14 Day of Summer Recap Post

The beginning of July was the beginning of another photo challenge. I’ve really enjoyed co-hosting photo challenges with Stephanie over the past several months. 14 Days of Summer was the 3rd one we’ve put together, so far, for 2017. After playing around with formats, we decided that the mini challenges are by far a favorite. Two weeks is a MUCH easier time commitment than an entire month and it seems to avoid people getting burnt out. So we put our brains together and came up with this.

This was by far my favorite photo challenge, ever. Maybe it is my love of summer, the prompts, or taking most of the photos with my new IPhone. Whatever it was, for the very first time in my photo challenge history, I was sad that it was over.

Since Instagram tends to be a bit… finicky 🙄 . I thought it would be fun to share my IG photos on the blog today. 




Breakfast of champions! * * * #14daysofsummer17 #redwhiteandblue #landofthefree #donut #white #july

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Ready to celebrate the 4th…. eeerrr 3rd with friends! * * * #america #14daysofsummer17 #blue #fourthofjuly #summerlove #ootd

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Keeping cool

My morning

Where it leads

Summer treat

The best part


The best part of my day, always and forever. • • • #14daysofsummer17 #sundayfunday #myfamily #thebestpart #wallcrawl #weedstagram

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Something funny




To all of you who joined us for this challenge, thank you. And to those of you who finished it, great job. These challenges wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you joining us for the shenanigans and helping us spread the word. 

If you missed out on this challenge, don’t worry. We are already talking about a 14 Days of Fall challenge that will launch in October. So mark your planners now and check back at the end of September for details!

Which prompt was your favorite?

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  • Lizzie Simantz

    So yeah, I totally bombed this photo challenge! I tell you, I’m just so bad with IG (and I wonder why I can’t grow it LOL) But you, you rocked it and I loved looking at your pics! Love that floral top you have on in the pic from the 3rd!

    • I bought that shirt at Walmart! It was so patriotic and perfect for the 4th! Maybe next time!

  • I bombed this because….life. But you rocked it….per the norm. Ok moving on LOL!!!

    • Baha ha! I guess they call them challenges for a reason. They are usually nearly impossible for me too.

  • You killed this challenge!! Such a great job! I can’t even pick a favorite.

    • Thank you, thank you. I will take a bow now.

  • You are a great photographer Beth with such a creative eye! I have really gotten so out of practice and need to start seeing things through the lens more.

    • Oh my word girl. I feel like I have been sucking at creativity lately so that was pretty much the sweetest thing you could have said. THANK YOU!

  • I love all of the pictures, friend! Way to rock that photo challenge! I wanted to join so bad, but the majority of it was during our Mountain vacation. And there were so many times we were in the mountains with no cell signal. 🙁

    • This challenge would have been so perfectly you too. Your summer photos are always my favorites! Maybe next time!

  • Great photos! I kept up with most of the prompts, I always like having inspiration on what to post to Instagram each day!

    • It is SO nice because otherwise I struggle with what to post and scramble to come up with something.

  • I cannot wait until the fall one! I am IN! I dropped the ball in April with Instagram and just picked it up at the end of last week! Hahaha! Your summer break looks like it has been SO much fun and full of memories for you and the girls!

    • It has been AMAZING. I can’t believe it is nearly over too. I just want to cry. I’ll look forward to you joining us come fall!

  • This challenge was a ton of fun, not to mention I love hosting with you. And I’m glad you’ve got a good camera on your phone. I am eager to see what more you’ll be photographing as you get used to your phone more and more.

    • I love hosting with you too boo. It has been nice to take photos with my phone more often, relying less on the big camera to capture the moments.

  • Well, I managed to join in for one of the days and then I just totally forgot about the rest of it. I don’t know WHY I struggle so bad with these Instagram challenges. I mean, I post every day! I just cannot for the life of me remember to post for the challenges.

    • Baha ha! I could never complete them until I started hosting them. I think the key is to write them where you’ll see them in a planner or on a calender in the MORNING and then you can get an idea of what you want to post. Or you can cheat and work ahead ;). Then it makes posting to IG really easy if you save them in your drafts.

  • I loved this! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the fall!

    • Thank you so much. It should be a lot of fun.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I loved your July challenge!! I joined in for the majority of the days and was sad when it ended. You two came up with some fun prompts. I loved seeing what everyone came up with for each day and festive food always makes me smile.

    • Something about photos and summer, this one was just so much fun! I can’t wait to see what we come up with come fall. I have a pretty good guess that one of the prompts will probably have something to do with pumpkin or pumpkin spice :P.

  • Oh my goodness, your pics are perfect! This looks like so much fun. 😀

  • Love the pictures! Such a fun photo challenge!

    • Thanks friend. It was definitely my favorite.

  • Im sorry I flaked from this challenge. But it looks like it was fun!

    • I think you can play the prego card on this one friend :).

  • Im sorry I flaked from this challenge. But it looks like it was fun!

  • Jessica

    I love all of your photos!! So fun! I hung in there until day 13 (I know, so close) and with traveling, etc I forgot. Dang it!

    • Baha ha! Oh goodness that was so, SO close.

  • I so feel down on the job on this one…. I think it’s b/c lately I’ve been mad at IG…..

  • Your pictures make me so happy, plus your love of doughnuts and ice cream pretty much seal the deal for me 🙂

    • Just think of all the calories we could consume girl!!! Maybe we shouldn’t think about that actually.

  • I did start on that challenge and got stuck on America and then forgot. Oy. I always love your photos!

    • Baha ha! I can totally see how that one may have tripped you up.

  • Cool challenge! Missed it as I was away for awhile. Darn. Thanks for hosting!

  • I swear I can never remember to take pictures on a certain day of a certain theme so I totally fail at these, but I love seeing all your photos! What fun prompts!

    • They are SO darn tricky if they last more than 2 weeks, I am toast. The only way I can ever get them done is to work ahead a bit but that is hard to do too!