$10 at Target, June 2017

Last month I confessed that I almost hung up my hat and quit the $10 at Target team. With our current housing situation (BTW, we officially sold the house last Monday!) and the major purging we’ve been doing over the past several months, plus the uneasiness over what the next few months are going to look like… Do I really need to keep going to Target and buying more stuff?

Then I snapped out of it. I mean, can you ever really quit Target? I’m fairly positive the answer is no. So instead of giving it up I decided to come up with a new game plan. I hereby promise to shop intentionally for things that we actually need. It seemed like a fool-proof plan, but old habits die hard. Would I really be able to change my strategy?

Spoiler alert: This month Target got the best of me.

Here are a few things that we found at Target recently…

This is adorable and it was only $3 (I think). It would be the perfect addition to my 4th decorations.

Hello my name is Beth and I have a table runner obsession. I have been swooning over this one for a while and now it was only 8.98!

Had this play said ‘Treat Yo’ self… I totally would have bought it. Only fans of Parks and Rec will truly understand why. 

Coffee nut M&M’s?! What is this glory in my hand. #whoneedscaramelanyways. They were 2.99 and I wanted them badly. 

What’s a 4th of July party without some $1 patriotic temporary tattoos?

The earrings that were 3.98 last month, were even cheaper now. Maybe they aren’t as cute as I think they are?

I am always wishing I had more bracelets, always!

We have been wanting to try these for a LONG time now but I have yet to pull the trigger and get some.

Plates with all of our favorite foods for $1.99

This adorable Minnie plate for $2.99. (Hi Brenda, I instantly thought of you.)

$3 fidget spinners… a certain little girl named Marissa has been BEGGING me for one of these. I told her if she completed all 4 summer reading charts I would get her one. It may or may not already be in my closet and it didn’t come from Target.

Once again we snapped a few random photos while shopping. #BecauseTarget

So what did we end up getting?

With Marissa’s birthday just a few days away wee needed some party supplies Plates, napkins, and a big #9 were just what we were looking for. I grabbed the ice cream cards for some summer notes/ birthday thank you cards. The punch balloons were a long overdue reward for Emily for her summer reading work. And the other two items were for me, and only one was actually a need. If I would have used just a little more self control and not picked up the bracelets we would have been well under budget, again. But I am always wishing I had more bracelets and for that price I thought the purchase was completely justifiable? This is the part where you agree with me to make me feel better about going over  😆 .

How did it add up?

Plates 1.99
Napkins 1.75
Cards $1.00
#9 Balloon $1.00
Punch Balloons $1.00
Baby Lips $1.51 {Originally $3.02}
Bracelets $3.88 {Originally $12.99}
Total $12.13
Red Card Discount $0.61
Tax +8.0750 $0.93
Grand Total $12.45

So maybe this whole idea of sticking to buying more useful, practical things might work… if I manage to keep my self control. 

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What have you found at Target lately?
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  • The bracelet purchased was totally justifiable. I love that balloon! Great finds once again

    • Thank you! Glad to here you can excuse me, lol.

  • Three boys and a girl blog

    what fun party supplies! I love those gold number balloons and had them for both my boys birthdays. Grahams 1 literally stayed inflated for months haha. A little over budget but worth it with the cute things you got!

    • Haha! Well, it is hanging in her room now. We’ll see if it is still alive when the move happens.

  • Jessica

    You may have gone over by a little, but for less than $13 you got a ton! Way to go Momma!

    • That is what I thought too! And the fact that the bracelets cost $13 made me feel pretty happy about things.

  • Party supplies are a must!!

  • I love those gold balloons. Party supplies are always a great idea. My kids love those punch balloons, what a good reading reward. I hope you all have a great week ahead!

    • We have been eyeing those gold balloons for a while, it was fun to finally get one. Thank you so much.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Congrats on the house! We are putting ours up in a couple months as building a house. I know, I swear off Target, then I’m right back, lol. Their seasonal stuff is always so CUTE and coffee nut M&M’s are my kyrptonite, lol. Have a great Monday!

    • Girl we sold ours SO fast. It only took 11 days to be under contract! It was a total whirlwind and now we are renting our own, old house. It isn’t ideal, but they can’t start start on the new one until September and the current owners don’t need it yet. Eventually, we’ll move out and into the inlaws house for a bit. Sometimes I wonder what we were thinking building again, lol.

      They have the best seasonal stuff. and I am glad to hear those are good. I’ll have to get some.

  • We’re nowhere close packing up and moving, but I’m already in that “not buying anything/getting rid of all the things” mode. But hey- one can always throw a party, so you’ll need stuff for that.

    • Do y’all have any kind of time frame? It feels weird to have our house sold and just be stuck in this weird limbo for now. I don’t like it.

      • We’re in the house planning stage still. As soon as we get possession on the 30th, we’ll get a road put in and hopefully dig sometime before winter. So no real timeline yet.

        • We officially close on ours on the 27th! But since we’re buying from a friend we’ve been allowed to do quite a bit already 😂. Pretty exciting friend.

  • You got some really great things and yeah, you went over budget but who ever really stays on budget when shopping at Target?

    • I do! Baha ha ha! But yeah, I got some great stuff.

  • Woah. I have picked up or longingly looked at almost every item you pictured (except for the water balloons and fidget spinner, ha)!! The Minnie plate, the table runner, the earrings..and I bought the white USA map the second I saw it! 🙂

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • That is SO funny friend. I think we would have a blast at Target together.

