Celebrating Marissa, Nine Years

We’ve been counting down the days for weeks now and it all is leading up to tomorrow, the day my baby turns 9. It’s her last single digit birthday and the first year to officially be a “tween”. I’m not so sure how I feel about all of this, but I don’t really seem to have much of a choice in the matter.

Today I want to introduce you to sentimental & mushy slideshow Beth. She’s the one that pulls out the external hard drive and spends nearly a whole day looking through old photos of her first-born child, because she didn’t have a blog back then to document all of the milestones. She also noticed that somewhere in the middle years she stopped taking as many pictures and over the last couple of years has really upped her photog skills.

So grab your coffee and get your scrolling finger ready. Today we are looking back on 9 years of Marissa Renae. 

Baby Marissa









Please mail boxes of tissues to…. 

But really, soak up those little ones friends. Before you know it you’ll be entering uncharted waters yourself.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. I love you to the moon and back. I love that you care so deeply and work so hard. I love that you notice the details that others quickly overlook. I love that you have a heart that wants to do the right thing and that I can tell when you’re struggling with your head wanting to be dishonest, but your heart can’t seem to be able to follow through. I love your dimples. I love that you are such an amazing big sister, most of the time. And I love that even though you may look more like your dad you are a carbon copy of me. Sometimes it seems like that causes us to bump heads, but others it seems to forge our relationship and make it even stronger.

We will always and forever treasure you.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom

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  • Jessica

    Oh all of these photos grab my heart, but my favorite is the I Am A Big Sister one. Ha ha! Her feelings about that show for sure. Ha ha! I just can’t get over it. πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Marissa.

    • Isn’t that funny. And she had just turned 2 so it wasn’t even like she knew what was going on, lololol. Thank you.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Happy Birthday to Marissa!!! I loved looking at all those old pics! What a sweet, sweet girl! I love that you two are so alike, that’s exactly how Brayden & I are. Have fun celebrating!

    • Thank you so much we had an amazing day of celebrating for sure. She ran us around like crazy.

  • Happiest of birthdays Marissa!!! I loved getting to see all of these photos of her. And one thing that definitely stands out in each picture is her sweet and shy little personality!! She’s such a beauty. I always say that Mason and Emily remind me so much of each other, but like you and Marissa, Mason is a carbon copy of me.

    • YES! That is so true, my best friend said the same exact thing in fact. Love it. Having a child just like you can be a bit of a challenge some days, but it is really fun too.

  • Happy birthday sweet girl! That big sister pic cracks me up. And yes, she’s grown, but I feel like you could plop her hair on her one year old self and she’d be the same. Love her dimples!

    • Baha ha! So true, you totally could. Her dimples have ALWAYS been my favorite.

  • Oh my goodness gracious, Beth. She has looked EXACTLY the same her entire life! Those dimples! She was such a beautiful baby and an even more beautiful girl. Happy happy birthday to her! I hope you have an amazing weekend celebrating her!

    • Yes she has. It is so funny to me how some people just don’t change that much. I think she will definitely be one of them. We had a great time indeed.

  • How cute! She pretty much looks exactly the same as she always has!

  • Gah!!!! How cute!! I love that look in the big sister shirt! So funny! I can’t get over how she looks like she did wen she was small! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

    • It feels like it was just yesterday. Oh goodness. She really has always looked like herself.Thank you so much.

  • That first little baby picture….eek. She’s such a pretty girl. Soak it up momma!

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a sweet photo round up! I loved seeing those little year pictures. I think that big sister picture is my favorite. She’s always had the best expressions and such pretty hair. What a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday Marissa!!

    • That is a classic. She made that face and didn’t even know what was going on, silly girl. Thanks Whitney.

  • Her dimples are the sweetest. I hope you had a wonderful weekend of celebrating your first born!

  • oh those dimples, she looks the same, but over the years, her face has just matured so much, 9, wahhh, where has the time gone?!

  • I think everyone here is talking about those dimples! From that first baby picture to the last. What a cutie! Happy 9th birthday to your sweet girl πŸ™‚

    • They are her trademark symbol, lol. I just love them too.

  • ok, this was a hard choice but I think my absolute fave of the bunch is with the over-alls! Get that girl some more stat. Now that I think about it Aria hasn’t had any in a while…aren’t they like in fashion now too?

    • That has always been one of my favorites, always. I totally think they are too! I still had these and passed them along to my friend Anna for her little girl to wear someday. That is gonna make me feel all kinds of nostalgic.