Monthly Goals, July 2017

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Work ahead as much as I can.
* Utilize IG stories more.
* Create a summer bucket list.
* Go swimming together.
* Go for a bike ride together.
* Do something spontaneous.
* Start 15K training.
* Continue planking.
* Serve VBS.
* Enjoy our summer off.
* Work on reading.
* Close on the sale of our home.
* Accomplish something on the new build (septic, electric, gravel, anything).
* Celebrate Marissa’s 9th birthday!
* Average 4 workouts a week or 16 for the month.
* Work on a Bible study I printed out.

And what I didn’t …

* Attend small group and church on the weeks small group doesn’t meet.
* Take the girls for milk shakes.

All in all June was a pretty great month and I am really happy with how much we accomplished. We missed some Sundays at church and our milk shake date never happened. But we’ve been loving our new small group and I took the girls for corn dogs one day and slushies another. So I call that a win! Workouts this month have been good too. I only went to the gym 13 times, but between mowing the yard and biking to the library, I still had plenty of exercise.

Out with June in with July. I really, really, really thought about not making goals for this month. Instead I opted to just scale them back so we can really enjoy the last full month of our summer break.

Plans for July…

For me July is all about soaking up the last bits of summer before we head back to school on August 7th. I can’t believe we are that close, but we are. I guess that’s what happens when your school year wraps up at the end of April. So I want to relax as much as I possibly can, make as many summer memories as possible, and start thinking of how I can carry some of that into our school year. What has to stay, where can things change, & what can I let go of too?! 

* Complete the 14 Days of Summer photo challenge.

* Organize a blog hop for August.
* Consider ways to scale back in August.
* Post a shouse update.

* Work on our summer bucket list.

* Average 4 workouts a week or 16 for the month.
* Complete weekly long runs (2, 5 mile & 2, 6 mile runs).
* Snack on fruit more often.

* Continue working on my Bible study. 

Home School-
* Enjoy our summer off.
* Work on reading.

* Accomplish something else on the new build (septic, electric, gravel, anything).
* Take the girls for milk shakes.
* Buy Russ’ anniversary present.
* Read 4 books.
* Work more on our house floor plans.

What do you have planned for July?

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  • Way to go on you June goals! I almost didn’t do July goals as well… but old habits die hard…. 😉 Good luck on you July goals! You’ve got this for sure!

    • Exactly! That is exactly how I felt… I mean I have been doing goal posts for longer than I can remember!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Girl you ROCKED June!! I’m failing at all my goals lately, Summer is kicking my butt!!

    • I say let it kick and just enjoy the fun.

  • Heather Bramlett

    Awesome job on the June Goals! I hear you about soaking up as much of Summer as you can!

    • I just feel like I can hear the end of summer clock ticking away, Boo!!!!

  • I have kind of stop my goal posts. I need to work on them again. I’ve been working on goals, just not documenting them.

    Also… a milkshake sounds so good right now!

    • Oh man does it ever. I kind of had a tiny one already though. I told myself I would burn it off tonight anyways. Goals are like lists for me I gotta document it if it’s gonna happen.

  • Mande K

    Holy cow your June was productive!! Yay for the summer photo challenge – I always have the best of intentions to do thesis but never get started!

    • I can NEVER finish the long ones, but the mini ones are where it is at 14 days is WAY more doable than 30-31!

  • You did great last month! Loving the photo challenge. I’m excited to hear about your blog hop!

    • Thanks Dara! I posted about it in the FB group. I need to tag it for stragglers tonight!

  • My favorite over acheiver did an excellent job in June! You rock and I know you will royally rock these July goals!

    • Aaaawwww!!!! Aren’t you the sweetest. I sure hope so. I have been doing this forever and never manage to cross them all off!

  • Great job with your June goals! Your goals for July seem totally do-able! Great job with the work outs!

    • Thanks Becky. I feel like my butt is getting handed to me at the gym, but it is good.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Awesome job on your June goals!! You’re killing it this summer. Love your milkshake goal and that you’ve got a goal to read 4 books in July. Look at you becoming a super star reader 🙂 I’m excited to read a shouse update, participate in your July photo challenge and see what fun you and your girls are up to this month.

    • Isn’t that so funny! I used to read ALL the time when I was younger and I thought I grew out of it… apparently not though! I think most of July will be spent swimming… and I am totally okay with that.

  • You had an amazing June! I am so impressed! I want to read some more books in July too, and work on some house projects!

    • House projects are so much work but so rewarding too. I hope you find some time for both!

  • You kicked June’s butt, girl! You consistently meet almost all of them every month and that is so impressive. I love all of your July goals, too. I think I’M most looking forward to the shouse update!

    • I really need to throw one together but man I am waiting til there is something good to share and it is all moving at snail speed now. Hopefully within the next month there will be more news. I’d hate to share thing to then have stuff get majorly changed… again.

  • I really wish I was better at this goal setting thing! I suck at it…I’m better at writing a list after the fact so I can see I actually accomplished something lol.

    • Yes! Which is why I have to force myself to write things down sooner than later. Sometimes for me if I don’t make myself be accountable to what I say I want to do…. I won’t do a thing. I guess I need some leverage over my head or something.

  • Way to crush those girls! You kicked major booty last month. So happy to hear that you are loving your new small group. That’s awesome!!!

    • It is SO good friend. Seeing Gods plan unfold has been amazing.