Friday Highlights 5.26.17

Hello Friday, Hello long weekend!

With the Mr. off work today and a holiday on Monday we are super excited to have a 4 day weekend together. Recently Emily asked if Russ gets to take the summer off too. She gave me a heartbroken look when I told her he didn’t. Wouldn’t that be the best 😀 ?! I love that my girls love having him around too. Everything is just more fun together.

Let’s take a look at this weeks Friday picks!

Farmhouse Crazy

If you follow me on Pinterest you may notice that I’ve recently gone a little farmhouse crazy. It’s no secret that the look I am hoping to achieve at the new house is going to be rustic farmhouse (I feel like there is fancy farmhouse and more country, rustic farmhouse). With the location and the structure/architectural style, it just fits. It also doesn’t hurt that the world is farmhouse crazy right now too. However, picking a defined style can be a bit intimidating. You don’t want to do anything too trendy that is permanent and/or expensive to replace.

After a year of pinning all my farmhouse ideas to one board, I decided to start breaking them up to make putting things together easier. In the coming weeks I plan to talk about our building plans more in-depth and give you more ideas about what we have in mind. But until then you can dream along with me and check out these boards for some farmhouse inspiration of your own.

Don’t stop moving.

Another week of stepping is over and I definitely slacked off compared to the previous weeks.

15th 12,475
16th 14,294
17th 11,351
18th 8,301
19th 10,061
20th 8,325
21st 10,052
Week three total 74,859

Home is where the heart is.

Last week I told y’all that our house is under contract. I know some of you have been wondering what next steps are for us, so I thought I would fill you in.

As of now the plan is to rent our home… yup. The new owners don’t need possession immediately so offered to affordably rent it to us for a while. We plan to live here through summer and will move out right before construction on the new home begins (sometime in September). At that point we plan to put our stuff into storage and move in with Russ’ parents.

The next few months are definitely going to be full of adventure. 

Joplin Area Rocks 

The girls and I have discovered a favorite new activity and it all revolves around rocks  😆 . A local Facebook group, called Joplin Area Rocks, makes a hide and seek game out of painted rocks. The idea is simple. look for the rocks (mostly at parks), take photos to post in the group, and re-hide them.

I love how much fun the girls are having doing this and how it is keeping them moving. On a day that I need to get some steps in (AKA wear my girls out) looking for rocks is the perfect activity. We have also been riding our bikes to the park nearby which means even more exercise!

Rocks we found!

The first set of rocks we painted and hid.

Do you have anything like this where you live?

Blog Highlights

This week on the blog I shared…

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Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Tuesday for Tuesday Talk!

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  • That Joplin area rocks sounds so cool!!! And I am loving following along on your shouse adventure!! 🙂 Maybe one day we will be able to do the same…..

    • It is SO cool! You just never know friend. That is one thing I have learned for sure!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Haha Brayden & Ella always ask why Rick can’t be home in the summer, or on school breaks. Wouldn’t that be nice if the working world was like school!? I love all your farmhouse inspo!! And how awesome you get to rent your house back for a little while! Happy weekend girl!

    • Oh man it would just be the best! Thank you! I hope y’all are having the best long weekend too!

  • I need to sit down and go over your pins…I haven’t figured out what style I’m going to channel yet. Loving the shades of grey you have.

    • I haven’t really figured it all out yet either. I know we are going with concrete floors (possibly with some staining). We also want exposed copper piping. There will be shiplap in my entry & kitchend dining area and craftsman trim on my windows. I want white subway tile in the kitchen too. I am thinking it will end up being some cross between industrial and farmhouse. I hope it all turns out. You’ll figure it out friend.

  • That rock hide and seek is so fun! And yay for being able to live in the house for a while longer!

    • It is SO much fun. It is a blessing, but kind of weird too!

  • How convenient that you will be able to stay in your own home for a while longer! That is such a blessing! I am absolutely ecstatic to follow along with the building process. I want to build another house so bad!

