Fall Fashion, OTS Top

I received products in the following post in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I was on a roll with fashion posts in late 2016 & the beginning of 2017…. and then I slowed down… or pretty much stopped. I think a huge reason why is that they make me feel silly. I don’t like being the one in front of the camera. It’s a foreign and weird concept for me that just makes me feel indescribably awkward.

Where do I look? How do I stand? What do I do with my hands?! And let’s not even talk about facial expressions. All while trying to remember not to slouch, keep the wind from making my hair a hot mess and suck in my pooch. How is all of this for a dose of honesty  ๐Ÿ˜†  ๐Ÿ˜ฏ  ๐Ÿ™„ ?!

So now you know what was going on in my head while the following photos were taken. But I promised an outfit post after I found the OTS shirt of my dreams and I wanted to deliver.

I love everything about this shirt. I love the print and the colors. I love that it can be worn on and off the shoulders, I love the dramatic sleeves (which I hear are all the rage). And I especially love the price. I snagged it for $15 with a sale and a coupon. This shirt will definitely be on repeat during the fall months… when the fall weather finally decides to get a clue and show up. 

Another way  have upped my fall fashion game lately is by FINALLY trying out Lipsense. I have been completely amazed over the huge difference that Lipsense has made in my life. I have felt more confident and put together. Which in this busy mama’s life is #winning. I’ll be sharing more about Lipsense on my blog in the coming week and over on Instagram & IG stories.

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Have you found an off the shoulder top that you love yet?
What part of fall fashion are you most looking forward too?

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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Well, hello model GORGEOUS!!! You look so pretty and I LOVE the colors for Fall!! I am a sucker for OTS tops and you show those shoulders well girl!!

    • Oh goodness gracious. Thank you so much sweet lady. It was so nice to find a top like this that I LOVE!

  • Fall hottie – shut up with your duck lip pose – I love it! This out fit is great and if I were about four inches taller I would want to copy you! xoxoxox

    • Baha ha! I love you. I don’t think I could take photos like this with you around because I would be to busy cracking up. Thanks sweet friend.

  • Jessica

    Girl! You are gorgeous! That’s such a great color on you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Very cute shirt.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Sexy Mama!! You look awesome in that OTS top!! Love the color on you! I still need to try Lipsense!

    • This color is my new favorite. I may or may not have bought a similar colored solid tank and a striped tunic too. Ooooppps!

  • So looking forward to your lipsense post and i adore that top!! You could be a model!

  • This top is adorable on you! I’m in a fashion funk at the moment and have not wanted to be in front of the camera in the least.

    • If you are in a fashion fun there may be no hope for the rest of us. But I can totally see your mind not being in it with all that has been going on and it is a weird limbo between seasons. The day we shot these photos, it was HOT!

  • You look great Beth and this outfit is definitely something I would try for fall. That’s why I’m not a fashion blogger, either! I feel so lost and confused! Happy Tuesday!

    • So glad it isn’t just me. I try and fake my way through these posts… but goodness it is a struggle.

  • I struggle with OTS because I am not a fan of strapless bras and I can’t even think of going without but maybe one day I’ll have less “ladies” and be able to wear on confidently.

    • Well, you know where I am as far as that goes, ugh.

  • I love this top! I love the color and print, I love the sleeves. You look amazing! This is a great outfit for fall.

    • Isn’t it perfection?! Thank you so much friend.

  • That looks like the perfect fall outfit!

    • I think it is too. Now if only the weather would show up!

  • I have issues with OTS tops…love this one on you!

    • They can be insanely awkward. This is the only one I have remotely liked. Thank you!

  • Heather Bramlett

    I just got a black OTS top! I can’t wait to wear it!
    That shirt looks awesome on you and you are rocking the fashion post!

    • I can’t wait to see it! Thank you so much.

  • You are seriously the cutest fashionistas EVER ๐Ÿ™‚ You are my hero!

    • Baha ha! Oh goodness you always leave me with a smile on my face.

  • You look fantastic! I have yet to find a OTS that works for me, but I’ll keep looking, might have to give this one a try!

    • This is the only one that has worked for me, so maybe it is magical?!?!

  • The whole outfit is perfect!

  • Super cute and I love the color on you! I’ve been lucky to find a couple of OTS tops this season – some through Stitch Fix, some at ON, Target, etc. Love them!

    • This was my first and may be my last, lol. I just feel so awkward in most of them, it was nice to find one that I really liked.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Looks amazing!! I love this color + florals for Fall

    • This color and this print stole my heart. I almost squeeled when I put the shirt on and loved it.

  • Beautiful top! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on LipSense!

    • I had tried LipSense at a friend sand it DID NOT work. but I really ended up needing to PURGE from chap stick. I still feel like it doesn’t always last as long as it should and I would like to try some more colors at some point too. I love the confidence it gives me. That sound cheesy, but it is true. It was nice to be able to give it a try like this, especially seeing that one time I used it, it came off in less than an hour.

  • I absolutely LOVE this top! What a gorgeous fall outfit!

    • Thank you so much. It is definitely one of my favorite finds.

  • I freaking LOVE this OTS top and I LOVE your fashion posts!! Your serious face is totally smouldering. I’m not even kidding. And I feel the exact same way when I’m behind the camera… hence the reason why I mostly stick to OOTD pics with my face out of the frame. Haha.

    • Isn’t it SO much fun?!

      Baha ha! Oh good Lord you cracked me up and made me smile.

  • I love your top so much!! And you always look great in your pictures friend!

    • You are too sweet friend. Thanks girl. It’s by far a new favorite of mine.

  • That shirt is so, so cute! I love the whole outfit… especially your boots! Where did you get them?!

    • I bought the boots on overstock.com a couple of years ago. I LOVE how tall they are on me. So hard to find since I am so tall. Thank you!

  • I get it totally! But, you donโ€™t look awkward in any way. I know I always say this, but you could be a model friend. So gorgeous! That shirt is beautiful on you and I am in love with it. I still havenโ€™t tried LipSense, but need to.

    • I have mixed feelings on it. Some days I love it, some days I don’t feel it works for me. But I keep wearing it and wearing less chapstick. I hear when you first try it out your lips got through a shedding process. Which sounds gross now that I type that out. Thank you so much for your sweet words friend.