Kids Summer Reading Club, May 2017

When some of my favorite blogging friends announced a Kids Summer Reading Club, I knew we needed to join the fun. Marissa always has been my little book-worm. Girlfriend LOVES to read, just like I did when I was her age. It isn’t abnormal for her to walk around with her nose stuck in a book or for me to catch her staying up WAY past her bedtime because “Mommy, it was just so good I couldn’t stop reading.”

This months book was The Baby-sitters Club, Kristy’s Great Idea. This book was two firsts for Marissa. #1 It was her first ever Babysitters Club book. #2 It was also her very first graphic novel. Both firsts seemed to be a hit, she loved it. It only took her one afternoon/ evening to read it and she liked it so much she decided to read it again. I definitely see us picking up some more of these on our next trip to the library! 

A little Q&A about the book

#1 What prompts Kristy to start The Baby-Sitters Club?
Her mom was having trouble finding a babysitter.

#2 How does keeping a record of their babysitting jobs help the girls?
It helped them to learn about the people they were babysitting for and to be prepared the next time they babysit for them again.

#3 Each girl has a job within the club that suits their personality. Which job fits your personality?
The president! I want to be the one in charge!

#4 What was your favorite part of the book and why?
The very end because they got to have a pizza party and Stacey told the truth.

#5 What type of club would you like to form with your friends? Why?
A club that helps sick or injured animals. Because I love animals!

#6 Which babysitting job do you think was the hardest? Which babysitting job do you think was the easiest? Why?
Hardest – Kristy babysitting Buffy and Pinky. Kristy was expecting kids and they were dogs!
Easiest – When they had to babysit at Watson’s house. Because they were pretty good kids.

We are so excited to find out what next months book is!

What have you been reading this summer?

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  • My kiddo reads an insane amount. I was so NOT like that at her age. I hated reading! So I just picked up a new book to read yesterday….and I totally forgot that until now LOL!

    • Well, glad I could remind you then. I hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

  • Jessica

    My kiddos are big bookworms just like me. We have books all over the house and go to the library every few weeks and check out at least 10 books. I was a huge Babysitter’s Club fan as a child. I still have them somewhere.

    • Our brand spanking new library opens tomorrow morning and we are SO excited! Our library has been closed since the middle of May and we NEED books!

  • Heather Bramlett

    I wish I would have started reading this young.
    I love that she wants to be the President! Ha!
    Thank you for joining us!

    • I wish I would have kept reading! I used to be just like her now I never grab a book…. except kids books and text books :P.

  • I love Marissa’s idea for her club. What a kind heart! Maddi also said the dog job would have been the hardest. Thank you so much for linking up! Have a great day Beth!

    • She just loves animals so much. Thanks for hosting, she really enjoyed it.

  • Great answers! I didn’t ask Gabbie this month’s questions because she read the book awhile ago! I hope she’ll join in for the future though!

    • That would be so much fun! It was a really neat idea.

  • I used to LOVE The Baby-Sitter’s Club books! They were my favorite. Them and the Boxcar Children. And maybe Sweet Valley Twins/High. Aww memories. That’s so awesome Marissa loves to read so much!

    • Oh my word I had forgotten ALL about Sweet Valley, lololol! I should try to find some of those at a used book store! She REALLY loves to read. She is currently working on some Ramona books.

  • OH how I love this! I was a big Babysitter’s Club book fan when i was younger. I wonder if Mason would enjoy these!!

    • There is only one way to find out! I hope you are having a great weekend friend.

  • Thank you for joining us with this book club!! I’m SO glad that Marissa loved this book. Emma absolute LOVED it too!!! Hopefully she will like the next book we chose just as much! =)

    • I think she will! Our library has been closed to move to a new building for 2 weeks now! We are planning to be there when they open the doors tomorrow to grab a copy of it.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Oh this brings me back!! I loved the babysitters club! I love how much Marissa loves to read, I really think that’s going to be how Ella is!

    • She just took off like crazy and reads all the time. It is really nice to have a kid who likes to read. It gives her something quiet to do and means less TV time #winning.

  • Whitney Jordan

    So sweet!! I loved reading the babysitters club when I was younger. I think my mom still has all of them so hopefully I can get Olive hooked on them. What a fun way to spend your summer with your nose in a book 🙂

    • That is AWESOME! I have SO many of the books I read. All of my Little house books, Little Women, Lots of Ramon and more. So glad that I kept them.

  • Bwhahaha… President! I want to be the one in charge!! Love it. And I totally loved those books growing up!!!

    • They were so fun. You’ll have to check out these new graphic novel ones when your girls are older. They are really cool.

  • I LOVE the Babysitters Club! I have the first book in the series on reserve for my daughter. Hoping to be able to pick it up this week 🙂 I love your list of questions. Not your regular, boring ones for sure!

    • Oh good! I hope she loves it just as much as we did. I need to pick some more of them up for sure!