    • How about you just come build mine for me, lololol! It really is a blessing, but it is going to be kind of weird too.

  • That would be amazing if we had a rock hide and seek group here! We would love that. My kids want Dave home in the summer too!

    • Check it out to see if you do. It seems like A LOT of cities have these groups going. So sweet.

  • Love the rock idea!! I just must have missed you selling your home! Wow, congrats girlie!! That’s a huge weight off

    • We are still holding our breath until it all goes through officially, but yes. It was SO fast.

  • We have a HUGE rock thing going on in our little town as well and people are just loving it! It has been so much fun to find them but also hide them. Great job getting your steps in Mama! I hope you have the best weekend with your crew!

    • That is SO stinking cool! My girls have really gotten into it. I think we may go rock hunting today for a bit!

  • So many exciting things coming up for you! Can’t wait to see the house progression! I love the farmhouse look. Have a great weekend!

    • The farmhouse look is just SO pretty. We are really excited for fall to come so we can really get started.

  • WOW! Under contract quickly – I like that! Are you cool with living with the in-laws? I wasn’t blessed with great in-laws so I would be checking out LOL! Girl….I’m over farm house but I will support you in every way, shape, and form. We also have the rock thing here where I live but we haven’t went hunting for them. My kids are really wanting to get into geocache hunts so we’re late on that but OK! I hope your weekend is awesome just like you!!!

    • It was SO fast 11 days to be exact. I am unsure if I am being honest. They have a large house +2000 sq ft. So they have plenty of space for us…. but they don’t have space for us if that makes any sense at all. But to save money and be closer to the land it is what we need to do… so we will. Our plan is to get the home livable and move in.

      I can be over some aspects of farm house but others still leave me swooning. I think in the end ours will be more industrial/ farmhouse. But we will just have to see.

      That is SO cool that you have a rock hunting thing too. You should totally give it a try!

  • Heather Bramlett

    Eek! Can’t wait to hear more of your construction plans!!
    My kiddos used to love to find rocks and paint them to make pet rocks.
    We had to throw Ian’s a “birthday party” one time. 😂😂

    • Baha ha ha! That is hilarious. Well maybe they would love this activity a few years later. It is really similar to geocaching, only much easier.

  • I love the farmhouse look and can only dream about doing this someday for our dream home. I love mixing the bright whites with some rustic touches. How fun is the rock hide and seek! I love when communities come together to create fun activities.

    • I love it too.

      It is definitely a fun style and with our country/woodsy setting and our unconventional exterior it s going to be perfect. I am excited.

  • Jessica

    OMG I can’t wait to see what all you do with your farmhouse. Eek!! SO exciting and fun! Watching it all unfold is going to be awesome!!!!

    • Haha! Your excitement makes me smile friend. Thank you!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Your house plans are really starting to take shape! I’m sure it felt good to start sorting through your pins and organizing things. Everything seems to be working out great with selling your home! Yay! How fun are those hidden rocks!?!? That seems like the perfect summer game. And I’m with Emily – adults should get a summer break, too!

    • We have the inspector and appraiser coming today and are supposed to close in 11 days! Goodness I have a strange feeling this may be the easiest part of this whole ordeal. Everything else has been SO much work.

  • Yay for 4 day weekends! I hope you all had the best time. Mason asked me that today! He said, “Hey Mama, it’s summer so why are you and Daddy still working?” Aww! Sweet boy. I wish we didn’t have to. The Farmhouse look has my heart forever. I cannot wait to see what you do with your new space. I have been wondering what you guys were going to do when your house closes with the sell. The Joplin Area Rocks sounds like so much fun. I am going to have to research and see if I can find anything like that around here.

    • We originally planned to move right out, we never ever dreamed that we would sell our home this fast. I can’t believe we are supposed to close in 10 days. I wish you were closer friend, you’d be such a help with all the decisions I need to make on the new house, lol!