The Kids Behind The Blog, August 2017

Today is another edition of one of my favorite monthly linkups, The Kids (or in my case, girls) Behind the Blog. Every month I giggle, nod, gasp, and lol my way through these posts. I love the sweet innocence of complete and brutal honesty that the kiddos so willingly dish out.

This months questions don’t really have a theme and are a bit deeper than some of the questions we’ve done in the past. I was pretty excited to interview the girls this month and get their thoughts since most of the time the answers come to them so easily. 

If you could change one of your family’s rules what would you change?

Marissa // I don’t know… (struggles for a long time) That we could go to bed later!!!
Emily // That we could eat cake all of the time!
Mom thoughts // I am not surprised that Marissa struggled with this one, after all she is the typical “first-born rule follower”.

Are you a good friend? Why or why not?

Marissa // I think I am but I have no idea why. 
Emily // I think I am because I like giving hugs!
Mom thoughts // Emily is VERY good at giving hugs. 

Where is your favorite place in the whole world?

Marissa // The beach!
Emily // Disney World! Everyone should already know that mom.
Mom thoughts // Yes, Emily. I am pretty sure everyone already knows that. 

If you could invent anything in the world what would it be?

Marissa // I’d make a homework machine to do all of my school work for me. 
Emily // I would make a machine to do anything for you. Anything at all!!!
Mom thoughts // I guess the anything machine could cook and clean for me?! Sounds okay to me. 

What are you most excited about this year in school?

Marissa // Science because we are learning about animals this year.
Emily // Handwriting. It was one of my favorite things from last year. 
Mom thoughts // I’m just glad they didn’t say nothing. 

A few notes on these photos #1 Emily picked out her own outfit. She has VERY adventurous taste in fashion and she loudly declared she was pattern mixing. It only makes sense that Minnie was involved. #2 That last photo is an outtake that I wanted to share. When they were little they wouldn’t stand still and wouldn’t look at me because they were young. In the older years we have the same exact problems but mostly because they are cracking each other up. I secretly hope this problem keeps going on for years to come. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Next months questions are…

1.) How is school going so far? Tell me something you have learned. 
2.) Have you made any new friends yet?
3.) What is your favorite thing to do after school?
4.) What is your favorite TV show right now?
5.) Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.
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  • Heather Bramlett

    Love their answers! I’m with Emily…Let’s eat cake all day and go to Disney!
    Ian would love if Marissa could hurry up and invent that “Homework Machine” HA

    • The funny thing is she really never has homework… or maybe she considers all of it to be homework, lololol! Let’s go for sure!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Where was the homework machine when I was on school? Soooo Cute!! Oh what precious personalities, that last pic is my favorite!!!

    • They are so much fun! I simply adore them… probably a good thing :P.

  • Jessica

    Ummm…a homework machine is genius. I would have loved one of those growing up. 🙂 Your girls are the sweetest.

    • I won’t disagree with that statement one bit :*.

  • I love Emily and her love for Disney! Every post I look for that answer somewhere 🙂 I also love her style choices!

    • She is such a ham. I am SURE you know the type, hehe he!

  • My fave place is Disney World too. 🙂

  • Katie Mitchell

    What beautiful girls!! Great answers…loved that you also share your Mom Thoughts! Have a great day!

    • I had to come up with some way of explaining their random answers so that worked out to be the perfect solution. Thank you so much!

  • OH my gosh, I just love their answers. And pattern mixing, hey she’s learning something from you! I’d like someone to do my housework too!

    • Baha ha! I am hoping her crazy interpretations calm down over the next 10 years. Otherwise we can rest assure that she will never wear boring clothes!

  • Oh my, Emily’s answers this go round are adorable!

    • Thanks dear. I am pretty sure you and Emily would get along just perfectly. #spunky

  • Yes, Emily, everybody does already know that! Haha. And pattern-mixing… hahahaha. #OhEmily

    • Baha ha ha! Right? Girlfriend is a nut and I love it.

  • They are adorable! Sign me up for the anything machine, please!!!

    • I knew I couldn’t be the only one wanting one of those :P.

  • I love that Marissa is a rule follower! I don’t know if it’s because he’s an only child, but Mason is so not a rule follower at all. Maybe we’ll break that rule and our 2nd one will be. Haha. I bet Emily gives some of the best hugs!! Hey girls – I will take one of those anything machines please! I adore the pictures. If I let Mason pick out his own clothes he ends up so much like Emily. He tells me “Mom, you’re the only one that cares about that. Boys don’t care if they match.” Oh my word! Heaven help me.

    • Baha ha! Apparently girls don’t either. For the most part I just let her roll with what she loves…. probably not to church though. Thank you so much friend.

  • Marissa will shake a bit of that rule follower behavior… promise… or at least this first born did.
    And I thought to myself… EE totally dressed herself! No way JW would allow that 😉

    • I kind of hope she does because OMG it can be BAD!

      Bahaha! Lately I have just been letting her roll with it. She thinks it looks beautiful.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Hahaha their inventions sound awesome!! That’s awesome they’re both looking forward to something this school year!

    • I was thrilled. I really thought Emily was going to say nothing :P. Girlfriend isn’t a fan of school.

  • Did Emily win a trip to buy a doughnut with her machine answer?! That kid is going places 🙂 They both are! Thanks for giving me a smile and laugh today by sharing your cute girls’ answers with us.

    • HA! She sure wishes she did. We do need to make a donut trip soon. Maybe this weekend when we are close to a DUNKIN!!!! Eeeekkkkk!!!!