$10 at Target, September 2017

Another month, another trip… or 10 to Target. If I was keeping score I would have to say that Target won this month. In fact when I went to write this post up, I had a bit of a dilemma. Which items was I going to use for this post? So pretty much I am confessing that I didn’t really make one $10 trip to Target, I made like 3 🙄 . Let me break it down.

My first trip was by myself. I was hoping to find some fall decorations. I found none and left with two very inexpensive maxi dresses (How does that even happen.) I bought them, intending to take one back later, with some leftover Christmas money. However I later decided to keep both of them since they were only 8.50 each.

On the second trip Emily found some Halloween costume inspiration that she HAD to have. Think Minnie Mouse meets a nice witch. I went ahead and bought the items to put them away for later. I have learned, through experience, to buy the dollar spot items when I can. 

During the third trip I finally found some fall decorations and a cheap jewelry find that I couldn’t pass up. I bought both of these with “my” money. 

So it isn’t like I wasted a wad of cash at Target this month, but I did spend a little more than usual since I found the maxi dresses. One of which I will totally be sharing in an upcoming fashion post! Yup, another. There must be something about fall that does that to me.

Now that I have justified my actions, let’s move on. 

Here are a few things that we found at Target recently…

We found some cute fall/ Halloween decor but I have to say something. I was REALLY disappointed with Targets selection of fall compared to Halloween. They easily had twice as much Halloween stuff and I really wish it had been reversed. I found all of these items for $3 each. 

Apparently I had pumpkin spice on the brain. Why am I not surprised.

PSL’s $6.39 (I really wonder how these taste. I don’t always love a Starbucks PSL)
Pumpkin Apron $14.99 (A budget buster, but oh my goodness!!!)
Pumpkin Shredded Wheat $2.50

One of our favorite things to do at Target is browse the clearance aisles to see what we can find. 

Donut Shopkin $13.88 (The girls REALLY wanted me to buy this.)
Sugar Fix earrings $3.88
Letter Board Icons $.88

We snapped a photo in the makeup aisle to document the trip, which Marissa decided to photo-bomb, and went along our way… for like the 3rd time that month. I really need to get my act together next month. 

What items did I choose to share in this post?

The mini pumpkins were such an obvious choice for me. I honestly don’t have very many fall decorations and I LOVE that these were such an affordable addition to what I do have.

The earrings I snagged on a whim. Mostly because they were so cheap and I don’t have anything like them. The fun part is that when I got them home and tried them on, I loved them even more. 

How did they add up?

Pumpkins $1.00 x 4
Sugar Fix Earrings $2.98 (was $9.99)
Total $6.98
Red Card Discount -5% $0.35
Tax +8.0750 $0.54
Grand Total $7.17

So all in all even if I did spend a little more than normal at Target this month, I got some really great deals on some items that I love.

Well played Target, well played!

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  • Heather Bramlett

    That pumpkin apron is so dang cute.
    I still can’t find the letter board icons at my Target…boo
    I love the little pumpkins you bought! So cute!

    • Right?! I REALLY wanted it, but I had to pass it up. That stinks friend. I have almost bought some of them So many times. Maybe one day I will.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Get out….those pumpkins, I’m sharing some scented velvet ones like that on Friday but come on…a $1 each, woohoo! Pumpkin jackpot! Love you in the apron! I know you’d wear that to bake up some pumpkin treats galore!!! Love the earrings too, you’ll look stunning in them! Those girlies are going to follow in moms footsteps for sure! Happy Monday!

    • IKR?! I wanted to buy more of them and would have if they’d had more in. Haha! Sometimes I worry I am teaching them bad habits. Like buying all of the pumpkin things. Oh goodness. If that is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  • Those pumpkins are so cute!! And I agree with the dollar spot. Shop it when you can, because you’ll go there with an item in mind, only to find everything is new. Not that I know from experience or anything…

    • Lol! Sometimes it feels like I could go everyday and things would always be different. Other times it feels they have the same exact stuff, forever! I don’t get it.

  • Three boys and a girl blog

    love those pumpkins!! I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t been to target in weeks (who am i??) I’ve got big plans to go today though and am going to try and get my link up on later this afternoon!

    • Baha ha! I hope you found some amazing stuff while you were there!

