Ten on the Tenth, June 2017

Hello Monday, hello summer!

After Memorial Day craziness, VBS week, and struggling to find a routine, it feels like the real deal now. Summer is really here. We are almost mid June and the high today is 90 some odd degrees 😎 . I am having all the happy summer feelings and I just can’t soak enough of it in. 

This weekend was equally fantastic. We woke up on Saturday morning with nothing planned but ended up having what I would call the perfect summer Saturday. And since it was the 10th day of the month, I did 10 Insta-stories just so I could share all the details with you


It was nearly 10:00 on Saturday when I finally stumbled out of bed to head for the coffee pot. All happy days start like this. 


Marissa and Emily spent the morning giggling in their pj’s and playing Cooking Mama on my phone and on the DS. They love those games. 


Yes, I know it’s June. But when you find a super cute Christmas shirt on clearance, you buy it no matter what the month the calendar says!


Around 1:00 we decided to run some errands. It was the first time I wore this new peplum top I grabbed for $6 at Kohls. I wish I had a couple more just like it!


Stop #1 was the library to pick up this. Stephanie has challenged me to read one book this summer and I am hoping that this will be the one. 


Since Russ was with us we decided to really explore the brand new library, which is beyond gorgeous btw. We found these bookshelves and Emily declared it to be the ladder of her dreams.


We were invited to go swimming at a friend’s house and what is swimming and dinner without ice cream treats? Emily and I ran in to grab some and when asked to smile she gave me this. I just went with it.


I am almost embarrassed over how much fun my girls think the car wash is. We very rarely spend the money to go… maybe that is why? They were almost giddy guys 😳 😆 . 


Pool visit #11 of our hopeful 100 was logged. I have been keeping count of our pool pass visits on IG stories but I have a separate count for other pools. Who would have thought this could be so complicated. Honestly, I just want to see how much money we save with our pool passes over the summer. 


So I bought some Good Humor Oreo ice cream bars and I can’t even explain how much I loved them. They were so good! Just do yourself a favor and put a box in your cart the next time you go to the store. 

If I could just repeat this past Saturday every weekend for the rest of the summer, I’d totally be okay with that. 

Tell me about your weekend?!

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  • Jessica

    I just placed a hold on that book at our local library. I’ve heard of it and haven’t wanted to read it and your IG story reminded me. 🙂 Yay for hopefully a little more relaxing of a week.

    • Oh it is SO good. I may or may not be nearly finished already! Today we have an 8am dentist appointment for Marissa. What was I thinking!!!

  • Three boys and a girl blog

    Seems like a great weekend! That Ice cream bar looks amazing!! I really love using insta stories and have been trying to do them more!

    • They are so fun, right?! Even the hubby commented on those bars being good, so they must be!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Love that peplum top you have and $6!! Awesome! I so want that Christmas shirt, so jealous you found that for a steal I’m sure! So much fun over the weekend for you guys!

    • I found that one crazy cheap… I’ll see if I can send you the link. It was a great weekend for sure.

  • Those ice cream bars are going in my cart next time 🙂 YUMMY! What a fun day. I can’t wait to take my kiddos to the library today and sign them up for the summer reading programs. I am so excited to see how much money you save this year with the pool. I love that you all have this goal. My kids would love that. I hope you have a great day!

    • They ARE so good. Even the hubby commented on them being good last night, which is unusual for him. That is so awesome. Marissa completed another level of the program yesterday. Girlfriend is reading like crazy and I love it. Happy Tuesday!


    1. That Christmas tee – OMG, so cute! And it’s NEVER too early to be thinking about Christmas… I just bought my first Christmas gift at the outlet mall on vacay this past week. Lol.
    2. I really hope you like that Lauren Graham book… I loved it!! Parenthood is one of my favorite shows of all time so I loved hearing about behind the scenes stuff… and of course, GG, too!
    3. Your library is unbelievable! It looks like a library in an old mansion… so elegant!

    4. Our kids adore the car wash, too! We only do it like one or two times per year though.

    • Absolutely never, I knew I could count on you! I am LOVING that book. Actually I am already almost done! Our library IS unbelievable. I’ll have to share more photos. It is brand spanking new, opened 3 weeks ago and it cost a TON of money. So glad it’s not just mine, FYI they won’t grow out of it any time too soon. HA!

  • That Christmas Tee is so dang cute! Never too early to buy holiday clothes. That ice cream thing at the end, amazing, I’ve never seen that before and I might eat the whole box, so best if we leave that at the store. I think I should have the same goal, one book…I can do it.

    • Lololol! I used to do that all the time. But the intense guilt of my kids actually noticing these things as they have gotten older has really put an end to that. You can totally do it friend. I grabbed this one and I am nearly done already!

  • Heather Bramlett

    Just getting out of pj’s at 10am…PERFECT!
    Looks like a great day! That ice cream..oh my!!

    • Oh me, oh my! Those are GOOD! It was a perfect day!

  • I seriously can’t wait for summer holidays- 2.5 more weeks. This post made me want it to be today though.

  • Emily’s face, what a ham! Id be A LOT more excited if ice cream was involved 😉 Cute peplum!

    • She’s a complete nut bag I tell you. Something about those second children.

  • Fun photos! And fun day!

  • I am so proud of you for picking up a book… especially one that’s completely fantastic.

    • So I need to find something else to read now, but I don’t feel anything else will stack up. Have you read her novel?

  • Whitney Jordan

    Those Oreo bars look amazing and dangerous 🙂 I’ll have to look for them at the store. Love your book choice. I haven’t read it so I’m interested to hear what you think!

    • They are SO good! Even Russ said so, which is really odd for him. They can be a bit…. crumby but you can solve that by eating them outside! I am LOVING it. I only have about 30 pages left to go.

  • Sounds like the perfect Saturday!!
    Also, love that Christmas shirt! It’s never too soon for a good deal!

    • So glad that y’all agree with me instead of rolling your eyes :).

  • The car wash is no end of fun isn’t it? Even my older kiddos like the experience. Ah ten am, I am so jealous. My 4 year old believes days should start somewhere in between 5 and 6 am… I am going to reciprocate when she is a teen 🙂

    • Baha ha ha! I think those kinds of thoughts all the time :P.

  • That Christmas tee is so cute! And the peplum!

    • Thanks Becky! That peplum was such a good deal. I would have bought the same print in a different color if they would’ve had more!

  • Okay…evidently I’ve missed out on your IG stories! You are so witty Beth….these and your little letters always give a little more insight into that side of you and I love it. Y’all are just such a precious little family. I had to laugh about the pool passes…I seriously use to purchase the family pass each summer and calculate how many times we would have to go to the pool to make it worth it. Ha!

    • Lol. Oh I KNOW we make our money back in no time flat. Just the other day it would have cost almost $20 for the 4 of us in one visit. That was almost 1/4 of the cost of our pass!

      Thank you so much for your sweet words.