Summer Reading Fun

School may be officially over but that doesn’t mean the learning stops. At The Newman Family Independent Learning Center, (#lolololol) we believe that education is something that doesn’t end over summer break. Sure, it may seem like we live at the pool (because we kind of do) but I try to keep our morning activities full of hidden learning time. I love it when the girls are learning without even realizing it. Ever since my girls were itty-bitty I have been scheming up plans to continue educating them over summer break and today I want to share one of my favorites ways with you. 

The answer is simple.


From keeping a new learner practicing their phonics to researching and learning about places, animals, people, or anything they are interested inIf I can keep my girls reading over the summer, I am thrilled.

To keep my not as motivated to read child (Emily) busy, I came up with a plan. Some may call it bribery, but I prefer the term reward system πŸ˜‰ ! The idea is that for every 10 books that she reads to me, she gets a prize. Prizes can range anywhere from an episode of her favorite TV show, a piece of candy, a trip to the dollar store, or a slushy. They don’t have to be over the top or expensive as long as they work. Thankfully my children are pretty happy with anything as long as it is called a prize  πŸ˜† !

For kids who need less motivation (Marissa) I made another set of book marks. If I gave her a prize for every 10 books she reads I would be giving girlfriend a prize every day, or multiple times a day. She is using her book marks as a way to track how many books she reads this summer. I am thinking of setting her a BIG goal like 150-200… (maybe even more) and awarding her a slightly larger prize for every 50 books along the way.

Today I wanted to share our summer reading bookmarks with you!

FREE Printable Bookmarks with and without prizes. Perfect for summer reading!
Bookmarks WITH prize
Bookmarks WITHOUT prize

My hope is that no matter what age your children are, you would be encouraged and excited about reading this summer.

If you’re looking for even more summer reading motivation be sure to check Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me’s post today!

Stephanie is sharing a fun printable bingo card that you and the kiddos are sure to love. 

How do you keep your readers motivated over summer break?

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  • Good ideas MAMA! I have one child who is passionate for reading and another one who is four and would rather be catching lizards to bring in my house. Yep. LOL! You did so well.

    • Baha ha! I am totally fine with the catching lizzards… in my house, not so much.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Those bookmarks are so cute and such a great idea! Brayden for sure needs some motivation to do his own reading, but he would have me read to him all day! LOL

    • He sounds EXACTLY like my Emily. Hope you find something that works for him.

  • I love the creative reward system you’ve set up! How generous of you to share these super cute bookmarks for (blog) readers to print off for their lit’l (book) readers! So fun and adorable!

    • Thank you so much friend. It is fun to share useful things with others.

  • I love it!!! And nothing wrong with positive reinforcement! πŸ™‚

  • I am eager to see how Connor grows this Summer in regards to his love of books and reading. And both of these printables are right up his alley!

    • I have been meaning to tell you about an online program I am using for Emily. It could be really great for CJ next year. It really wasn’t that expensive either!

      • Let me know what it is! We’ve been using ABC Mouse and it’s fantastic but I would love another fresh tool.

  • awesome printables! I can’t wait to start making our summer reads list!

    • Do you write out lists of books to read?! I am eager to learn more!

  • This is cute! I bet the girls will love it!

  • Thanks for sharing this – I might need to try it for Zachary! And the tracker one would be fun for Gabbie too!

    • Yes Marissa finally made a goal of 300 books yesterday. We’ll see how she does!

  • That’s such a good idea! Lily and Liam still read a lot on their own, but my big kids are starting to depend on electronic devices to stay busy. Last Summer, we had mandatory reading time before bed, but I need to come up with something else!

    • My girls LOVE reading time before bed. We do that from 8-8:30 almost every single night. It is such a great time for them to unwind.

  • These are so cute! Anything to keep them reading during the summer is always good. I want to make sure Jacob continues so he doesn’t get rusty!

    • YES! Emily is using a phonics program online this summer and doing really well with it. The subscription lasts most of the next year too! Keeping them sharp is so important.

  • Jessica

    Love these!! I do not have to bribe my kids to read books but it is fun to have something like a bookmark to help keep them motivated even though they are little. Great idea! Cam would love putting stickers on the stars and who doesn’t love a reward?

    • Em would let Marissa or I read to her all the live long day, she just doesn’t like to work for it herself, lol. Exactly! Everyone loves anything called a prize. And in the name of learning, I am glad to give them!

  • Love the bookmark idea! Sadie isn’t reading on her own yet, but I’m pinning this for later!

    • Thank you so much for pinning it. It is never to early to start thinking ahead!

  • What a great idea to motivate reading or to have them keep track of it. We do tons of summer reading around here!!

    • I knew you guys are fellow book lovers! Summer reading is just so much fun!

  • I have to say that I love this post! Kids can fall 2 months behind during the summer and simply reading to or with your child is going to help them more than anything. Reading is so important. I am all about the bribes to, #whatever it takes. Our library has a free reading program over the summer and they give away fun little weekly prizes like an Arby sandwich or a whistle, just little things and my kids love it. We also give ice cream on the first day of school to kiddos who turn in their summer reading logs. I try really hard to work with my kiddos over the summer too. I LOVE this post!

    • I knew you’d like this post 😊. I really wish our local library would step up their summer reading game. They have a program but it’s kind of lame. Marissa made a goal to read 300 books this summer. We’ll see how she does!

  • These are adorable! I love the idea of rewarding them with a prize for a certain amount of books read. But, like Marissa that would happen often with Mason!

    • Gotta love having a little bookworm. Marissa set a goal of 300 for the summer!

  • Holy cow this is brilliant! I am totally stealing, um I mean pinning these πŸ™‚

  • Whitney Jordan

    You’re such a great teacher mama! I love this plan and that you could customize it for both girls. You’ve got me thinking that it would be fun to do some kind of reading challenge with Olive for the summer. Maybe it’ll kick start our reading and give us something new to do. Thanks for the idea!

    • Oh thank you so much sweet friend. Love, love, love! It is never to early to get them excited about summer reading. We need to do ours for the day. It just started raining so the timing seems perfect!