  • Dang you did good girl! I actually bought the white USA map, but I like the one that says it on it better. I think you got some great stuff that is actually useful.

    • I think I did too! I am going to regret not getting that map, I just know it.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Haha we have that Minnie plate too to go with our bowls! I’m obsessed with them!! So many awesome finds you guys saw and I love what you came home with!

    • It is pretty much the cutest plate ever. We just don’t use much stuff like that anymore. I finally got rid of all of my “kid dishes” Except a VERY small stack that I hide for emergencies and I can’t go back, lol.

  • I saw that runner at our Target Saturday. I got a black placemat similar to try and make a purse for my daughter…we shall see😬 You got some good loot!

    • That is such a fun idea! So curious to hear how it turns out! Thank you.

  • Target gets the best of me every single time I go in there! I had big plans to participate this month, but $90 later…oops! I hope Marissa had a wonderful birthday!

    • Baha ha ha! The trick is going when you don’t need anything and only have $15 cash on you, lol. She did, thank you.

  • I would be no good at this $10 at Target thing… I don’t think there’s EVER been a time where I’ve only spent $10 there. Haha. So needless to say, I most definitely do not judge you for going over!

    • Baha ha! So funny. You just have to arm yourself with cash only and plant to go over by a few dollars. It is quite the challenge.

  • I so wish we had a closer Target! My nearest one is 45 minutes away and I just can’t bring myself to make that drive! I’m seriously missing out. I think your $12 was very well spent! Found you through Instagram. Am your newest follower. Have a great Monday!

    • Oh man. I know exactly how that feels. There are several stores I like but they are in the next big town over and as much as I’d like to go, I just don’t that often. What’s your IG handle or give me a shout out so I can find you back.

      • I’m on IG @theclassychaosblog. Have a great day!

        • Found you! Thanks. It gets so hard to find others some times!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Thankfully my closest Target is 1 hour away so it keeps me from shopping there regularly.
    I miss it, but my budget does not haha. What a great deals this month! I can’t believe that bday balloon was only $1. I know I’ve paid way more for them so I’ll have to keep that in mind for future birthdays. Love those balloons – I bet my kids would, too. Glad you found such sweet birthday things. You may have to go back for that Minnie plate 🙂

    • I really adore that Minnie plate but I finally got rid of the “kid dishes” so I am feeling pretty determined, we’ll see. I will be making less trips when we move myself. It isn’t that everything will be SO far away. But if you could see how close we live to things now, everything will be far in comparison. Thanks.

  • Ashley Nguyen Newell

    I have huge self control issues and I feel the same as you do about needing to purge. I’ve been trying really hard to not buy new things but sometimes those deals just get me. Hope your daughter has a great birthday!

    • Sometimes I want to buy all the things, but most days it just feels like a waste for me. She had a great birthday, thank you!

  • Erin Wetherbee

    When you said “maybe they aren’t as cute as I thought they are?” I laughed because that was my exact thought as I was oohing over the Sugar Fix clearance the other day. I am kicking myself I didn’t pick some up! Love this link up 🙂 xoxo ERIN http://www.perfectlyportfamily.com

    • Oh man I wished I had found some Sugar Fix clearance. That would have been the end of things for me, lol!

  • Christine

    Those party supplies are darling! I’ll have to keep an eye out for those! Such a great find!

  • I always forget to check out the jewelry when we are at Target! You got a pretty good haul, even if you did go over. 😉

    • I used to never check it but I have found some pretty great stuff! Add it to your routine for sure.

  • You got so many good things! I am always wishing I had more bracelets, too. The baby lips are some of my favorite lip balms! You got it so cheap! And I am surprised that gold 9 balloon was only $1.00. Was it in the party section or the dollar spot? Love your haul!

    • I am already SO glad I got the bracelets. I have worn them several times already. It was in the dollar section!

  • I love these items. Mostly birthday stuff. But all so cute. I want that pillow!!!

    • Thank you! That pillow is so stinking cute. I really like it too.

  • Steph

    You’ve GOT to try the water balloons. They are ah-mazing! It takes all of the work out of water balloon fights. 🙂 Love your haul (and happy birthday to your girl! I have a 9 year old daughter also!)

    • I really do. I just hate how expensive they are. But I know they would be worth it.

  • Awesome buys. I’ve been having trouble with target lately! I can’t believe they have $3 fidget spinners!

    • I wish I had found those before I bought a couple off of Amazon, #fail.

  • I would have got that party/birthday plate just because! Awesome snags my friend 🙂

    • It was super cute. I have widdled all of my non glass plates away and I am having a hard time wanting to get more, lol.

  • The balloons are awesome! I bought them last year. Both of my kids have late summer birthdays so it rocks as far as birthday fun – clearance aisle for the win on water balloons, guns, party stuff! I am going to Target tomorrow night so let’s see if I have luck. You know I, too, have been Target unhappy!

    • That is fun. I should really stock up on summer fun stuff at the end of the year. But when it finally gets here, my brain is in school mode and I forget. I hope you found something!

  • I love your Target candids of you and the girls every time! I’ve committed to not buying anything for my house until I finish purging all the rooms….and then I walked into Target for tampons and walked out with some clearance pineapple themed party supplies. WTH?!! How does that happen?!

    • Lolololol! That is hilarious. I blame it on the fact that nobody wants to only buy tampons. I mean, you don’t want it to be that obvious!