The Shouse, Land Progress

Almost one year ago we saw our land for the very first time. It started as a joke, turned into a dream, and now (after oh so much waiting and debating) it is slowly becoming reality. My last house update was shared nearly 4 months ago. In some ways it feels like I have all kinds of news to share, in others ways the bits and pieces seem really uneventful.

But big or small, progress is progress.

At the end of my last post I shared a next steps list:

Arrange for the power lines to be ran.
Clean and purging our home.
Put our home on the market
Sell our home. 
Have the driveway finished (gravel)
Get the official bid from the water company.
Get things ready for the concrete pad and radiant heat.
Pour the pad.

When I made this list I didn’t have a clue how things would change through the process. So looking at it months later, I am shocked to be able to cross this much off.

Let me explain…

The biggest item we crossed off was selling our home.

We cleaned, we purged, we listed, and we waited… for 11 days. Everyone said our home would sell quickly but when the offer came, we were very surprised. In the back of our mind we were prepared to be on the market for the long haul. I think we were just trying to not be overly optimistic. 

With our home sold, we were able to officially purchase our land. Just over a week later the 6 acre plot was officially ours.

We had water put on the land the same week that we closed. I won’t get into exact numbers but let’s just say that it fell somewhere between ouch and wow. However, using rural water was the only good option in our location. Due to the mining history we could’ve dropped $20,000 on a well only to be told it was unusable. No thank you.

We met with the septic system contractor and cleared an area for him to run the lateral lines through. He is currently working with the county to acquire our permits for the system and the building. Those should be done soon.

One of the biggest hurdles left is having electricity ran to the property. It turns out they have a HUGE list of things they want you to accomplish before they will even think about putting power on your land. They want to know that you will be building soon and that you have plans to have a septic system in place, as well as having all of the proper building permits secured. We are SUPER close to the point of calling them and then we’ll be at the mercy of their waiting list. 

Last week we had gravel put on our driveway. I have a feeling we’ll be adding some more around the time we move in, but it has made a big difference already.

While delivering loads of gravel, they also prepped the house site too. This was obviously the more important part of the two. You can see a HUGE difference between the above house site and the photo I shared earlier in this post (the third photo). There has been a lot of dozer work done to get to this point.

At home we’ve been spending a lot of time debating, hashing, and rehashing out floor plans. We’ve also done “important” things like picking out metal colors for the building. I opted to go with the white (which is really light gray) for the roof and charcoal for the sides. The windows and garage doors will be bright white. We want the building to be highly efficient and a lighter colored metal roof is 50-60% more efficient than traditional shingles. I hope I end up loving my choices.

So what next?

Ideally this will be my last update until we actually start on the building. Other than having power ran to the property, there just isn’t much left to do right now. So hopefully in about two months I’ll be sharing the beginning of the construction craziness. Until then I’ll be wasting my time on Pinterest finding idea after idea that we have to include πŸ˜† .

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  • I love these updates! It is crazy how much there is to think about (things I would probably never have thought of). I’m loving following along with you!

    • YES! I feel that way and then Russ thinks about something else… like where the closest fire hydrant is :P.

  • Jessica

    Yippee! Build that house, build that house! Great updates and so exciting! πŸ™‚

    • Haha! It’s like Extreme Home Makeover…. wouldn’t that be great :P.

  • Heather Bramlett

    EEK!! I love that the house has a “spot” So exciting!

    • It IS exciting. I just keep staring thinking of the day we get to live out there. It seems surreal.

  • Oh my gosh, it’s becoming reality! So fun, I love watching this process, although I would be a terrible decision maker! Yay!

    • Painfully slowly, but YES! Making decisions is the worst ever. Trying to be practical, wise and make it look good… so hard.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I would be the same about listing my house, thinking the worst then being so happy/surprised when it sold quick!! 11 days is AWESOME!! So when do you close on yours? Or have you already? Yayy for your new land becoming more ready for building!!

    • We already closed on our house, we closed over a month ago, but now we rent it from the new owners. They won’t be moving in for a few more months so it worked out really great. We’ll be out of here eventually though.

  • So much progress. You have been so hard at work! Well done

  • That’s so exciting! Love the colors you picked!

    • Thank you! I am hoping I love them too. It is hard to imagine it all put together.

  • There has been so much progress. I love the colors that you picked out. It also looks so different with the driveway. How exciting for you all!

    • Oh man the drive ways makes it look live able, lol. I kind of liked it before, but it is nice now. He also cleared out a BUNCH of underbrush when he put the drive in so that changed it a lot too.

  • Beth!! You guys are movin’ and groovin’. You’ve accomplished so much already. I love following along this journey with y’all. All of this hard work is going to be so worth it.

    • We are really trying to, but we feel stuck again right now. That’s okay though, soon it will be a complete crazy train we can’t get off of.

  • I really need to do a house update too- I love seeing yours. Also, that driveway is perfection. And our water is costing a shit-ton of money to get too. Oy.

    • I would LOVE to hear more about what y’all have going on. I know you bough land right around the same time we did. But I don’t know much more than that.

  • I knew your home would sale quickly… it’s the cutest place. I know I would have been interested in it if I was looking for a home.

    • It is a really great house. It’s not even mine anymore and I still think that :P.

  • So stinkin’ excited for you! I would just be tickled pink to drive up that driveway every day. So I’m assuming your back porch might face the sunset?? I cannot wait to build our dreamhouse someday.

    Shelly|The Queen in Between

    • That drive way is SO dreamy especially when it is really green. I can’t wait to see critters from my dining room windows too. It is going to be just awesome.

      We actually won’t have a back porch. We are building a 54×72 building that will be almost 2300 sq ft of living space, maybe more if we do a bonus room in the attic, and a 1600 sq ft garage. So, essentially the garage will be the size of our current house, lololol. We’ll have a big front porch but nothing else is currentlyplanned. I’d like to do a picnic area just on the other side of the house and if we have a party we’ll probably just open the garage doors and hang out out there.

  • So exciting!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Yay!! Everything is coming together nicely. Love your color choices and can’t wait to hear more about your decorating choices for inside. Thanks for sharing your new home with us.

    • I am excited to get to the point of making them and I REALLY wish I had someone to help. I am going for industrial/ farmhouse and I really hope to pull it off. I need an expert, call Joanna!

  • This is SO exciting!!! I love reading about all these details as Ive never thought about building my own home! Im happy for you, lady!!

    • Oh man I swore we would never do it again. Karma is laughing at me!

  • Woot! So much progress! I can’t wait until you start building!

    • You and me both friend. Soon… maybe….

  • I’m sure it’s so exciting – and stressful – to build your own house! I can’t wait to see the progress!

    • It is both of those things. I said we would never do it again after the last time, but here we are. UGH!

  • I like the colors you selected! That is quite the to do list to get power lines out there. I am so happy to hear you are that close to calling them πŸ™‚

    • Oh me too friend me too. Watch they’ll tell us “see you in 6 months”, HA!