon show too and now the 4 year is a little hooked as well!

    • Oh! Our girls would have SO much to talk about then, lol! Hope you had a happy weekend!

  • I totally bombed and didn’t even post on the last link-up day! It was during my unintentional break. But, I’m not going to sweat it. Again, one less thing. I love the graphic and pictures of your girls. Oh Emily – goodish. Totally something Mason would say. You guys should totally consider getting a dog once you move. Might I suggest a Labrador? They are so lovable and loyal. A big ol’ teddy bear sort of dog. I just love them so! Lexi is our 5th one and they are just amazing. I will say that she is our first female and there is a HUGE difference between males and females. Lexi is much more calm than any of our 4 males. Oh how I love her. I could go on forever talking about her, but I’ll spare you all that jazz.

    • A dog would be nice once we move to ward off other things and we would need a “sturdy” dog too because coyotes might eat something smaller. That sounds terrible, but!!! I would DEFINITELY want a female and if I was to pick I would go with a Lab or a Shepherd. I LOVE German Shepherds, because of great experience with them in the past, but that hair would shed everywhere. We’ll just have to see what ends up happening. I just know the possibility of a dog will be more real than ever after we move.