Ten on the Tenth, July 2017

I had so much fun linking up for 10 on the 10th last month that I decided to join again for July. This past Monday was my first day of solo parenting. Russ left before 6:00 am. to hop on a plan and head to Rochester for a business trip. To make the day go by quickly we kept ourselves distracted by doing ALL the things. It was the perfect way to pass the day and the perfect way to wear the girls out! Now that they are older it’s a little more work to get them good and tired.

I shared what we were up to on IG stories throughout the day, but today I am going to do a little recap. 


The morning started the way all good mornings do, with coffee and a book on the porch. 


We needed to go shopping for our July $10 @ Target post so we loaded up and went in the early morning. When we arrived they were stocking the dollar spot. You know it is going to be a good trip when that happens. We found SO many fun things I’ll share with you on Monday. 


Lunch was Chinese with my sweet and sour chicken loving girl. Emily decided to have yogurt and peanut butter crackers #pickyeater. 


After lunch we went to the pool. The big one with all the slides and diving boards! We spent 3 hours there and the girls were tired and ready to head home. 


Russ had a heck of a time with his flights and schedule so I made this and sent it to him. He thought it was pretty funny. The Newmans will never be fans of Mondays. 


Our other favorite spot to go is the library. Emily was super excited to find a new Elephant and Piggie book so the girls had to read it right away. 


Around 7:30 we began our wall crawl. Joplin has several murals and I’ve wanted to do a post featuring them for a while. However, so many of them face the south that I knew we could only do the photos in the really early morning or evening. I am so glad we finally made the time for it. We’ll be sharing the photos soon.


This is a sneak peek at one of our favorites.


As a reward, for getting in and out of the car countless times, I took the girls to Sonic for milk shakes. Chocolate for them, coconut cream pie for me. 


Milkshakes in hand we came home and talked to dad. The girls were SO excited that he called them on “their phone” aka my old phone. It doesn’t have service but I downloaded an app that they can make calls and send texts from when we’re on wifi. It’s the little things!


Emily has really found her courage and confidence lately. She jumped off the low board once and then told me she kind of wanted to do the high one. I agreed that she could, fully expecting her to chicken out. I still can’t believe she jumped with no hesitation.

Happy Friday Eve friends!

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  • Heather Bramlett

    What a Fun Day!! Can’t wait to see the Walk Crawl pictures!

    • It was a very fun and exhausting day. I will share them sometime soon!

  • Jessica

    I love day in the life posts! So fun to see what other people do during the day. I’m impressed emily jumped. That’s awesome!

    • I was SHOCKED! I had actually just told the guard that I didn’t think she was going to jump when she got up there…. proved me wrong!

  • Good gracious that is a FULL day!!!! I need the info on that app that allows usage with WiFi only! Please ma’am!

    • YES! it was, completely wiped me out. I think the one we use is something really obvious like Text Free! It works great!

  • Sonics Diet Coke’s are life. The crushed ice is a total game changer!

    • The crushed ice is amazing. I am a Cranberry limeade kind of gal though.

  • You have such a joy-filled life- it totally radiates in your pictures!

    • And now it radiates from my smile after reading those sweet words. Thank you.

  • I can’t wait for the wall crawl pics! I love the idea of milkshakes as a reward for their cooperation!

    • I love that you realize a reward was due to them. I couldn’t even imagine doing that with tiny kiddos, lol!

  • How lucky are you to arrive at Target while they’re stocking the dollar spot?! I NEVER manage to do that. It seems like no matter when I go it’s always picked over. I have been stalking ours for weeks now waiting for them to replace the 4th of July stuff with back to school or fall or whatever comes next and they still haven’t. I can’t wait to see what you guys found!

    • It was pretty darn lucky for sure. The back to school stuff was on point too. I wanted to buy all of the things!

  • My best friend is moving back to Rochester! It’s actually a fun little town. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the wall crawl. It makes me want to find some fun walls around here

    • Russ kept saying that if he hadn’t gotten on a plane, he would’ve thought he was just in the next town over. He was kind of bummed that he wasn’t able to explore more.

  • What an awesome day! And you fit so much into it too! Wow, I’m tired just reading it. The wall crawl, heck ya! Until the little one can get herself out of the car seat, I”m waiting, hehe. Can’t wait to see the pictures, and that board you made Russ, LOVE!

    • It was an EXHAUSTING day. We didn’t do much at all for several days afterwards actually. I don’t blame you one bit on the car seat thing. I would wait too.

  • Sonic! That is our summer spot! I need to try a wall crawl sometime! I can’t wait to see your pictures.

    • You totally should it is so fun to see all of the cool walls that are out there!

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a sweet day! I can’t wait to see all of those fun walls 🙂

    • We definitely made the best of dad being away! I’ll be sure to share them soon!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Oooo what’s that app called?? We gave the bigs our old phones and they are so bummed they don’t work to call or text! Yayyy Emily for that jump!!!!

    • I think it is something painfully obvious like Text Free or something along those lines. They will LOVE it!

  • What a perfect summer day! I love that you took them on a wall crawl! We love Elephant and Piggy books! Always a fan favorite 🙂

    • Emily is totally obsessed! I heard Kohls has Elephant and Piggie stuffed animals right now but I haven’t had the nerve to go look. I KNOW she’ll flip out.