What’s Up Wednesday, June 2017

The last Wednesday of the month means What’s Up Wednesday. (How is it possibly the last Wednesday of June?!) It’s the day I share all of the ins and outs of our life lately. And trust me we may appear boring on the surface level, with no big trips or exciting adventures, but this summer has been anything but boring. We just have SO much life changing stuff going on behind the scenes. Let me see if I can give you a peek when I share what’s going on in our world currently. 

What we are eating this week…

Nothing unless I got to the store. Kidding… kind of. This week is full of simple meals. The girls started swim lessons on Monday so now that we need to be out the door at 6:00 4 days a week, dinners have to be early and simple. Lots of summer staples like grilled burgers or margherita pizza will be happening and some meals that offer leftovers will be planned too. 

What I’m reminiscing about…

I spent a lot of time reminiscing over Marissa right before her 9th birthday. I know that by now I shouldn’t be surprised over how fast each year goes by, but I am. It makes me sad and I want to freeze time and soak up this summer. 

What I’m loving…

Any and all things summer. But I haven’t even glanced at our summer bucket list, eeekkkk!!! I guess I should take a look so we can get to work on it. I’d hate to not be able to cross something off .

What we’ve been up to…

Swimming, swimming, swimming. Oh, did I mention swimming? Just call us fishy, fishy. 

What I’m dreading…

Still dreading the packing and it is going to sneak up on us fast. The current plan is to get a storage unit at the beginning of August and start moving what we can into it so that the actual move goes more smoothly. Once the building is up and the concrete floors cure, (for nearly an entire month  😯  🙄 ) we can reevaluate and possibly move some stuff out there. 

In the mean time I really need to be thinking about what we’ll need while living at Russ’ parents.We can’t take much and honestly we won’t need much either. School stuff, a few toys, toiletries, and clothes. The hardest part will be what to do with clothes. Maybe I should come up with a time capsule wardrobe for each of us? I wish I was kidding on that one :lol:. It might be a necessity though.

What I’m working on… 

Uh, nothing. #becausesummer I’m not working on much right now and I’m loving it. However, it feels like the calm before the storm . 

What I’m excited about…
We officially closed on our land yesterday! Since we bought it from friends they’ve been letting us do some stuff out there, knowing we were good for it. But it is exciting to have it officially be ours. Newman Acres is a real thing now!!! So crazy. I never imagined myself living “outside of town” even if it is just by a mile or so. 
What I’m watching/reading…
In the past month I’ve read 3 books friends! It is a complete miracle. I always thought that I had grown out of my love of reading, I guess that isn’t true at all. I just didn’t have  make time to read for several years. Now I am back at it for a little while and really enjoying it. 
What I’m listening to…
I haven’t been listening to much lately but I am kind of crushing on this song that I hear on Pandora at the gym.
What I’m wearing…
My absolutely positively amazing donut shirt. I can’t stop, won’t stop wearing it.  More details on it are coming soon friends. 
What I’m doing this weekend…
This weekend is a LONG weekend. Russ’ work decided to close on Monday giving him a 4 day weekend! We are so happy to have that extra day together, even if we don’t have anything big planned. I am sure we’ll come up with something fun to do or maybe we’ll enjoy just being lazy. Currently the only thing on our radar is a party with friends on the 3rd.
What I’m looking forward to next month…
More of the same. I just want to keep on enjoying summer. And nothing says summer like the month of July!
What else is new…
I’ve been training for a 15K race in September and 4 mile runs have once again became “easy”. My secret was slowing down my pace a bit 😉 . Sometimes it’s not about how long it takes you to run something, it’s just about getting it done. 9:45-9:50 miles seem to be my sweet spot when I am training for distance. I’d gladly slow down a bit more, but going faster than that? No thank you. This week I have my first 5 mile run since FOREVER ago. Pray for me.
What’s up with you lately?
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  • Heather Bramlett

    EEK! So excited for Newman Acres!
    We have been swimming lots too! We heart Summer!

    • Thanks girl. We heart summer so much too!

  • I am so excited for you about the land! But curing for a month?! Wow… that’s a lot of time! Those HGTV shows don’t talk about that… 😉 And I have been so over meal planning for the past few weeks. I just don’t really want to think about what to cook. I like doing grilled things, but Matt doesn’t get home till later, so we have to save that for the weekend.

    • Lololol! No, no they do not. It wouldn’t be as important if the concrete wasn’t going to be the actual flooring for the house. I learned to grill for that very reason friend. Its rather “unconventional” but how we role.

