What’s Up Wednesday, July 2017

What we are eating this week…

I rarely plan meals for specific days. I meal plan for 2 weeks at a time and have a mix of easy and more difficult meals. I usually always try to include a couple of meals that have leftovers too. From there I go off of what sounds good that day and our schedule. Here are a few meals we’ll be eating in the near future.

Pork Roast
Grilled Pizza
Grilled Burgers
Chili Dogs
Chicken Fajitas
Bacon Sandwiches with Avocado

What I’m reminiscing about…

On Monday I shared some Back to school memories. We are getting ready to start our 5th year of homeschooling and I simply can’t believe we’ve been at it that long. I’ve always said that I assumed we’d home school through the elementary years and we are getting so close to having done exactly that. Right now I want to say we’ll keep going into middle school, but we just take it a year at a time. 

What I’m loving…

Summer days! Lazy mornings, Pancake Fridays, breakfast and coffee on the porch, afternoons at the pool with friends, and abundant rays of sunshine. Summer suits us so well and it is going to be over way too soon. 

What we’ve been up to…

Do I really need to answer this? I think I can just say refer to the above listed “What I’m loving…”

What I’m dreading…

The heat of summer without a pool to escape too.

Can I confess something? Our school year is determined by the pool’s schedule. As soon as they close the pool during the week days, because schools are getting ready to go back into session, we start our school year. I mean if it’s going to feel like 110 outside I have zero desire to do anything. So, we might as well start school and wrap things up in late April or early May when the weather is nice. 

What I’m working on… 

Getting the school room ready to go!

With school starting up in less than two weeks I need to set up the school room up for the year. I also need to make a school supply list and get those items purchased. We really don’t require much, but organizing what we do need in a way that works for us is super important.

What I’m excited about…
The 2018 HAMB Drags in mid August, our favorite car show of the year.
I need to start channeling my inner pin-up girl again and work on my hair. I always have a lot of fun with my hair and make-up on this weekend. 
What I’m watching/reading…
I’ll be doing another book post soon but we did watch The Patriot on Amazon. It was a good and very, very strange show. 
What shows do you love on Prime TV?
What I’m listening to…
Lately I  have been jamming out to some tunes that don’t fall into my regular listening (because I don’t get to pick out the music at the pool.) One of my favorites has been Despacito. However, once I found out what the lyrics translate to in English, I turned about 50 different shades of red. There is a reason that song is sung in Spanish friends  😳 .
What I’m wearing…
Lately I have been sharing some #OOTD on IG stories but most of my outfits are either a graphic tee with shorts or a tank with shorts. When we’re not at the pool that is  😉 .
What I’m doing this weekend…
At the time that I am writing this I can honestly say not much.  The girls have a program for the VBS they have been attending this week on Friday night, but other than that we are all clear for a boring weekend! Should I be embarrassed over how happy that makes me?
What I’m looking forward to next month…
Celebrating ten years of marriage with my guy! 10 years is a big anniversary and I feel like we should do something special to celebrate. A getaway would be perfect but even a day trip with the girls could be fun. I’d love to go visit the spot we were married at again. 
What else is new…
Marathon training has officially began. Right now I am training for a 15K race on September 9th. When we do that run we’ll be trained for 10 miles and we’ll keep going from there. The plan is to train to run 15-16 miles and do the rest in walk/run intervals. I know it won’t be pretty.  I know our time won’t be amazing. But the whole idea is just to finish… a marathon!!!
What’s up with you lately?

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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Happy early Anniversary to you cutie pies!!! LOVE that picture of you two and your hair is so chic!! I adore that you run your school time on pool time!! Matches up perfectly to me!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

    • Thank you, thank you! I hope your Wednesday was fantastic too sweet friend.

  • Jessica

    I love that song too, but I’ve always wondered what the lyrics would be translated to. Now I need to look it up, but since you said it made you blush I don’t know. I’m afraid it’ll ruin the song for me. Ha ha! Happy almost anniversary. We celebrate our 9th next week!

    • Baha ha! It is just dirty really, not terrible dirty, boudoir dirty, lol. SO exciting friend! Happy almost anniversary to you too.

  • 10 is huge! And that picture of you at the pool- gorgeous!

    • Right?! We need to celebrate HUGE! Thanks dear!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I LOVE boring weekends 🙂 Ahhh 10 years is coming up!? That’s awesome! You definitely need to do something special!

    • I couldn’t agree more. Now if only we had someone to watch the kiddos :P.

  • Oh heavens….now I’m going to have to go look up the translation for that song! lol…Carly LOVES that song! 10 years is a biggy…we will celebrate 16 next month. I still just think you look so pretty in that pool shot!

    • Baha ha! Yeah you do. Those lyrics are pretty special. SO exciting friend 16 years, #goals! I think it was just the filter. Pool hair should never look that good.

