The Daily Dime, August 2017

One of my favorite ways to document our day-to-day life has been by linking up for ‘The Daily Dime’ once a month. The idea is simple: pick a day, take 10 photos, share them in a post. Easy enough right?

Well, I would partially say yes and partially say no. Taking 10 photos throughout the day can be a bit of a challenge. Which honestly is just another reason I love these posts. They encourage me to capture more of life’s everyday moments and share more of the “boring” stuff that doesn’t always make it to the blog.

This months photos were taken on Sunday August 13th, 2017.

Sunday meant an early morning for everyone. We needed to be at a church in Johnson, AR by 10:00, so we woke up early. Miraculously we had time to spare before leaving. Sister photos on the porch are always a good way to start our Sunday mornings.

Car selfie! I said we needed to leave by 8:30, we left by 8:25. That NEVER happens folks. Never, ever, ever! It made the planner in me oh so happy to actually be in the car when we needed to be.

We arrived at the church early and they had coffee and donuts there #glory!

Long story short we were there for a send off service. One of the pastors there (who we used to got to church with years ago) is starting a church plant in Joplin. We couldn’t possibly be more excited to get to be a part of that. 

It was so cool to see two groups of people come together. There were 13 adults and 9 kids from the Joplin plant there and the AR church made us feel like family. They fed us well and were so supportive. It was an awesome day. 

Photo with my girls as we left. The church was so picturesque. It even had a working bell.

When in Arkansas we always, ALWAYS make a stop at Dunkin. Coconut Cream Cold Brew, yes please!

In the car Emily was playing with her “Doob” collection. They all have names too. Doob, Sally, Rainbow Spot, Gus, Fruity, Shrink, Kara, Dum Dum, Princess Consuela and Rainbow Dude. Who is who… I’ll leave that up to your imagination. 

We arrived back home around 3 and I did some prep for the next school week… I may or may not have eaten that donut too. I can’t wait to start Charoltte’s Web with the girls today. Neither of them have ever read the book, or seen the movie. I hope they love it. 

The girls were acting a bit crazy, so we sent them outside for the crazy to continue away from anything breakable. Also note the grass. It is August, right?! The grass never looks like this in August. It has been so rainy lately. 

The rest of the evening was dinner, and emails. Here is the first sneak peek at our ever so evolving and shrinking house. I am sure there will be more on that in a future house post, but if you have a keen eye for these things you might be able to pick out a few bits and pieces. It all needs redrawn and Lord knows it is going to change a bit. But for the most part, we’re good… I think  😆 .

So our weekend was a teensy bit more exciting than a normal, but it was definitely one worth documenting. A new church family and a new home being built. There is so much exciting change in the air. 

What was the best part of your weekend?

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  • Heather Bramlett

    So awesome about starting a new church! I still can’t get over Marissa’s haircut!! I know the girls are gonna love Charolette’s Web! Such a classic!

    • It is so exciting. She can’t get over it either. She just is SO happy with it. They are already LOVING it. I think we’ll finish it up pretty quickly.

  • Jessica

    What a great day! It sounds like the new church is going to be wonderful. Ummm I think lesson planning calls for donuts. I see nothing wrong with that. Charlotte’s Web is one of my favs! I hope they love it.

    • I should make it a weekly tradition, lol! They are LOVING it so far. We are 3 chapters in and they are both in love with that pig.

  • Im loving all the donuts in this post— especially as im having oatmeal for breakfast 😂

    • As Emily would say, whomp, whomp, whomp. At least I didn’t have too many photos.

  • I love these posts so much! How exciting about the new church, as I know you had been struggling to find one you liked. Also, can’t wait for the shouse update!

    • Yes! I know that you know that friend. It has been a LONG 2.5 years of wondering what in the world God had in mind for us. Now we know. I’ll probably do one in another month. I know it is forever away. But some more stuff needs to fall in place first.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    LOVE getting a glimpse of your day and that you chose a Sunday!! Little bit of doughnut craving over her, ok, BIG doughnut craving, lol. Love seeing your house plan ideas!! Keep em’ coming!!

    • Well the house plans only change like every other day but gaining 600 sq ft of living space is going to be pretty amazing. I feel like our place now is as small as we could go so a little extra space will be perfect. Now, go get yourself a donut!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Marissa’s haircut looks so good! Does she love it? What a fun weekend and you know I love my Dunkin Donuts!! I’ve never tried that drink before though, might have to change that!

    • Thanks Lizzie! She is CRAZY about it, loves it SO much. You HAVE to and soon too. It might be a seasonal thing so you need to get one before it goes away. Do you use the app? I love the perks from it. I just wish the closest one wasn’t so far :(.

  • Marissa is just too cute with her new do!

    • Thanks Shelly. She is SO happy with her new cut.

  • I love that you are part of a new church coming to Joplin. It’s such an exciting time to be sharing Christ with others.

    • YES! I know you really get how huge this is for us. We are excited.

  • I love these photos. What in the world is a doob?

    • Thanks Dara! Doobs are dried up bouncy balls that Emily has made. They are totally made up, lol.

  • Totally agree- all the photos and documenting of your life that you do now will be treasured for such a long time! Love (kinda) seeing the house plans!

    • I certainly hope so. I need more of real life around here. It is fun, right. It has only changed 20 times since we started.

  • What a great weekend and you are right, there are some great and happy things coming your way! What is a doob? They look so cool! I love that you are part of the new church coming.

    • So much all at once after so long of waiting for these things to happen too. Doobs are just homemade bouncy balls that we made that have dried up, I kid you not. They are totally made up, HA! Oh that Emily. She’s a nut.

  • I love this link-up! I don’t think I’d ever do a day in the life post otherwise. I am horrible at taking photos or documenting our days during the week. How great to be a part of the send off service. That little church is so cute! What in the world is a “Doob”? I’ve never heard of them! They look fun though.

    • I totally agree friend! It was the CUTEST church. They had done so much work to it too. Doobs are completely made up. They are just dried out bouncy balls from a bouncy ball kit. #OhEmily.

  • Yay for a new church home! I’m with Crystal I don’t think i would do a day in the life post without this prompt. Agree with is a doob, apparently the trend hasn’t made it out this way yet?

    • Doobs are dried up bouncy balls that Emily has made. They are totally made up, lol. Apparently I should have explained it because everyone wants to know what a doob is. HA! We are so excited for our new church!

  • Wait, how do we not have Doobs? I also hope that this new church family is it!

    • Because they are totally made up, they are really just dried up bouncy balls, ba haha #OhEmily. Me too friend. It has been a long 2.5 years in the desert.

  • Love seeing your day! Yay for a new church! And donuts!

    • Thanks Becky. Those two things are definitely something to be excited over.

  • Charoltte’s Web was always one of my favorite books growing up! I’m sure the girls will love it! And YAY for house plans!! You are making me giddy!! I can’t wait to see more!

    • They are ADORING it so far. I can’t wait to read a couple more chapters tomorrow! Soon, soon friend!