Five Things Friday, September 2017

Last month we kicked off and announced the first ever 5 Things Friday! I am so thankful to those of you who didn’t hesitate to jump on board and join the fun. Today kicks off round two and we are hoping that even more of you will play along.

If you aren’t familiar with how it works, let me break it down. Pick five things that are bringing joy to your life, write a post and link up with us on the fourth Friday of every month.

Here are my September 5!

Perfect Bars

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Recently I was given the opportunity to try out Perfect Bars. Seriously y’all, we are in love. Russ and I both quickly fell head over heels for these perfect protein bars. 

I love the Mini Perfect. They are a great size for an afternoon snack or a great fuel before, or after, my runs. I love having something guilt free that I can turn to. Since trying them out, they have been my #1 snack of choice. They come in Almond Butter or Peanut Butter flavors, but I have yet to choose a favorite. Each bar is 100 calories with up to five grams of whole food protein, each.

Russ’ favorite have been the full size bars. They have been his post work snack or on the go breakfast. He never slows down so having something good to fuel his body with is so important. The brand’s 12 flavor varieties are all gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, kosher, and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.

Perfect Bars have been nothing short of perfect. 

Have you tried out Perfect Bars yet?
Go here to find out where you can get some.

Roadkill Love

Recently we had the chance to meet the cast from Roadkill. Yes, I am totally aware that I might be the only girl, ever, to get excited about meeting the cast of a car show πŸ˜› . But it is one of our favorite shows to watch together, so we were both VERY excited.

I stood in line like a fan girl and snapped a selfie with Mike Finnegan. After the photo he inquired if I really do watch their show, even he wasn’t sold  πŸ˜† . It was definitely a 2017 highlight. I hope we have the chance to meet them again some day.

Trader Joes

Trader Joes has been a place of envy for years now. The closest one to me is just under two hours away, so I rarely get to stop in and stock up on all of our favorites. But this past weekend we were able to make a trip while we were visiting St. Louis!

Chili covered mango, everything spice, pumpkin pancake/waffle mix, double fire roasted salsa, plantain chips, spiced cider and more were stocked up on. I was one very happy girl. I need to plan a trip in the winter so I can grab some frozen items too. I’ve never tried any of them and I know so many of you love them.

Hole Foods

Anyone who knows me well, knows my love for donuts runs deep. So I really don’t have to explain why this mug is bringing joy to my life. I love it so very, very much


Over the past month I have been joining Stephanie for Dress-tember and it has been a lot of fun. I have loved wearing pieces from my wardrobe that I don’t usually wear, getting dressed up for no reason at all and documenting the outfits with photos. Today marks my 8th dress, so I am nearly done with the challenge. I had hoped to wear 12 different dresses, but I loved one of them so much I wore it twice.

And to those of you who saw the top photo on IG and LOVED the dress. It was one of my $8 Target finds. Now you see why I couldn’t pass them up!!!

So, what’s bringing you joy?

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  • I love that mug! What a great find! Those bars look good, I will have to check them out! Thanks for hosting this link up- love the focus of it.

    • The focus is my absolute favorite part. It is so good to set your heart on things that bring joy to your life. I hope you had a great weekend!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh my gosh, that mug is perfection for you! And let’s talk your Target score dress…..sooo pretty, you model babe you and that last pic is the sweetest! We’re in the same Trader Joe’s boat….a 2 hour trip excursion but how I long to go again! Happy weekend pretty lady, the USPS is picking up your goods priority today!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Stephanie bought me that mug forever ago and just got it shipped my way not to long ago. It is such a fun mug. Sorry your TJ’s is so far away. I really hope that we get one a little closer soon. If we had one within an hour I would make quarterly trips or something. I hope your weekend was amazing!

  • That mug just screams Beth! πŸ™‚ And I love the dress. πŸ™‚

    • Stephanie knows me so well. I adore that mug. Thank you friend.

  • Okay i totally am going to link up. I’ll go back to my post later today and change it to include y’all. Not used to seeing you in dresses but you look lovely… and trader joe is about 2 hrs from me too so i hear you! And no cookie butter!?

    • I have been wearing SO many dresses lately, it has been so much fun. Man, TJ’s needs to open up some more locations. Even if I had one an hour away I would go WAY more often than I do now.

    • OH! Also, yes. I totally bought some.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Those perfect bars sound delish and that donut mug is PERFECT for you!! Love it!

    • It IS perfect for me, right. I ate a donut while using it the other day and smiled.

  • I have loved your dresstember posts. I love that skirt outfit and that dress is so pretty. Also, how fun to meet the cast of Roadkill. I love that mug and those bars sound yummy!

    • Dress-tember has been a blast. I am secretly sad that it is going to be over soon!

  • That mug is awesome!!! I need to get to TJs more. We have one close!

    • You are SO lucky friend. If I had one close by it would be trouble!

  • That mug is amazing!! And those perfect bars sound really delicious!! I need to try them!

    • Right? They are SO good definitely grab some when you find them.

  • I know I already told you this, but you seriously look stunning in that maxi dress. It pairs so well with your tall slender build and your long dark hair! You are just gorgeous, Beth!

    • Aaaahhhh friend. you are too sweet to me. I hope you had a great weekend!

  • I am eager to try those bars — come on cool temps! I think they would be perfect for me on busy mornings.
    And that mug. I love that I have one too. Every single time I drink from it I thin of you.

    • I think so too. The big ones have quite a few points but I have found that if I cut one in half and eat some fruit with it, it is perfect for me.

      That makes me so happy friend.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Such a fun link up! I always enjoy going to TJ’s because we don’t have one in my city either. It’s fun to stock up. Loving your new maxi dress. It’s perfect and what a deal. Hope you have a great weekend πŸ™‚

    • I think TJ’s needs to open some more stores. SO many people are saying that they have quite the drive to get to one. I love that dress too. I actually bought another but when I went to wear it today, I didnt love it that much. I think I am going to try and take it back tomorrow.

  • We’re about 45-60 minutes from Trader Joes, depending on how finicky Nashville’s traffic is being that day, but with how many good things I’ve heard about the Everything spice, I think we’re going to have to take that trip soon!

    • You totally need to make a trip, especially seeing you have one that close. I was telling Russ that if we had one within an hour I would go every 3-4 months for sure.

  • That dress, the spice, the little mini bars, awesome-sauce! I just found a lot to make me happy too!

    • Thank you so much friend. I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

  • I love everything bagel seasoning! And Perfect bars are so yum.

    • It has quickly became a household favorite for sure.

  • Heather Bramlett

    That mug and coffee shirt…LOVE!
    I have that everything bagel seasoning and haven’t used it yet!!

    • Oh man you have to try that seasoning out. We have been putting it on pretty much everything, lol! Happy Monday morning.

  • That mug is fantastic! And I tried those perfect bars at the supermarket – so yummy!! The Everything But the Bagel seasoning is well… everything!

    • It totally is everything… and I put it on everything too.

  • I’m still in love with that mug! It’s seriously awesome!

  • Jessica

    The mug is seriously my favorite! I need one. And I have been wanting to grab that seasoning forever. I need to find a Trader Joe’s closeby.

    • She found it at Walmart so you might check yours, you just never know! Hopefully yours is closer than the 2 hours away that mine is, UGH!

  • You and Russ are so freakin’ cute!! I love that picture of you two. That $8 Target find was a heck of a good find. I love it!

    • It really was a good find friend. I bought another one too, but when I tried it on later I decided it was a bit too short to keep. Bummer.