  • Jessica

    Love those pumpkins. I saw them at our Target, but the colors they had at the time weren’t my thing. I need to look again. Those earrings were a steal!! Nice!

    • That was kind of how I felt. They had some crazy colored ones but I am more of a classic, traditional fall decor girl. I’d love to grab a few more. Hope you have better luck friend.

  • Love your picks as usual!! Those earrings are a STEAL!

    • Right?! I wore them yesterday and was giddy.

  • I love those earrings and those pumpkins! I also love that apron and all the pumpkin goodness you found! What a great haul this month!

    • Isn’t that apron so fun. I REALLY wanted to buy it but convinced myself not to… somehow.

  • I did the same, but at Michaels..wanted fall decor and ended up getting all kinds of other things.

    • Baha ha! Michaels is a dangerous store for me to walk into.

  • Yay for the cute pumpkins! I want those letterboard things, I have never seen those at my target!

    • Such a bummer! Mine have been located back in the home decorating area. Maybe look back there at yours.

  • Those pumpkins are just darling. They didn’t have any of those at my Target but it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been so maybe I need to go back. Those earrings are really pretty, too! I love the color. Oh, and PSLs at Target?!?! I wonder how those taste? I may have to go grab some and try them!

    • I have only seen them once at mine. I need to go look again because I want a few more! Let me know if you give them a try.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great finds! Love those pumpkins and the earrings on super clearance. I would much rather stock up on pumpkins/fall decor than Halloween. I leave my pumpkins out all Fall so I’m much more likely to buy those than jack-o-lanterns. I’m excited to see this Minnie Witch costume come together 🙂

    • Yes! I decorate for fall in September. Add in a few things that are Halloween on October first. Then go back to fall until I bust out the Christmas stuff :P. I am excited too!

  • Oh I love those pumpkins! I need to get some!

    • Aren’t they so cute! I think I need more of them.

  • Our store only had velvet fabric pumpkins in fuschia – not my style LOL!

    • UGH! Yeah mine had teal, fuschia and purple the first time I went. The second time was MUCH better.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Those pumpkins were $1!!? I need to get my Target stat!

    • Yes you do! I went back for more and had no luck. Boo!!!

  • Those pumpkins are no where to be found in my area. Makes me so dang mad.

    • Dang it friend. I am so sorry. And you have so many Targets to choose from too.

  • That pumpkin apron was made for you!! You gotta keep your eye out for when its marked down!

    • Oh friend you know me SO well. I will totally do just that.

  • haha! I loved everything that you didn’t get too, so many tough choices! We have that donut shopkins thing, and the kids love playing this game we call “bowling for Children” where Mr. and I stand on opposite ends of the hallway, and they kids run back and forth and we roll the donut down the hall way and try to “roll them over”, they laugh hysterically and would do it every night if we let them, lol! Yes the donut rolls even with the feet. Weird I know.

    • Baha ha ha! Oh my goodness that is hilarious. I love it so much that I almost wish I had bought it.

  • I wish we had that trick or treat sign. I hit up the dollar spot too!

    • It was so cute! But I kept thinking I could make it…. reality is it’s 10x’s easier to buy it though.

  • Your actions do not need justifying. Shop away sister! P.S. I bought those same pumpkins! How can you not?!

    • I have no idea! I REALLY want some more, but every time I go in Target there is pretty much nothing in the dollar spot as of lately.

  • So many fun things here! I love the pumpkins and the earrings are so pretty! I also love the Sugar Fix ones, that is such a fun line.

    • It really is. They have al ot of really unique, fun pieces and snagging them that cheap is awesome.

  • Target has been my biggest weekness lately! Wait, you still have leftover Christmas money? That’s crazy and awesome. You are right – grab those dollar spot items when you first see them. Chances are that when you go back they will not be there. I’ve learned that lesson one too many times. We bought the grateful tree, but I wish I would have seen that wreath. So cute! Those earrings are adorable. I’m glad you got those! I snatched up about 8 or so of those pumpkins. I never found orange ones, though. I have two shade of green and the cream colored ones. I couldn’t believe they were only $1 buck. What a fun Target trip (or should I say trips) you had.

    • I do! Crazy, right? I just never found things when I would look, lol.

      I keep going back looking for more of the pumpkins, but I am having no luck at finding them. Yesterday the Dollar spot was practically bare. I really should go check again today to see if they restocked..