Our Summer, 2017

With Labor Day weekend less than a week away, and being back to school for nearly a month now, I feel like I can call our summer over. #allthetears  😥

Summer is my jam. I love it more than any other season, even more than the one magical month that is Christmas. I never used to feel this way. Honestly, I spent most of my adult years despising summer. It wasn’t until I had “older” kids that I realized just how amazing it is. It’s a break from life, a break from text books, a break from monotony. It’s long days at the pool, tan lines, books read, late night ice cream, and abundant sunshine.

Life is better in the summer!

But every good thing comes to an end and today I am calling the summer of 2017 a wrap.
Here’s a look at how our summer added up.

13 Weeks of Bliss

50+ Trips to the pool

9 Trips to the skating rink

1 Overnight trip


Her hair is AMAZING 😂! • • • #crazyhairdontcare #curlyhair #emilyelizabeth #sundayfunday #weekendvibes #static

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100+ Rainbow loom creations made in 3 weeks

1 House sold

9 Years of Marissa & 10 years of marriage celebrated

12 Books read

65 Hamburgers grilled

13 Walls Visited on 1 Wall Crawl

2 Outdoor movies watched

7 Swimming classes attended.

9 Days of VBS fun

15 Balloon animals.

6 Acres of land purchased

37 Trips to the brand new library

3 Michaels Make n’ take classes

5 days spent at 3 car events

1 Trip to the dirt track.

17 out of 30 items crossed off our summer bucket list


Fly, fly, my little butterflies! • • • #JoplinProud #thebutterflyeffect #butterfly #wallcrawl #mural #wallart

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The summer of 2017 was another amazing summer.
What was the best part of your summer?

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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Awww you summer was amazing!! LOVE the butterfly wall! And that is a lot of burgers grilled!! Sorry it’s coming to a close but girl…PUMPKIN is the prize…Pumpkin!!! LOL!! Bring on Fall and keep the summer memories fresh too!

    • We LOVE grilled burgers. Especially the 9 year old. She would seriously eat them every day. Pumpkin is totally the prize. Thanks for the reminder!

  • That is a great summer by the numbers! And now you can make big fall plans! xoxox

    • I certainly hope so… and I REALLY hope they include building a house!

  • It looks like you had an amazing Summer! I’m so sad that it’s over, too!

    • Big sighs. I just love the laziness that comes with summer. It is SO hard to beat.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Wow you guys sure did have an amazing summer!!! Love everything you did!

    • We did! It was simple but it was ours and good. Thank you friend.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Love how you broke things into numbers – makes it more exciting! That’s great that you checked off most of your summer bucket list too.


    • Thank you. I really thought we would get more of our bucket list done, but we were to busy doing other things to bother with it.

  • You guys had an AMAZING and FUN summer!!! I love the numbers. What a summer to remember!

    • Every summer certainly feels that way. I hope you had an amazing first day at school friend.

  • bahahah- that first picture is a framer. Also, I was nodding along with the post, remembering those moments. Sigh. Blogging is so weird- feels like I know you!

    • Oh friend. I wish you could have seen the smile on my face reading that. Blogging friends are just the best.

  • You guys had an amazing summer! You accomplished a ton and that 50+ trips to the pool…AWESOME!!!

    • YES! You can just call us fish. We are would happily spend every day that we could in the water.

  • What an amazing summer! Love it.

  • What an amazing summer, and that visits to the pool is quite impressive for a 13 week period! Plus all those visits to the library too, wow!

    • I guess when the pool is 2 miles away and the library is 1, you go a lot. That is the one thing I love about “small town life” I can be nearly anywhere in 10 minutes time.

      • That’s pretty awesome, I do like small town life, would be so nice, instead of having to drive a bazillion miles a week.

        • It is pretty sweet…. but hey, you have the beach and the mountains.

  • I agree! School has a way of forcing us out of summer, doesn’t it? So now, I’m (maybe a little too) anxious for fall. I love how well you guys do summer, though. You guys packed in so much and I know y’all must have made a million + memories. I love that static picture of Emily! So fun.

    • It really does. It kind of makes me hate that we go back so soon… but once the pool is closed what’s the point?!?! This summer was so good to us.

  • You guys REALLY did have an amazing summer. I know you’re missing it! When you get down about it, though, just think – PUMPKIN SPICE. ;o)

    • Yes. @livingoncloudnine:disqus reminded me that pumpkin is the prize. I CAN do this!

  • What a fun summer round up! I miss summer already, but I’m so excited about the three day weekend this week!

    • Oh, my Russ is SO excited too. And I THINK we maybe have something unexpected to look forward to in September so that might help too!

  • I love this so much!! You like summer more than fall?!?!

    • I do!!!! Are you totally shocked?!?! I would love fall more if there was no school though ;).

  • Whitney Jordan

    Amen! Summer really is the best. You guys sure packed in a ton of fun. I love all the roller skating, looming, swimming and sweet memories you made together. Can’t wait to see what new adventures you’ll have planned for next summer. PS Your hamburger stats are impressive!!

    • Haha! Well we ate them once a week at least. Marissa could seriously eat them every day though. Next summer. Oh my goodness. That is so hard for me to wrap my mind around. SO much is going to change before it arrives! Eeeekkk!!!!

  • Jessica

    Yay for one heck of a summer. You guys kicked butt and had a blast. I loved following along. I know your fall is going to be amazing too.

    • As long as it includes a house starting to get built, it couldn’t be too bad :P. Summer was so good.

  • And here I was impressed with our 11 trips to the pool 🙂 You girls sure love the water.

  • Our summer was pretty rough and the #momguilt has been intense. I am so happy yours was fantastic as summers should be. I guess now it’s time to start cooking with pumpkin? 🙂

    • Not every summer is going to be perfect friend. Y’all have had quite the year. I am praying that the start of school turns a new page for you. Hooray for all the pumpkin things.