  • Jessica

    Yay for closing and things moving along with the new house. Take a deep breath when it comes to packing and planning. It’ll get done, so don’t stress too much. We’ve been swimming a bunch too. Gotta love summer.

    • I love seeing all your outdoor and pool stories on IG. I do my best friend.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    So excited for you! Our basement walls were just poured yesterday and it’s starting to become real! Sounds like you are having a fabulous summer and soaking in every precious second! Yes to all swimming, we are going to be putting in a pool at the new house next spring and I’m all about some float and swim time, LOL! You go girl! Great runs feel so good!

    • Oh wow that is so exciting. I wish we were closer but we had to wait for the contract on the house to call the builder and by then his wait list was out for three months. whomp, whomp, whomp. A pool at the house sounds AMAZING! I somehow survived last nights run. My legs were protesting but I told them to hush up.

  • Congratulations on closing on your land, girl! That is SO amazing! I am so excited to be with you on this journey of building a new house. Stuff like that just makes me happy! :o)

    And a DONUT SHIRT?! I’m going to need details stat.

    • Girl I really wish you were closer, I’d just put you in charge of all of my decisions :P.

      You are going to LOVE it.

  • I’m with ya on the swimming! Andi just started lessons and although she’s only 2, she’s loving it! Building will be SO fun – especially for all of us to follow along! haha

    • It is never to young to start swimming lessons friend. The sooner, the better. I think it will be more fun for my followers for sure. I should just have y’all make the choices for me :P.

  • yay for swimming, swimming, swimming. We are doing lessons, but just one day a week. Yay for closing on your land, so exciting!

    • One day a week is great. We have 8 lessons over 2 weeks so it is super condensed and intense. Thank you!

  • And all about someone (me!) challenged you to read just one book! I am so proud of you.

    • Haha I am so happy to make you happy and to find out that the book worm in me didn’t’ actually die :P.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    So exciting for closing on your land! When does building start? Or did it already? How long do you think you’ll live with Russ’ parents? Thank goodness you have there to go, right!? Ricks work gave them Monday off too so 4 day weekend for him, we can’t wait!!!

    • The building is supposed to start in September. By the time we had a contract on the house (we wanted our equity money) his wait was much longer than it typically was, go figure. I am hoping something happens and he gets to us sooner, but won’t hold my breath. We honestly just don’t know. We’d like to say 3 months but I have a feeling it might be longer…

      Wahoo, that is awesome.

  • I am so excited for your land! Woohooo for running. I dream of the day when 5 miles seems even “do-able”. Right now I am getting in 3 miles of running/walking but I am hoping that in November I will be ready for a fun 10K race. It was my goal last year but I got injured so I couldn’t do it. Your post just motivated me to keep going! I have loved all of your Instastories. I am loving how often you guys make it to the pool!

    • Oh man I wish I could do that 10K with you to cheer you on girl. Running and I have a funny relationship. As long as I don’t push it too hard, my body does okay. The 5 mile run was pretty good. It wasn’t as easy as 4, but it felt doable. We LIVE at the pool all summer. I think our actually pool visit tally is around 25 when we add all the visits up collectively. I need to reassess things so I can label my photos more correctly.

  • Congrats on the land! Yay for summer everything.

  • Donut shirt?! I’m intrigued! Bonus points if it comes in kids sizes too because Mason NEEDS one of those!

    • I will have a post on it up next week. Sadly it doesn’t though. I did find Emily a donut shirt at Walmart (say what?) for $3 on clearance (woot woot) that say Donut go breakin my heart. That is currently on my letterboard. I really need to post a photo of that.

  • Have an amazing 4 day weekend with Russ!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Yay for all that reading!! Can’t wait to hear what you think of all the books. I think your idea for capsule wardrobes for everyone would make your life much easier once you move. Simply everything!! I also think you’re smart to get a head start on packing. Have I mentioned this before… Be REALLY detailed in your box labeling. We moved from Utah and I ended up writing home decor on half our boxes which made unpacking super difficult.

    • I will have my post up in about a week. Things are a bit off this coming week with the 4th. I love the idea too, but man it is going to be hard to pick the pieces to make it work. Maybe I can put together a couple of different ones and pack them in boxes so I can rotate them out?!?!

  • Don’t feel too bad about not looking at the summer bucket list. Life is too short sometimes for lists and that way we don’t miss the beauty. Enjoy your summer 🙂

    • Yes! It makes the memories more organic anyways.