  • Your summer has made me jealous! I wish I could be home with my kiddos. Hahaha yes since I speak a little Spanish I realized the first time I heard it it could not be sung in english on the airwaves! You’re gorgeous and you will have a great August – I just know it!!! xo

    • Oh I wish that more people could do that too friend. However summer is the only way Is stay sane. Being cooped up in the house with them all day for the other 9 months, SHWOO! I seriously laughed when I heard the lyrics, I blushed too. Thank you friend. I am hoping and praying it is a great month!

  • Heather Bramlett

    Maybe I should start homeschooling so we can follow the pool schedule! That is a great idea! 🙂 Your a smart mama!!
    LOVE that pool selfie! Just beautiful friend! Oh and I LOVE boring weekends! Enjoy!

    • Baha ha! Well if we are going to be stuck inside, we might as well get stuff done!

      Thank you so very much. I hope your week is going well friend.

  • I always forget about my Amazon Prime account and turn to Netflix first. However the other day my husband and I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane and I would definitely recommend it if you like a bit of a thriller!

    • I will totally keep that one in mind, thank you! We forget about it all the time too. I guess we are just creatures of habit!

  • I remember being jealous when you were having summer break so early compared to us. Not so jealous right now with the back to school. I’m nowhere near rested enough yet.

    • So true, right?! Besides if y’all got out as early as we did, there would still be snow on the ground :P.

  • Haha, that song… I know what it says. I speak Spanish. I have made up my own lyrics when the kids ask 🙂

  • I hope our pool won’t close before our last week off because that’s all I’m planning for that week!

    • Lol! That is awesome. The problem here is so many of the guards are heading back to school or college too. Who is going to work at the pool?!

  • That’s exactly how I meal plan! I plan suppers, but not for any particular day. We have yet to make grilled pizza, but need to. I love that you plan school around the pool. That’s awesome! I really wish we had a pool like that around here. The one we have is clear across the town from us. It was really old, but I read that they were restoring it. We should go check it out. Oh my word….yes! Mason always asks what they’re saying in Despacito and when I looked it up I had to lie to him and tell him I didn’t know! Haha.

    • Baha ha ha! If you are ever going to lie to your kid, a time like that is best. You have to try the grilled pizza sometime it is SO good. We actually go to 3 different pools. They are all within 10 minutes of our house which is pretty fantastic. Happy Wednesday!

  • Looks like you and your girls are enjoying summer! I can’t believe some areas of the US are starting up school soon! That #OOTD is adorable by the way!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    • Thank you! It IS so crazy how different areas start at different times. It seems like a north and south kind of thing. I can see that though since the climates are so different. I have always found it very interesting.

  • Pancake Fridays?! Can I please come over??

    Girl, Despacito has been my favorite song this summer but I’ve never looked to see what it translates to. Lol. The other day Jacob asked me if I knew what they were saying in English and the only thing I could translate was con migo (with me). Lol. I guess I’ll have to look it up and I will obviously NOT being share that info with Jacob.

    • I would make you all the pancakes you wanted, including pumpkin spice ones!

      Oh my word, look it up and have a giggle. It is totally boudoir music friend.

  • Ten years is a very special anniversary!! Do it big! I think its genius you start your school year around the pool schedule, I dont know how you stand the heat otherwise!

    • I really wish we could, but doing anything big seems hard around here. Exactly! I mean if we are going to be stuck inside, we might as well get something done!

  • Whitney Jordan

    We menu plan the same. I love to write out a list of all the dinner options and then we just pick what sounds best before my husband goes to work in the morning. Your pool days have sounded like so much fun and I bet it’s really fun to take big kids to the pool. I love going to the pool with my kids, but it wears me out!! I was talking with another mom of littles the other day about longing for the pool days when we can just go and read while our kids swim.

    • Oh friend they will be here before you know it. Just blink twice. It seems like just the other day I nearly avoided the pool because it was so much work. So, I commend you for even going. This is the first year I have really been able to just be and let my kids go crazy if we are at our favorite smaller pool. #1 I can see my kids everywhere from my chair, #2 I know and trust the lifeguards because we are there so much, it really makes it easier. Just make sure you get those kiddos started on swim lessons sooner than later :P. It is so great knowing Emily can swim all the way across the 10′ section problem free

  • I hope you guys are able to do something fun for your anniversary! Our pool also closes in 2 weeks… if that doesn’t make it feel like the end of summer has arrived, I don’t know what else does. 😉

    • Girl I hear you. Ours is the same exact way. I hope we can do something special. Not celebrating would be a bummer.

  • Awwww, I love that you are celebrating your Anniversary next month too! I hope you are able to get in a fun little something for your Anniversary. I love how flexible your school schedule is! I would LOVE to get a peek into your classroom! I love getting ideas for my own.

  • James and I have been together 10 years in the Spring, not married (that’s just 6) but I would love to take a trip as well. I want to make a big deal of it because it’s a big deal in my opinion.

  • Matt and I will be at 10 years married next year! I’ve already made it known I want to do something! And, I want all your graphic tees!