Friday Favorites 8.4.17

Hello Friday!

Well, it’s here… our last weekend before we start school Monday morning. Goodness, summer went by fast. Typically we spend our last weekend before school starts back celebrating with pool time, pizza, ice cream, you name it! We call it Back to School Eve. It started out as a one night celebration and has slowly evolved into a whole entire weekend. But this weekend it’s supposed to be unseasonably cold and will likely rain all weekend long *sigh*. I guess we’ll have to be a little more creative with our celebration this year.

Let’s take a look at this weeks Friday Favorites!

TBB Asks

If you’re a blogger that is looking for a fun and simple post on Monday, check this out!

The ladies over at The Blended Blog host a ‘The Blended Blog Asks’ the first Monday of every month. These posts are so much fun and so simple too! Feel free to grab the graphic and play along!

National S’more Day

It feels like I have been talking about National S’more day coming for weeks now (probably because I have) and finally it is almost here! Don’t forget to mark you calendars to celebrate on Monday! If you’re needing some inspiration you can check out the TWO no-bake s’more treats that I shared this week. I recommend you do yourself a huge favor and make both of them ;).

S’more Twinkie Trifle

No-Bake S’more Pie 


I was given this product to share with you my full and honest review, all opinions are my own

Back to school means back to school shopping for things like school supplies, jeans (since last years are now high waters), and new shoes. Typically when it comes to school shopping the girls have very specific ideas of what they want and we often end up settling, especially when it comes to shoes. Not this year, thanks to Skechers playful Emoji line.

Emily ADORES her new tennis shoes. She loves the comfy memory foam, that they don’t tie, and that some of the emojis are wearing glasses 😆 .

Marissa loves every single thing about these slip ons. I swear every single time we look at them we find something new on them. I think I even caught the girls playing eye spy with them one day. They are so playful and fun, just like my girls.

I love the options that Skechers gives us from athletic shoes to slip on flats we found everything we need. Be sure to take a look on Skechers website to see what you can find.


“I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.”

Recently we were given the chance to try out Veggie Go’s and my girls are in love.

I have to admit, in the past I have tried to avoid fruit snacks with my girls. It’s not that I have anything against them, I just feel like they are way too much like candy and candy isn’t a snack.

Then we discovered Veggie Go’s who have the lowest sugar content of leading fruit snacks brands. With flavors they love and 1 serving of fruit & veggies in each pack, everyone is finally happy again.

They have bites and fruit strips that are conveniently packaged and perfect for packing in a lunch, grabbing on the go, or snacking on at home. Our favorite flavor has been the Strawberry Chia Seed Bites.

Look for Veggie Go’s at Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Amazon, and To find a store near you visit this link.


I’ve been thinking and looking for the perfect OTS top for months now. Every time I tried one on I felt like I was being constrained or that it might slide all the way down. I also couldn’t help but feel the pieces weren’t very versatile and I would be limited as to when I wear them.

Then I found it! This past week, on a trip to JCP with my Anna, I grabbed a few shirts that I wasn’t sure of and tried them on. That is when I found this

As soon as I tried it on, I loudly declared my love for it. The best part is it can be worn on or off the shoulders. The color, the floral, everything about this shirt makes me happy. So happy that when it cools off a bit I am totally putting together a fashion post just to show it off. 

So if you think OTS isn’t for you, check this top out. 

This week on the blog I shared!

The results of our JoMo Wall Crawl.

My monthly goal post & update.

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Linkups

  • Jessica

    School on monday? Say it isn’t so. I LOVE the girls new shoes. Those are so much fun. I love that they played i-spy. So creative. Enjoy your last weekend of summer.

    • Oh my goodness, right. I am over here freaking out that this time tomorrow we’ll be doing work!!!

  • Those shoes are so fun! Annabelle said “wow!!! those are some cool shoes”! 😉 I hope you find something fun to do despite the cold weather.

    • Lol! Those shoes are what little girls dreams are made of!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I’m so excited because you are going to be so beautiful in that off the shoulder top! Thank you thank you thank you for including the blended blogs prompt for Monday. We are over the moon to have sweet you join us! Wishing you the most spectacular weekend before school starts and I hope you soak in everything that makes you and your family super happy!

    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much. It is SO much fun. I really can’t wait to do a post about it. This weekend was pretty good and we are as ready for tomorrow as we can be!

  • Heather Bramlett

    Love the OTS top! I bought one from the #NSale! Hopefully, I will like it!!
    I miss summer already! But we are excited about Fall!

    • Can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Thank God for fall. If we went straight to winter that would be the worst.

  • Okay… so here is my beef with OTS tops. My ladies are too big to go braless so I have to use a strapless bra and well, they aren’t my favorite. So… I’ll be over here covering up my shoulders so I can get the support of a “real” bra.

    • Well you know that is a problem that I can’t even begin to understand, lololol.

  • Totally with Steph on the not able to go braless thing! strapless would be difficult too. But can’t wait to see you wear that shirt! I love the sketchers – Simon needs new sneakers so that’s a brand we’re considering!

    • Haha! That is SO not a problem I have. Insert blushing emoji here. They are super fun shoes for sure.

  • Girl, I will be looking for those fruit snacks! Our kids love fruit snacks, but I feel the same way that you do… they are pretty much just candy. So if I can get them something they love AND sneak some veggies into their system? YES PLEASE!

    And yay for an OTS top! I’m so glad you finally found one you love! And that one will be perfect to transition you into fall! And you know I love your fashion posts, so I can’t wait!!

    • Exactly! They try to trick us with the vitamins in them but I would much prefer the veggies.

    • Oh, and thank you dear! It is PERFECTION.

  • Thanks for the share! HOpe your weekend is sunshiney and wonderful!

    • You bet! Girl We had so much dang rain this weekend. Oh well, it’s the though that counts!

  • Those shoes for the girls are so cute! And that top looks amazing on you I’m sure!

    • Becky I LOVE that top so much. I can’t wait to “model” it for y’all.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    School tomorrow!?! Nooo!! Good Luck! Those sketchers are adorable!!

    • I know, I can’t believe day one is here. My house is buzzing this morning.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Love those Sketchers! They’re perfect for the girls. I also love your burgundy top. Can’t wait to see how you style it for Fall.

    • I cant wait to wear that top! I am hoping and praying fall weather comes soon just so I can wear it!